US will intervene if China attacks Taiwan, says Biden – BBC News

US President Joe Biden has warned China is “flirting with danger” over Taiwan, and vowed to intervene militarily to protect the island if it is attacked.

Speaking in Japan, he appeared to contradict long-standing US policy in the region, although the White House insisted there had been no departure.

Biden drew a parallel between Taiwan and Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, prompting an angry rebuke from Beijing.

China regards Taiwan as a breakaway province that must be re-unified with the mainland.

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#Taiwan #China #BBCNews


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47 Thoughts to “US will intervene if China attacks Taiwan, says Biden – BBC News”

  1. China need to blow them off the map.who care about america.go kill them all

  2. Clo

    In case of war between China and USA, Russia will immediately use its nuclear power against all NATO countries.

  3. Us and usa both bastered and selling arm only

  4. Us and usa both bastered and selling arm only

  5. If Taiwan declare their independence against China there will be certainly a war. Taiwan probably will never try.

  6. Peace be prevailed in the world

  7. lol Don't take Biden seriously see Ukraine

  8. biden in a poker game,i know you have a royal flush,but i will still call you,,,

  9. However,China may find that this reading situation is wrong in the worst way .It seems that China understands the war in Ukairne as an opportunity to take over Taiwan, as the US and it’s allies seem to be very involved in this conflict in Eastern Europe.

  10. What president Biden said is absolutely right,, is fine out world peaceful😊😊

  11. Chinese Xi Ping don't have the ball's to start trouble. Xi ping pong is all talk no action. There Harsh words of threats is what you call all mouth. To me chinese president is acting like a female praire dog

  12. joe bro, just go back to sleep. take some more days off. but please dont say things you have no intention of backing up or remembering

  13. China should cash out their US bond as soon as possible..Once war start their money will be frozen like Russia..
    China should make excuses that China need money to fight Covid back in their homeland. They need the converted Gold to ward of Evil Spririt Away from China. China is not lying as the Evil spirit is the USA, that always antogonise them…like pain in the backside…

  14. There is no misunderstanding here. It’s very clear.

  15. China buys companies in every country. They’ll take over if we all don’t change our policies to keep other countries from buying our companies and land.

  16. Biden is China friendly is what is being said?

  17. Life is a kama
    What's goes around comes around

  18. Operation False Flag is a GO..again

  19. Somebody PLEASE shut him up!!!


  21. Ear piece and teleprompter Biden. Trump never did that.

  22. That’s what you said about Ukraine

  23. Did China get involved when the US was using military force in Iraq no if America goes to war for Taiwan it will be way more losses than just Taiwan the United States will be destroyed along with its allies it's Bible prophecy Revelation 18 verse 17 and 18

  24. China will invade Taiwan because the most high God is storing all of this up so they can fight and destroy themselves Genesis 15:13 and 14 tells you this is going to happen after 400 years of slavery it's judgment Day for the people that put God's chosen people into slavery

  25. Lol commentator has no idea what he is talking about.

  26. The usa should stop policing the world they do not rule the world they should leave everyone alone!

  27. The West, until recently, had hoped China would move towards becoming a democracy as its economy developed and so become a friend. But China has chosen a different direction that we in the West don’t really understand. China has illegally taken possession of the South China Sea because it is rich in resources such as gas, oil and fisheries and because it provides strategic advantages in that it allows it to deny the US military access to this region. It has used its relatively recently acquired wealth and technology to create artificial islands in this sea and has militarised those islands and seeks confrontation with its neighbours by prohibiting their access to the resources contained in these waters.

    The mistake of the West was to assume that ideas of human rights and individual freedom are universal and that all cultures would eventually come to practise them given the right opportunity to do so through the benefits of economic development. We have made this same mistake with the Japanese who, in the space of a couple of generations, took Western science and technology and used it to militarise their society and to attack their neighbours. The cost in loss of life and material destruction they inflicted on the region as millions lost their lives from Nanjing in China to Burma and the Solomon’s Islands was a bitter lesson for all to learn. It was the West who gave Japan the means to inflict this crime upon humanity. Have we made the same mistake with China?

