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13 Thoughts to “Vince McMahon will step down during WWE misconduct probe”

  1. BigPZ

    Vince McMahon accused of misconduct… No way, I don’t believe it…


  2. TheDoordashDriver

    You get what you deserve McMahon. You screwed Bret!

  3. CRoseCrizzle

    Highly doubt that any kind of real consequences are coming his way.

  4. voivoivoi183

    FYI Non wrestling fans – no, he won’t.

  5. IndianaGnomes

    Kinda. He’s not “CEO” but he’s still running Smackdown (and presumably Raw) and still leading creative. Not much is changing (yet). He’s still principal owner. His daughter is CEO. He wasn’t CEO until 2009, but everyone knew he was in charge.

  6. Spaventoo

    Is this whole thing a work?

  7. spookski

    Might not be a popular take on this, but he’s only been accused and is stepping down, which I find to be kinda admirable… How many CEOs, members of Congress, celebrities, Presidential candidates (and elected), or other people of power have had the same allegations but remained in their position?

  8. Gluten_Tolerant_2


  9. hitness157

    Why is this article under the sports category? It should be entertainment.

  10. Minidestroy100

    A billion buys a lot of forgiveness!😉

  11. Omgaspider

    This must be bad.. Why wouldn’t he just recluse himself? Stepping down seems like an Extreme step.

  12. jjsyk23

    He owns over 80% of the company. This is good theater.

  13. [deleted]


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