Ukraine War: 'Russia has momentum' as battle for ports threatens world food supplies

Russia’s blockade of Ukraine will lead to worsening starvation, famine and instability around the world if it cannot be lifted, the World Food Programme has said.

#SkyNews #UkraineWar #GlobalFoodCrisis

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45 Thoughts to “Ukraine War: 'Russia has momentum' as battle for ports threatens world food supplies”

  1. The world has got to stop their progress. They will be in control of the grain.

  2. Las guerras no dejan nada bueno para la poblacion civil

  3. wouldnt it be smarter focusing on odessa now and dominate the ports to the black sea from a military perspective ??

  4. He fits to become a salesman more than an analyst.
    Hope seller

  5. Henry kissinger stated concede donbas to russia, he should be listened to..russia has ensured the genocide of its people in the donbas by ukranians has come an end..ukraine until recent times was little Russia until American and nato expansionism rubbished all treaties…america threw a fit when cuba wanted russian missiles and cuba is not on their border, russia and putin made the call to de nazify ukraine.and will rid syria of usa illegal occupation and regain its oil and food for civilians being starved by goody goody nato/usa…

  6. Putin stated he will allow grain to be shipped out when nato sanctions are lifted, fair enough.

  7. If the western MSM is admitting to "Russia has momentum" this must mean either of 2 things:
    (1) Russia is REALLY winning big time and the fact is just impossible to spin at this point.
    (2) they want to exaggerate Russia's progress so as to convince decision makers in Washington to send more and heavier weapon$$$.

    Considering how they shamelessly and blatantly spin Ukraine related events to even absurd extents ( e.g Azovstal defenders evacuated from steel plant) I'm leaning towards option (2).

  8. If the West could get their hands on a Kilo class, of diesel-electric attack submarines, which was designed and built in the Soviet Union for the Soviet Navy, plus some export customers and so called allies of Russia too.

    The Soviet designation Project 877 Paltus (Russian: Па́лтус, meaning "halibut"), NATO reporting name Kilo. The class was built until the mid-1990s, when production was switched to the Improved Kilo class in the West too.

    This more advanced diesel-electric attack submarines, known as Project 636 Varshavyanka (Russian: Варшавянка) variant.

    Then the West supply this Kilo Submarine to Ukrainian Government and Navy, plus provide training for Ukrainian Naval Officers and Sailors.

    In operating this Kilo diesel-electric attack submarines, maybe with a few volunteer’s overseas veteran submariners assisting the Ukrainian crew as well.

    Then with Turkish Government assistance, or them just turning a blind eye and deaf ear, sneak this Kilo submarine through Turkish territory waters into the Black Sea very secretively too.

    This new Ukraine secret weapon, could be a game changer in the Russian illegal War on Ukraine.

    Then this Ukraine Kilo submarine by stealth monitors and tracks, all Russian Warships in the Black Sea. Then when an opportunity present itself, sink a Russian Warship, or better still sink one of the Russian cruise missile firing submarines too!

    Then with draw to safe waters in the Black Sea, before repeating this wait and monitor, track and launch another surprise torpedo or anti-ship missile attack, again and again.

    True the Russian would realise what is happening, after a few Russian Warships are sunk, or so badly damaged they sink later while trying to return to port.

    Though this would catch the Russian’s totally off guard, plus place them on the defensive in the Black Sea, as there would be no where safe for Russian Warships!

    When the Russian Navy realised there is an enemy submarine in the Black Sea, Nato Navy’s would automaticly be blamed by Putin Soviet Regime in Moscow, but Putin could not proof it was either British or American, or French submarines.

    Or any Nato Submarine without catching the so called enemy submarine, or some of its crew, or destroying the submarine and bring up sections of the enemy submarine or dead members of the crew too!

    Also the Russian would more than likely go hunting for a Nato submarine, either a Nuclear or Diesel Electric Submarine, not going hunting for a Russian submarine below the waves too!

    Then if the West could upgrade MIG fighter-bombers being supplied to Ukraine, say 4 or 6 MIG’s, to carry and fire the likes of a pair of Air-launched Harpoon or Exocet Anti-ship Missiles.

    Also these MIG’s being fitted with extra external fuel tanks, for long range low-level attack missions, flying over the Black Sea especially at night too.

    With these 4 to 6 upgraded MIG’s, operating in pairs, over the Black Sea to attack Russian Warships and Russian Commercial Vessels in the Black Sea too.

