USA: Atom bomb test (1952)


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Atomic bomb testing as soldiers take cover for Operation Ivy

Full Description:

USA: Nevada: Yucca Flats:

AMERICAN MILITARY. American troops take part in demonstration of the Atom Bomb explosion as a tactical weapon of attack..shots as security is maintained in Yucca Flats, Nevada.. troops take cover in vicinity near bomb.. explosion. etc parachute men into area and wipe up imaginary enemy.. Shots of Bomb Explosion V.G.

ATOM BOMB, ENERGY ETC. American Atom Bomb explosion at Yucea Flats, Nevada.shots of target area from the air, security measures taken by military..troops in emplacements near to explosion.. came made ready for taking shots..time approaches. and the bomb in exploded. heat-light flash.. and pall of smoke overhead mushroom shape..troops leave positions. more parachute into vicinity in exercise demonstrating the tactical use of the bomb.. Slow motion shots of the whole explosion.. V.G.

PARACHUTES AND PARACHUTISTS ETC. good shot of…leaving ‘plane over the Target area in the atomic explosion Nevada Desert.

WATCHES Hands on wrist watch tick round to zero hour.

Atomic Energy, weapons of mass destruction, NTS, test site, military drills
Background: Atomic bomb testing as soldiers take cover for Operation Ivy

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Archive: Reuters
Archive managed by: British Pathé


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  1. Who's here after Russia invaded Ukraine

  2. If you all want to know more look up…. James Skaja 1952 Atomic Bomb Test interview article

  3. Indiana Jones over there?

  4. Now we have the good news… the Taliban is back and USA must be very concerned about this… I hope, this time, taliban do to US what they can’t when they were cast out as if they were demons… get ready US… I’ll be at my chair having a nice meal when this trash country is crashed down, bombed and all that jazz 🎶 🎼 🎵

  5. The sound they used is scarier than the bomb haha

  6. When you try to let out a silent fart…

  7. 限界原爆の日の件

  8. What's more terrifying is that Russia's Tsar Bomba is 3500 times more powerful than the atom bomb

  9. Only God would have power like that

  10. 0:11 me after eating a spicy bean burrito from Taco Bell

  11. When your mom goes through your search history

  12. I read somewhere that for one of the first detonation tests a bunch of soldiers were told to come outside and watch it explode and all they were told was to not look at the flash. So when the flash subsided and they all saw a mushroom cloud several miles high, they all started screaming and crying for their mothers because they all thought they were going to die lol they didn't even know an explosion this big was possible

  13. that looks like it probably hurt

  14. Congratulations it's a boy

  15. Gender reveal party's are insane

  16. That's not how it really was for the atomic soldiers This is a mini Nuke . Some of the real footages have been destroyed but there's a real one on YouTube. You just can't see the soldier. You just see literally a sun form . it starts off as a mini sun then it turns into a mushroom

  17. Atlantis just needed bottle caps

  18. Yup its fine to launch a nuclear weapon into the ocean to test it

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