Xinjiang police files reveal details of Uyghur internment in China | USA TODAY

Beijing’s incarceration of ethnic minorities is creating a slow-motion genocide, experts say. An exclusive new report offers a look inside.

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The Chinese government views the Uyghurs as a threat in part because some have sought greater autonomy or even a separate state. Officials have portrayed detention centers as “vocational education and training centers” – benevolent, state-run schools designed to help stamp out extremism. Zenz and others say they are internment facilities, designed to stamp out Uyghur identity and culture.

The photos, databases and other information in the files paint a picture of China’s detention and internment of the Uyghur Muslims and other ethnic minorities – one that sharply contradicts the Communist Party’s official line.

Photos show guards standing over detainees, holding heavy wooden batons. Riot teams enter a barred cell, automatic rifles raised and ready. Other detainees are marched, some in handcuffs and shackles.

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33 Thoughts to “Xinjiang police files reveal details of Uyghur internment in China | USA TODAY”

  1. data data data……… I don’t see any

  2. Ues, his last comment was spot on.
    Shareholders and even individual consumere aware/unaware are funding these camps so

    1. Become aware of where your money is or might be going
    2. Stop providing money for this genocide. Please don't make an apology such as:" if it wasn't from my pocket it would be from somebody else's.
    Do what you can to help expose the fascists abd remove their Government office brick by brick.

  3. It's funny how this 🇺🇸 lies about the Uyghers have so little traction among mainstream population in the Anglo countries 🇺🇸 🇬🇧 🇦🇺 🇳🇿 🇨🇦 despite the blanket fake propaganda. Because the Anglo societies hate muslims and obsessed in Islamicphobia.

  4. Only 23k views, China basically owns YouTube lol, or more darkly, a reflection of modern society’s lack of interest in human rights

  5. DL

    Amazing how the US and Uk can keep saying these lies with zero proof. Pictures of criminals in jail doesn’t mean crap. This guy zentz only has to watch some xinjiang YouTube videos made by Americans living in China to see Uyghurs living free and well.

  6. thy willing to kill every last one them

  7. the usa have to do something about this thy really need help

  8. since the files are out, OIC would now proactively protest. Else their existence would be meaningfully Useless & Toothless.

  9. Китай ты животный, фашист.
    Пусть Аллах тебя накажить.

  10. The Chinese government is pure evil. They must be stopped!

  11. In fact, you can search many videos just in Youtube about people living in Xinjiang. Some are showing their everyday lives, some are showing the traveling expericencs in every place in Xinjiang. They are happily living, just like people in other parts of China.

  12. The United States claims to be “the land of the free,” yet its prison system says otherwise, representing a long history of oppression toward people of color. The United States prison system is one of the largest in the world, with American prisoners making up one quarter of all incarcerated people worldwide despite only constituting 5% of the world’s population. The legacy of slavery in America manifests through an incredibly exploitative carceral system in which Black people are still heavily controlled and exploited to generate profit for private entities against their will. The system of prison labor in particular forces people to work in inhumane conditions in a way that mirrors the attributes of slavery in America. Slavery and anti-Blackness are deeply ingrained in American institutions, and prison labor is just one of the thinly veiled systems used to perpetuate it.

  13. Forced organ harvesting amongst the Uighurs by Chinese officials is increasing every day due to demands from the Middle East because they want organs that are Halal.

  14. It's worse in Australia. If you're the brown natives, you will be made to disappear and that's why there are so few Australian natives today.

  15. Terrible they trying to xingjiang us too china if no one does anything to stop them that is gonna be all of us soon

  16. That shouldn't happen it's 2022

  17. Keep the camps going what a terrible country they are

  18. Take the bell off your own necks and this must stop this is terrible I cannot believe they let this happen

  19. That's ridiculous they are doing that to them poor people they're dead and are still under control. This is the garden of Eden and the cedar Forrest. These people are controling us in the life planet. He needs to be removed along with all the rest of there tyrant leaders give people the life they deserve. Xingjiang is the dark world. Put all the lights on and tell no one to shut them off and the TV's and then the dark will come to the light not the way you are doing it. The way you're doing it works but you can do it a different way this is horrible wtf is wrong with china xi is a jerkoff

  20. Adrien Zenz is a far-right Christian fascist that has stated that he wants the to destroy China and bring Christianity to it. This is all anti-China propaganda and his mission is simply Anti-China propaganda and anti-communism.

  21. Who ignite the the pin📍? Blast in railway stn, (China). Attacking police station in Rakhine state ( Myanmar). Why supporting n giving shelter radical islam terrorist? This the way out treating terror.

  22. What is the so called CUSTODIAN OF TWO HOLY MOSQUE doing when there is a whole genocide against innocent muslims is taking place? Why cant they just speak against this ?

  23. Chinas Konzentrationslager..

  24. USA , this is propaganda. The world know you have done worst

  25. Chinese Lives Matter more than Black and Uyghur Lives.

  26. How can the Jewish people in high places of power like media aren't doing anything? They said never again, but apparently that only applies to other Jewish people
    Money speaks louder than facts , even after this , nothing will change

  27. Its not Russia we need to worry about its China and we better start making more stuff here before its to late. Unfortunately its to late I think greed will destroy America in the end like it did the Roman Empire but in less time. NO great nation has led forever remember that America as the ship is going down..

  28. You won’t see Facebook profile pictures with frames to protest against this, blue hair whatevers matching on the streets or anything that may upset the Chinese government because the majority of Americans sense of morality has a very thick filtering made of money, party membership and willingness to look the other way.

  29. there is much to complain on china about, but their treatment of the evil mohamad murder cult members is not one of them. all countries need to do this.

  30. Thank you USA TODAY for the report! Journalists are very important for freedom-loving or freedom-seeking people. Many times they had to lose their own life to report the truths.

    I hope USA TODAY as a team go find truths around the world and protect innocent and helpless people by reporting truths, even to blood!

    SAFE AND SECURE (May 25, 1986 Church Bulletin)

    Recently, a number of us attended an Explorama at the Civic Theater. It was eighty days around the world on the ocean liner Queen Elizabeth II.
    One of the striking things was to see the captain of this gigantic ship chart its course and attend to his instruments. It was especially interesting to see this great vessel slip through the Panama Canal with only inches to spare on each side.
    One man, the captain, in charge of all of this: the ship, the crew, the passengers! What a responsibility!
    I thought of the Captain of our salvation, Jesus Christ, who’s mentioned in Hebrews 2:10 (“For it became Him, for Whom are all things, and by Whom are all things, in bringing many sons unto glory, to make the captain of their salvation perfect through sufferings.”) How safe His own are in the ship of the Church. A mere human captain may make a mistake, but Jesus never will. No matter what the storms; no matter how narrow the passage, He’ll bring all of His own safely to heaven: “And I give unto them eternal life; and they shall never perish, neither shall any man pluck them out of my hand.” (John 10:28)

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