    Russians would not know, if there really was an enemy submarine operating in the Black Sea, as the Ukrainian MIG’s with Western Anti-Ship Missiles, could just be as easily responsible for the Russian loses in the Black Sea!

    Though the idea there is a Ukraine Submarine in the Black Sea, could be enough to get the Russian Navy, or Putin Soviet Regime in Moscow, start to second think their illegal war on Ukraine, its only a suggestion, but an interesting one though!

  9. Theres no world food shortage.

  10. It’s amusing to watch so called experts that have only fought countries that can’t defend themselves try to explain what a real military is doing isn’t it.

  11. Bad news for "The West"!
    "Sanctions"are no one way road!

  12. Expert : Russia is expanding steadily and Ukrainians are dying even with our arms.
    Interviewer : It seems quite bleak. Any good news?
    Expert : More Russians might die in the future.

  13. Bring back the camel dude…

  14. Apparently, the US won't give Ukraine the "Long Range Howitzers", must be because the Ukrainians will use them deeper into Russia" escalating the War………too bad. Push comes to shove what happens?

  15. Liar liar pants on fire. Russia isn’t blockading anything, the Ukrainians have mined the harbours and they have broken away. No ship is able to get insurance cover to go through the minefields and only the Ukraine knows where they are.

  16. It's a double edged sword ….

  17. It's temporary …how long can this Soviet surge last … long can they hold in the long run….meanwhile they may be getting sniped…..

  18. Just take care of Putin, all your problems will be solved

  19. One questioncome in mymind that why amercian forces notfighting in frontof ressuianforcesyou come

  20. I say that why amercian forces cannot fighing against russia

  21. 🇺🇦🇺🇦🇺🇦🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸 vive l’Ukraine libre et indépendante sans criminels russes à ses frontières 👏👏👏😛😛😛

  22. From America glory to the Red army America has been provoking and spitting in the Russian peoples face for a long time how much more could anyone take America does nothing but provoke trouble every where in the world for the last 30 years.

  23. Ukraine wont win this war..they dont have the people or motivation anymore. Russia just bombs and moves. Ukraine cant stop that. Its over when putin says its over

  24. They need to mine these ports to keep from loosing them .and have submarines guard these ports .

  25. The moment she asks for something Positive (means Good for the Ukrainian government) she stops being a neutral reporter and she becomes an Activist for one side. Analysis must be NEUTRAL and Objective, not Propaganda for neither side

  26. Whole world can buy anything from Russia without problem not any difficulties "IF" Western boss allows , This is a Big Fun Fuc…ing fact

  27. I seem to recall the IMO saying its the Ukrainian government that have blocked the shipping of up to 75 vessels in the remaining Ukrainian ports from leaving because the Ukrainian military have deployed sea mines in the Black Sea which are washing up on Turkish and Bulgarian shores threatening merchant and fishing vessels while the Russian Black Sea fleet have opened shipping corridors for these vessels held at Ukrainian ports up to 15 times according to the International Maritime Organisation.

  28. Get this lady off the program

  29. Sky "experts" keep claiming Russia is not succeeding but I keep seeing the Ukrainian Map getting red by the day. Maybe I'm missing something.

  30. Funny how it always Putin this and Putin that. Not Russia or the Russians.

  31. I can not for my life understand why the USA is so slow in giving Ukraine advanced weapons like variants of the MLRS and more artellery. Ukrainians is being overrun due to shortage of Artellery.

  32. Russian propaganda, the Ukraine forces are half way to Moscow now 😜

  33. Putin baited Ukraine at the beginning of the invasion with conscripts so Ukraine has deployed its best troops and depleted all its weapons…… so now Putin is deploying more of his tier 2 operators to start the advance into Ukraine ?
    It's a very clever battle strategy….. Putin has a vast number of infantry

  34. This momentum word they constantly use is stupid. What matters is equipment, forces and will. What are the objectives? Short and overall? Does Russia want all of ukraine? Clearly they do. The want to be able to pipe their gas through it.

    Russia will have to use chemical or nuclear weapons to win this war especially if they want all the territory. This isn't sustainable for a third world country with sanctions.

