Ukraine: What is Russia's Terminator vehicle?

Russia has deployed one of its most advanced armoured vehicles to Ukraine for the first time.

The Terminator is designed particularly for urban combat, comes with the protection of a main battle tank and is designed to destroy enemy bunkers and infantry positions.

Now, the Terminator 2 has been spotted in the Donbas, with its arrival seen as an attempt to bolster the Kremlin’s forces for a final push to take Luhansk.


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20 Thoughts to “Ukraine: What is Russia's Terminator vehicle?”

  1. Question? What if brandly add 30mm automatic machine?

  2. Ngl, this one looks pretty cool. Like a Decepticon's vehicle form or something.

  3. Уууу сколько экспертов диванных

  4. Сначала с украинцами покончат потом и за НАТО , так что не расслабляйтесь друзья , всё по плану , тихо , медленно , но уверенно ….

  5. More fake vids. Thier no snow in Ukraine..

  6. Неверный вывод в конце. Просто проводится испытания новой техники в бою. Впрочем как и и западные образцы тоже подвергают испытанию на Украине.

  7. Wrong output at the end. It's just testing new equipment in combat. However, like Western samples, they are also being tested in Ukraine.

  8. Ah, yes. Driving tanks into a city and supporting them with more tanks, brilliant. Might as well get rid of all infantry….

  9. May 2022. Smart chess player must sacrifice a pawn for the greater good? EU vs Russia. A long range playing of ♟️ chess. Who will endure until next year?,..,

  10. The west has lost so much respect and global prestige over its support of Nazis. Nobody respect "the west" whatever that even is.. anymore. Russia has exposed to the whole world how weak they are

  11. If it's explained by the West I don't want to know !

  12. Even terminators need air cover…

  13. Instead of getting 10 points for hitting one of those with the Ukrainian drones they will get 20 points instead…
    Cant wait to see these getting blown to bits.

  14. war not going well.true,for Ukraine xD.too much of this propaganda bs.

  15. Long live the greatest Mother Russia!!!!

  16. Taliban destroyed Abrams with simple moltovs didn't even need javlins 🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣 how ironic ehhhh

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