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6 Thoughts to “When will a woman pitch in Major League Baseball? It might be sooner than you think”

  1. CRoseCrizzle

    Her numbers suggest it won’t be Whitmore who’s already 24 years old and isn’t exactly very good at a much lower level.

    Generally speaking, there’s no reason to believe it will ever happen. It’s not like woman don’t make it due to discrimination or a lack of interest. It’s about ability.

  2. ArqHi

    Without some bs handicap scheme, never. While being actually competitive, that is.

  3. CruisinJo214

    Never in the MLB, but I’d be super happy to see it in local and regional teams. If a woman can compete with men, then no reason not to let her play. But there isn’t a woman alive who can throw anywhere as fast as a major league pitcher, it’s just nature.

  4. MaximumZer0

    I love Kelsie Whitmore’s story. I really want to see her succeed, if only to stick it to the grognards who say women have no place at all in the sport and should play softball. I’m a huge fan of Angie Mentink as a a Mariners fan, and am a firm believer in expanding all sports as far as possible, including and especially women’s and girl’s leagues at all levels.

    That said, without being able to actually see Kelsie play, I can only rely on stats pages. I know they don’t tell the whole story, but her stats are atrocious, and there’s really no other way to say it (although I would probably be one of those guys with an infinite ERA. Do not get me wrong, I very much doubt that I or any Joe off the street could do better.) She needs some serious coaching, probably on control and pitching mechanics, before she even hits Low-A rookie leagues. Fingers crossed, but breath not held. I’m really hoping that Mo’ne Davis takes another shot at baseball after college, to see what she’s got.

  5. ThrewTheDoor

    Lol this will never happen. She‘a bit even playing on a single A team, and I guarantee you anyone playing in single A would look like Babe Ruth in the ‘independent league’ she’s in. Calling this league ‘connected’ to the major leagues is a stretch. Extremely impressive she made the team and is excelling there but there’s no way that a woman is going to be a better available option as a major league pitcher than the available men.

    I remember being in middle school and we played this team who had a girl on it who was ‘as good as the boys.’ I was the worst pitcher on our team (to be fair we had an amazing team) and I struck her out 2 times and hit a home run and double off her. It was my only home run in my 5 years of playing, other than hitting off the coaches in practice. We won 10-0 in the 5th inning because of the mercy rule

  6. murphydogscruff

    Uh, maybe in a Disney movie

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