Will the US under Biden reenter the Iran nuclear deal? | DW News

The US under President Joe Biden is set to strike a dramatically different course over Iran’s nuclear program. From Trump’s maximum pressure to Biden’s maximum diplomacy. Biden has said that if Tehran resumes strict compliance with the 2015 JCPOA agreement – restraining its nuclear program in return for relief from economic sanctions – Washington would return to the deal too. Tehran is signalling that it is willing to work with the new administration.

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26 Thoughts to “Will the US under Biden reenter the Iran nuclear deal? | DW News”

  1. Biden will call US Citizens terrorist for standing up for Thier rights yet will remove real terrorist from the list.

  2. The United Socialist States will do anything to assist in disassembling of its own democracy

  3. Negotiating a fuel & nuclear deal with an enemy of the world and our Allie’s in the Middle East displays the true insanity of some in this country called the USA!

  4. M K

    Biden weakness in foreign policy:

    -Biden decided to move the US army from Afghanistan and Iraq and give control of the region to radical groups of Taliban, ISIS and Iran militia groups!

    – China ambassador to UN in Palais Coburg hotel in Vienna (Iran nuclear program meeting?) asking the US to lift sanctions of the Iran regime!, because the Iran regime must pay them $400 Billion for a 25 years contract including selling more missiles and controlling the region!

    – Russia and Iran's foreign ministers met in Tehran to sign a cooperation agreement last week to support lifting US sanctions!

    – US. climate envoy John Kerry to visit China for secret talks!!

  5. M K

    The Middle East newspaper adds: "The messages that the Vienna talks are sending are that if you are in a rebellious political system, you will face international punishment, and if you persist in that rebellion, you will go beyond it and spread more evil, big countries and international institutions." You enter the negotiation and if you continue with the same approach, you will have advantages and the sanctions will be lifted from you and you will be cute and caressed.

    With the lifting of some sanctions from the Iranian regime, the world will realize that terrorism is not over!

  6. Trump bends Iran to its knees while Bayden kneels to Iran……he makes America weak again ❗❗❗

  7. Make a bomb do not wait for the world

  8. The evil regime must stop spending national resources on nuclear and stop buying military junk from Russia. Their priority should be feeding their starving people, improving their living standard, provide housing to massive homeless children, free healthcare and free medication to poor people, as demanded by any religious duty. The Iranian regime does not represent Islam; but shamefully destroying it. Not just an evil regime, but also a wicked one.

  9. isreal nuclear ✔️
    iran nuclear ❌
    amarica logic

  10. The United States has not yet realized that the "bullying strategy" is not working against Iran 🤔 You slap them in the face, they slap you back harder 🤷‍♂️

  11. terrorist state, ignorant leaders, don't let them have nuclear weapons, I still remember them shooting innocent civilian planes.

  12. JCPOA= Just keep pissing on America.

  13. Send Hunter, he has experience with energy now and I'm sure they will put something aside for the big guy.

  14. Where are all the whinging climate alarmists?

  15. Wow. Joe Biden. The Anti Christ. Who would have thought.

  16. How unlucky it seems their very close to nucks it seems you are gonna have a nuclear wastland and a virus and thing are gonna be better for me😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈

  17. iran tuh nyali cetek perkaya uranium nuklir hanya untuk perdamai….. malah menghancurkan bangsa tujuan nuklir gak ada …. buat apa nuklir di perbanyak gilaaaàaaaaaa…bermanfaat pun gak ada bagi perang dunia

  18. if Biden allows Iran to build a nuclear weapon, you will be removed from power.

  19. Let Iran eat the Plutonium they are making. Dont return to the deal unless Iran complies first.

  20. Trump is a failed leader. Biden will recorrect it

  21. Biden looks more humble to handle Rouhani's ambition. He's more expert in diplomatic experiences. Trum was an entrepreneur .

  22. She's an Iranian lobbyist paid by the Iranian regime ! Shame on you DW you never reflect the true voice of Iran because all you care about is dodgy trade deals for you countries !!

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