Ukrainian forces 'destroy Russian military convoy'

This is reported to be the moment Ukrainian soldiers blitz a Russian military convoy to disrupt the invaders’ deliveries of fuel and supplies.

The Command of the Special Operations Forces (SSO) of the Armed Forces of Ukraine said: “This is how soldiers of the SSO of Ukraine are fighting to bring down the enemy.

“By cutting off the Russian occupiers from what is needed, we are weakening their units.”

The SSO added: “Effective ambushes to disrupt deliveries of supplies and fuel are one of the most important tasks.”

The Ukrainian SSO did not mention where or when the attack on Russian supply lines took place.

The footage shows a military tanker hit by what appears to be a rocket before bursting into flames.

According to Ukrainian reports as of 3rd April, the Russian forces have lost over 18,000 soldiers and officers, including seven generals, 644 tanks, 1,830 armoured combat vehicles, 325 artillery systems, 105 MLR systems, 54 air defence units, 143 warplanes, 134 helicopters, 1,249 vehicles, seven warships, 76 fuel tank trucks, 89 operational and tactical-level UAVs, 24 units of special equipment, and four mobile SRBM systems.

Russian President Vladimir Putin ordered the invasion of Ukraine on 24th February in what the Kremlin is still calling a “special military operation” to “demilitarise and denazify” the European country.

The United Nations’ International Court of Justice in The Hague, the Netherlands, has ordered Russia to stop its invasion and remove its troops from Ukrainian territory.

Ukraine’s President, Volodymyr Zelenskyy, has said that his government is prepared to discuss adopting a neutral status as part of a peace deal with Russia.

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23 Thoughts to “Ukrainian forces 'destroy Russian military convoy'”

  1. a crisp orck is a good orck!

  2. For all practical purposes Russia most definitely is winning this war in Ukraine and has already reached their objectives. This means collective west (NATO) who were ran over by Hitler in just three weeks and since last war have only bombed weak countries like Serbia and Libya wouldn't dare face the military might of Russia who singlehandedly defeated Hitler. Founder of Peace Research Institute in Norway- Johan Galtung – said USA never won any war after their civil war in 1865. USA won numerous wars in Hollywood Movies and also won the "war" against Grenada. MaoDzeDong the founder of People's Republic of China rightly coined the term "Paper Tiger" as an adjective for USA and its allies. USA and the Collective West know the art of convincing population of the third world and their own. They are made to believe that both USA and Collective west (their allies) are indeed the "MOST POWERFUL" nation on earth. Eurasian countries should learn the western techniques of using media warfare to convince world population not of the falsehood but of the brutal facts. That – in this war with Ukraine USA and their allies are practicing shadow boxing

    since they know their adversary is not Grenada or Libya or Serbia.

  3. もっと‼️もっとだ‼️プーチンロシアを足腰立たなくするまで叩くのだ😼👊‼️

  4. Is there a reactor melting into the core well if there's not there's definitely something wrong with this planet have you tried heating up the corona virus does anything survive fire

  5. There are enough moons for a start with ten left over for all the countries to have an embassy and planets to spare

  6. I like the way you wrote your paper work it's easy to understand but I live somewhere else like how Albert Einstein made his way to a free republic where he felt free but then in exchange gave up messy details that could have been SAID like this instead of using things to kill people why don't you try to up the value of you currency by using credits to pay workers and sending cash to the treasury to be invested upon

  7. It is good to see little Ukraine kicking the big bully nation of Russia's butt. You go Ukraine … the world is routing for you (and that includes most of civilians even in China, the Mid East etc)

  8. In India no government employees are working. For getting a death certificate . I am in a condition to run for more than 2 years. No court and higher authorities are working without bribery.. without delay, every month end, they get salary, which is paid from public taxes . Useless & foolish fellows – they kill human times . President, Prime Minister, Chief Minister of Tamiladu, India no one works Ukraine and Afghanistan they kill people. Here in India particularly in Tamilnadu, the government employees all including President,PM, CM ,DGP , IG..RDO, thashildar, collector…no one is working ..All receive huge salary in the sin of people & from the tax payed by common poor people. Indian leaders , indian court & Tamiladu government employees are killing people inch by inch daily if the bribery is not given . They make citizens as MAD

  9. Well, which convoy? So the truck is a first target? What a waste of ammo

  10. That was a truck. Not a convoy . That also was an IED not a drone attack

  11. Claymores possibly, or the Like!

  12. Not distressing at all. Very satisfying.

  13. What is really distressing is murdering pregnant women and babies by blowing up maternity hospital

  14. Good Bless Ukraine people for the freedom of the crimes savage..

  15. "distressing" for children and teenagers who are used to games where they destroy, kill, annihilate people, have their heads cut off, bloodshed all over the place? change this boring and unnecessary warning, ah ok, you want likes, you need likes to survive,

  16. Increible capacidad de ataque, amplio especroo que destroza los elementos velicos, nada escapa, los asesores rusos son incapaces de frenar el destrozo, lo mismo el CE ZAR, asesinan sus sokdados en esteriles movimientos, quien podra asesorar y finalizar el desastre, amen smc

  17. Ukraine URGENTLY needs defense missiles (Patriot type), to shoot down the missiles sent by Russia and that do so much damage and also needs attack missiles (cruise type), to be able to counterattack Russian targets, outside and inside Russia.

  18. so one fuel truck defines a Military Convoy

  19. Good News: The new dream of the world is the total destruction the US

  20. Not distressed. Delighted.

  21. clickbait clickbait Convoy cannot be one vehicle one driverless vehicle Hollywood

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