    The history of China is very different to that of the West and so is their thinking today on how society should function. “China’s own governance model is based on a different set of values, which prioritise allegiance to the state and party and involve restrictions antithetical to open societies. These include limits on freedom of speech, association, religion and anything else that could enable collective action in opposition to the state.”


    In the words of Mohamad Mahathir and Lee Kuan Yew, “They argued that individual freedom was a Western ideal, not compatible with Asian societies.”


    Western ideas on the value of human life and the many forms of respect that must be shown to it, including even towards the property owned by each person, derive entirely from Christian beliefs concerning the origin and meaning of human life.

    The rule of law is one of the foundational principles upon which our democracy is built but its origin lies at the very heart of Christian teachings. At the very core of the Christian faith is the belief that human beings are made in the image of God, Genesis 1:26-27. This assertion of the belief that human life is created in the image of the divine, had a profound effect upon our Celtic and Anglo-Saxon ancestors whose behaviour, over time, was gradually and profoundly altered by it as they were each in their own times converted to the faith.

    China has much to offer humanity but will it choose to do so? History has shown us the nature of the threat that an organised nation of people who collectively think and act like robots poses to the existence and freedom of others. The current direction China is taking does not look good for the cause of peace as its President encourages his people to put aside their fear of death. We must develop the means to deal with that threat effectively so that conflict can be prevented and to not be taken by surprise like we were with the Japanese several decades ago.

  28. The criminal, unjust and lying US government has destroyed many Islamic countries such as Iraq, Syria, Afghanistan and Yemen. In fact, the Western world is a hypocritical, criminal and tyrannical world. You killed many of my Muslim brothers without any justification. You are the despicable criminals who stole oil in Muslim countries. God avenges the unjust criminals

  29. They're freaky and they're kooky
    They're absolutely spooky
    The Biden Family!

  30. People know how genuine the commitments of America from the example of afganisthan and Ukrain

  31. I might be mistaken but didn't he say the same about Ukraine?

  32. After Ukraine it's the time for Taiwan ,
    Those who believe US will certainly go to dust

  33. China should stay away from Taiwan. period!

  34. Dans le cadre de sa guerre froide Biden a désigné deux ennemis pour l'OTAN (la Russie et la Chine) après à son arrivée à Bruxelles en 2021.
    En jouant la carte de l'Ukraine contre la Russie, Biden a allumé la Guerre en Ukraine le 24 février 2022. Pour affaiblir la Russie.
    En jouant la carte de Taiwan contre la Chine, Biden veut allumer la Guerre à Taiwan. Qui suivra Biden dans ce jeu pour affaiblir la Chine ?
    Que faire de Biden, le pyromane de la Troisième Guerre Mondiale ?

    As part of his Cold War Biden designated two enemies for NATO (Russia and China) after arriving in Brussels in 2021.
    By playing the Ukraine card against Russia, Biden lit up the War in Ukraine on February 24, 2022. To weaken Russia.
    By playing the Taiwan card against China, Biden wants to ignite the war in Taiwan. Who will follow Biden in this game to weaken China?
    What to do with Biden, the arsonist of World War III ?

    通过打乌克兰牌对抗俄罗斯. 拜登于2022年2月24日点燃了乌克兰战争。削弱俄罗斯。
    拜登想打台湾牌对抗中国. 想点燃台湾的战争。谁会跟随拜登参与这场削弱中国的博弈?

  35. There's one reason why US and NATO will help Taiwan, Taiwan makes 90% of the worlds advanced computer chips. Imagine if China takes control of that, they could basically hold the whole world hostage. The west can't, and won't allow that to happen. WW3 won't start with Russia, it's going to be the Chinese.

  36. My suggestion is Mr BIDEN should marry a young chinise lady, live together and satisfy her for atleast one year…This is the only way US can understand something about CHINA…

  37. The Sleepy Potato is shooting from his plastic hip again, that glazed momentary pause thing happens when the earpiece kicks in. is the new liar that does the post spillage mopping up turning out to be as ridiculous as Psaki ?

  38. Biden does not know what he it’s talking about!!! He it’s senile and incapacitated!!!

  39. What happened to the fast airliner the West came up with

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