What Russia's 'Loose Talk Of Nuclear War' Really Means

Russian forces struck in the heart of Kyiv on Thursday as UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres wrapped up a meeting with President Zelenskyy. Retired Lt. Col. Alexander Vindman joins Joy Reid to discuss this and more developments in Russia’s unprovoked war against Ukraine.
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45 Thoughts to “What Russia's 'Loose Talk Of Nuclear War' Really Means”

  1. This woman can’t even talk.

  2. ww2 soviets defending country from German tyranny, ww3 , Germany defends against Russian tyranny , how ironic

  3. well noone belieb
    ve me at all and thry break in

  4. yup they bring everyone in abd break innow

  5. It means nothing they thought they can take Ukraine without resistance, it shows that their military on the ground isn’t as impressive as everyone thought, actually pretty bad, so they use nuclear threat to puff up their chest but seeing as the amount of casualties that this would cause just shows you the carelessness of this countries leadership and that’s frightening. In the end of it all Russia is embarrassed and I sure would be too.

  6. wrong, first of all, no one will be stupid to think that these railways are not used to supply weapons, what kind of diplomats are Nazi villains

  7. A nuclear threat is all that Russia has. I think we have seen from the invasion of Ukraine that any real military would massacre the Russian Army so their only threat now is a nuclear threat.

  8. Putin can’t be allowed to do what he’s doing. Call his bluffs but don’t engage Russia directly unless Putin crosses some red line we can’t accept. Eventually Putin’s threats will be laughed at and his own generals will know Putin is a major embarrassment and f up.

  9. A nuclear war will lead to the end of the planet and humanity. Even if you do survive, the world will be unlivable. Need any proof, just look what happened after a nuclear power plant having a meltdown. Still can't go anywhere near there. The thinking that a nuclear war is needed and good is total insanity! Read Helen Caldicoft's book Missile Envy

  10. The Russians on Russian state tv must of got their inspiration from ISIS. How can you talk so calmly about everyone dying in a nuclear strike and wanting them to be used. You need to have a couple screws missing for sure.

  11. Good thing Hillary only sold Russia 20% of our Uranium when she was Secretary of State under the Obama/Biden Administration.

  12. You all should be proud of your president Joe Brandon by now

  13. We'll keep on analysing,keep thinking u understand Putin ,keep pushing towards Russia USA's and NATO's arrogance know no bounds till Putin pushes the little red button and then they will all talk about how evil Putin is and never even remember usd33billionplus weapons to Ukrainian s to fight Russia ,the blame lies with the USA in its arrogance it is shifting goals to motivate Ukrainian s to attack russian motherland stupid NATO and USA doesn't realise the demotivated russian soldier invading ukraine will have a rallying cry to defend the motherland and history will repeat itself

  14. So, the corrupt Biden Admin is supporting a corrupt Ukrainian government against a corrupt Russian government. Got it. You people are sheep.

  15. Two of the most loathsome people in America

  16. Under at least 5 scenarios, nuclear deterrence may fail. Deterrence of any sort relies on logical and proportional thinking, but this is bound to fail at some point, and deterrence will also fail. The five conditions under which nuclear deterrence can fail: (1) DOOMED LEADER, Kim Jong Un would launch. (2) DOOMED NATION, Israel will launch. (3) DERANGED LEADER, Hitler would launch. (4) ACCIDENTAL LAUNCH, especially under a heightened, hair trigger alert. (5) FAILED PROJECT, Putin might launch. Nuclear deterrence will work, up until the moment it fails.

  17. You are now seeing why the Supreme Court was too afraid to get involved with The Stolen Election.

  18. What it really means is that the U.S. is now considering an all-out nuclear preemptive strike to completely destroy Russia. They might hit the U.S. with a few missiles but Europe will be mostly spared.

  19. Why focus on one person that is a US citizen getting killed in Ukraine? That was HIS decision to go there. HE was getting paid VERY GOOD to make HIS DECISION to be there and HE knew the risk of being there.
    We as US CITIZENS frown on his death when HE made that decision to be there.
    Get off of trying to exploit this man’s death in the news and social media! Don’t use this man’s death to gain popularity!!
    That just makes me sick to know a network would do that!

    With that said,
    Prayers go out from me and my family to him and his family. A very honorable veteran, soldier, husband, son, father and most of all a very brave soul. I’m very sorry for your loss and will be keeping you in my prayers. I am a veteran myself and just got very lucky to be out of the war and safe back at home. May peace be with you friend.

  20. Im concerned that after the nuclear war the right wing survivors are going to go after the Democrats that supported Biden in a Mad Max fashion! It may be wise to remove your blue hair and any social media that ties you to Biden. There are many preppers out there that are hoping for this war!

  21. Vinny is lying. The Ukraine/ultranationalist/NATO trained army is already defeated. Ukraine had the best combat tested army in NATO, and Russia has defeated them. Putin demanded a peace agreement with Ukraine and US, and US said no. Well, said Russia would have a "military and technical response", and here it is . Putin doesn't bluff. The nuclear threat is real.

  22. It's really sad that I, and probably many others, have reached a point where we don't even flinch at the word "nuclear war" anymore.

  23. Someone needs to send Puton the 80s movie The day after and get himself a reality check

  24. It's important to not "gloss over" that he reporter stated the American who was killed was attached to a military contractor in UKR. His death is no less tragic, but he was a mercenary, paid to be there, not a volunteer fighting for a cause. Geopolitical conflict is complicated. We are done a dis-service when the media tries to paint a simple but skewed picture of what is going on.

  25. Terrible presenter …….. why did she get the job ?

  26. Get the super cannons with rocket propelled rounds.they could shoot from Kiev Into Russia without leaving town.

  27. he has a 25 million dollar bounty on his head 😂

  28. You have to be weary of aging dictators.

  29. Russia needs ban from the global economy permanently.

  30. Russia threatening to nuke the uk. Really , ok, let's see how that works out . UK Trident 🔱

  31. Dont let him disappear, , order military to launch nuke That way he doesn’t get caught do easily. He hides first then launches nuke. Eyes on him at all times, 24/7.

  32. Especially after palosi and shiffs recently visited Ukraine!

  33. nuclear war talk is loose talk.
    what abt
    usa used that on a country.

  34. It means they are scared…….

  35. You guys don’t believe in God do you. You need to put your trust in God. Because paradise is real in heaven.🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

  36. Does no one fear the creater?

  37. If this presenter worked for Fox news the amount of mistake s she makes she would be relegated to cleaning

  38. Lazrov is a total pee-on. He belongs in a circus as a 🤡. Everything he says is totally stupid and ignorant.

  39. But the USA butchered Japan, Afghanistan, Libyan president,sadam Hussein

  40. All this people should be considered logistics terrorist and the black woman and all The stupid people that talk on this dumb show should be pay for the crimes they are committing

  41. This woman is more dangerous that the virus spreading disinformation and bullcrap

  42. It means your report is hogwash

  43. I had suspected all along that Putin might be terminally ill, which would explain why he was in a hurry to invade Ukraine now, rather than waiting until 2025 when Trump might be back in the White House and would do absolutely NOTHING to stop a Russian invasion of Ukraine. Now we know Putin is terminally ill, which confirms my hunch that what Putin really wants is a final showdown with NATO. Lots of Russians will die in the ensuing nuclear apocalypse, but NATO will be totally destroyed, which would be a great triumph for Putin.

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