  35. Lift ban on humanitarian sectors…Even Putin wants the grain gone so he can proceed with taking Odessa.

  36. So much Russian support it’s crazy. Also does no one study war? Almost all wars are marked by gain and loss. It’s the flow of fighting

  37. 92 days of war

    Russia’s losses in war in Ukraine

    From February 24, 2022 to May 26, 2022

    1. Military troops – (TBC) – over 29 600 (In Afghanistan 10 years – 15 000)

    2. Wounded – approximately 75 000. (29 600+ 75 000=104 450. For what?

    3. Aircraft – 206

    4. Helicopters – 170

    5. Tanks – 1315

    6. Armored cars – 3 235

    7. BUK -missile system – 1

    8. Rocket launcher “Grad” – 201

    9. Air defense system– 93

    10. UCAV drones – 502

    11. Navy vessels – 13

    12. Cannons – 617

    13. Fuel tankers – 76

    14. Military vehicles – 2 225

    15. Prisoners – over 1000

    16. Updated List of Russian generals and senior commanders KIA in Ukraine.

    1. Lieutenant General Yakov Ryazantsev (03/25/2022, Kherson).

    2. Lieutenant General A.N. Mordvichev (03/18/2022, Kherson).

    3. Major General Oleg Mityaev (03/15/2022, Mariupol, Donetsk region).

    4. Major General Andrey Kolesnikov (03/11/2022,?).

    5. Major General Vitaly Petrovich Gerasimov (03/07/2022, Kharkov region).

    6. Major General Andrei Sukhovetsky (02/28/2022, Mariupol, Donetsk region).

    7. Major General Magomed Tushaev (02/26/2022, Gostomel, Kyiv region).

    8. Major General Vlaislav Yershov (03/?/2022, Dismissed – Possible Suicide)

    9. Major General Nikolai Zusko

    10. Major General Vladimir Frolov

    11. Major General Andrew Simonov

    12. Major General Kanamat Botashev

    Colonel Vladimir Zhoga, Commander Sparta Battalion

    Colonel Denis Kurilo, Commander 200th Separate Motor Rifle Brigade

    Colonel Yuri Medvedev, Commander 37th Motor Rifle Brigade – Run over by Russian tank

    Colonel Sergi Sukharev, Commander 331st VDV

    Colonel Sergi Porokhnya, Commander 12th Engineer Brigade

    Colonel Konstantin Zizevsky, Commander 247th Guards Air Assault Regiment

    Colonel Andrei Zakharov, Commander 6th Tank Regiment, 90th Tank Division

    Colonel Alexei Sharov, Commander 810th Guards Separate Order of Zhukov Brigade

    Colonel Vitaly Slabtsov, Commander 83rd Separate Air Brigade

    Colonel Alexander Bespalov, Commander 59th Tank Guards Tank Regiment

    Colonel Unknown Unknown, Commander 503rd Guards Motor Rifle Regiment

    Colonel Ivan Hrishin

    Lieutenant Colonel Dmitry Safronov, Commander 61st Marine Brigade

    Lieutenant Colonel Yuri Agarkov, Commander 33rd Motorized Rifle Regiment

    Lieutenant Colonel Dmitry Dormidontov, Commander Rocket Artillery Division.

    Lieutenant Denis Glebov, Deputy Commander 11th Separate Airborne Assault Brigade.

    Lieutenant Georgy Dudorov, Deputy Commander Airborne Reconnaissance Division.

    Captain First Rank Andrey Paliv, Deputy Commander Black Sea Fleet

    Captain First Rank Anton Kuprin

    Captain Alexey Glushchak, Commander GRU Military Intelligence

    Lieutenant Colonel Azatbek Omurbekov, Commander 64th Separate Motorized Rifle Brigade, has been tentatively identified as the commanding officer in charge of the Bucha war crimes. Major General Aleksandr Dvornikov was tentatively identified as the commander who ordered the rocket attack on the train station in Kramatorsk.

    ++ in general, there killed more than 400 officers of different ranges. (16-colonels, 29-lieutenant Colonels, 58-majors, 82-captain, 125-Senior Lieutenants, 77-Lieutenants)

  38. La turquie braille pour tout ! Qui a décidé qu'il y aurait une guerre, qui n'aident pas l'Ukraine, la France et la Turquie !

  39. Ukraine will be getting weapons soon, it will turn. Meanwhile all these voices want to pull a CHAMBERLAND and appease Putin. That didn't work before with Crimea. We could do the same thing and expect different results or just deal with it now

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