War in Ukraine reaches pivotal moment, intelligence officials say

Ukraine’s military is burning through Soviet-era ammunition that fits older systems as the country pleads with the West to send more heavy weaponry and Russia amasses a significant artillery advantage around two strategically important cities in eastern Ukraine. #CNN #News


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37 Thoughts to “War in Ukraine reaches pivotal moment, intelligence officials say”

  1. The Russians just blew up a warehouse full of weapons- what a waste. And now you are buying and sending more. With any normal business these people would definitely be sacked for incompetence and wasting money.


  3. And how many Billions have been voted to help The Afghanistans after the earthquake and 20 years of bombing? and what about Yemen where people are starving, how many billions are being sent there?

  4. USA is evil they don't care,

  5. So we're giving them a billion dollars and God knows what to Israel and who else and the us population is told there is shortages of everything and we are taxed and charged twice for everything shame on this government

  6. id say retreat those soldiers, group up and repeat.

  7. Pivotal to Democrates survival 😂😂😂😜😜😜

  8. Putins armys invading army in Ukraine will face an " existential threat" very soon.


  10. Russia got serious with it!! Nothing to lose! They want all of Ukraine now and they are going to do it. Before Ukraine can get the weapons Its full pressure until the end. Nothing really can be done to stop the it either. Ukraine fought hard tho!

  11. If the Russian answer is in the European winter, the Baltic countries will have to drink a lot of cachaça.
    Tension in Europe: How can Russia respond to Lithuania's blockade of Kaliningrad?

  12. Miami buys back weapons 'without question' to take them off the streets and send them to Ukraine.

    Even criminals will dispatch their weapons!

  13. This is not new, it started with the poisoning of Navalny by his own English friends. Now he is in Russian prison enjoying good health.
    Biden admitted anti-Russian sanctions hit the US
    During his speech, Biden said the US and Europe knew that the imposition of sanctions against Russia could not go without consequences for the energy market.

  14. The English agent in the EU will have to share it with the rest of the European Union!
    Poland can survive without Russian gas, storage stations at 100% capacity, senior official says

  15. this money will be reach the hands of a few people who will KICKback to some USA officials.

  16. Didn’t the USA give them 40 billion already? Man! Where is all the money going?


  18. – I can provide the standard #antiCNN avoiding tool-kit
    where have you been since 2014 when both spooky-Ukie Presidents were shelling the hell out of 4.5 MILLIONS of civilians of the DonBass region [populated by Russians only], their OWN UKIE citizens ?? #14thousands dead, over #80thousands crippled to life & severely wounded mostly of them children, 2.5 million having fled to Russia … Oh I see, you must have been fighting for western democracy in arabic Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan, Mali, Sudan, Somali, Yemen, etc. at that time & doing other … parahumanrighteous activities – and now you & Zelensky you're both saving the World from Putin, hu?
    I still have a question – why do you have to love so much … the bloody criminals ??? I do mean the Dzhevvs, both I$r@eli & Ukie

  19. I thought the Ukie Defence Minister was a former … journalist, but if he says he is an experienced fire-fighter … what next? A satyrical dick-piano player who pretends that he is a Ukie President.
    Aren't you ashamed of the whole circus? To my mind you are fully aware that you've been played out by the confidence tricksters and you want the viewers to believe you ? I've thought as much that the obligatory v@xx could play dirty tricks afterwards and it did.

  20. Is everyone happy Ukraine get more financial assistance than American people

  21. Russia does not have enough assets to subjugate Ukraine, 40 odd million who don't want them there …. they're already bushwhacking people from the streets in Russia for cannon fodder, sending them to the front line with no training as they did in Chechnya. FFS it's a crying shame for both sides, you only have to listen to the phone calls from the Russian Soldiers to their mothers or partners or friends to see how bad it is for them on the front line … they don't want to fight or be there ….. sorry for my grammar (dyslexic)

  22. Where the Money for the American people ? “ They got money for wars but can’t feed the poor “ – Tupac

  23. As Russia's casualties and international tension increase while their economy and morale decrease, I'm thinking Putin is willing to sacrifice the motherland to continue striving for "victory" in Ukraine; HOWEVER, I'm not sure how much longer Russians will allow him to destroy their nation.

  24. What? Another 1 billion 💴. How much so far have we spent for Ukraine? It’s time to switch to republican. I much prefer 🇺🇸 first policy.

  25. Support Russia from Pakistan

  26. Putin can't tell the worlds or even his people the truth. One day soon he'll have no choice the world communicates to quickly today that's not in his favor in the long run. He has to many enemies just waiting for his stupid moves west. Without oil he's doomed and the world is using less everyday. To many other technologies besides yachts.

  27. Russia is winning and Russia will win in the end. Let's not forget it was Russia that first went into Syria and mopped up that CIA mess known as ISIS. They saved Syrians and especially the Christian minorities such as the Syrian Armenians.

  28. It's very weird to announce your plans when it comes to any war. It makes you wonder wtf is really going on? At least we know for a fact you cannot trust Puton, shit he will pretty much tell you not to trust him. But the sneaky people, the sneaky people we must worry about. It's just not normal to announce your plans about any war so openly. I'm not saying it's not honest, but then that just makes you a fool! 😡

  29. anti tank, anti aircraft, anti ships repel.! repel.! repel.!

  30. not yet not yet. when the empires of lies sell their women's milk, you can say pivotal.
    The Russian Red Army has never lost a war against the empires of lies…Without Russia the WW2 would not have been won….
    Pay in rubles and stop freezing the Assets of the Russian Banks or seffer the consequences of the lack of Russian gas and oil …. more than half of the World with Russia… stop the acts of easy grapping…you do not learn from history because you do not want to.
    Why medias of the empires of lies have never replied against the promises of no nato expansion eastward?because these medias are controlled by the empires of lies. 
    URAAA … URAAA … URAAA… You are the best and with no equal. Give the empire of lies what deserve before they suck all your blood….they are neverever to be trusted as they are fatherless, valueless, family breakers, child kidnappers, foxy scavengers and coward.
    God protect you forever

  31. Stop giving our tax money to the military industrial complex through Ukraine

  32. I'm proud to hear such a Ukrainian representative. A very concise and direct speech.

  33. اعتقد ان العقول النظيفه في بريطانيا والغرب تدرك الان ان عليهم التسريع في اعادة تنظيم اوراقهم و ولائتهم فالشرق الاوسط ..
    اذا ارآدوا انقاذ اوربا والغرب من السقوط المدوي و الانتصار في الحرب التي باتت وشيكه مع الشرق الأدنى بقيادة اليهود و صهاينة العرب ال سعود وال ناقص وادواتهم و روسيا و الصين و ؟ و ؟ ……
    فلا بد من تمكين الاخوان المسلمين القوى الحقيقيه فالشرق الاوسط من حكم بلدانهم
    و دعمهم الدعم الكلي …..
    ………….. رآعي غنم يمني ……………

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