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Fears are mounting around the world following the assassination of Iranian General Qasem Soleimani – but is World War 3 about to happen?
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The killing of top Iranian Gen. Qasem Soleimani in an airstrike ordered by President Donald Trump last week sparked concerns about the possibility of World War III and renewed fears about the return of the draft. So many people visited the Selective Service website on Jan. 3, it crashed. The agency attributed the traffic increase to “the spread of misinformation,” in a tweet.

By now you’ve probably fielded a question or 15 from your children asking if they’ll be forced to pack up and go to war. Here’s how you can answer their queries.

How does the U.S. draft work?
As of today, it technically doesn’t work because there is no active draft.

“It would take an act of Congress signed into law by the president for the Selective Service Administration to go back in action and call people involuntarily to military service,” Davis Winkie, a project archivist for the Veterans History Project at Atlanta History Center and a serving officer in North Carolina’s Army National Guard tells USA TODAY.

Eric Fleury, assistant professor of Government and International Relations at Connecticut College, describes the Selective Service as simply a database for the government to keep a list of eligible males that they can draft to serve in the military should there be a need.

Enacting a draft is a congressional power, not a presidential one, Fleury explains. Should there be a need for people to serve in the military involuntarily, then that list will be used to start calling people to service.

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  1. i know im not the only one visiting this after more ww3 tensions

  2. War is one the most pointless shit ever tbh

  3. I’m gonna be 18 soon sooooo idfk what’s gonna happen if it happens soon.

  4. I am from future: time traveller: world war december 2031

  5. Whos here after WWIII never started?

  6. Trump is gone ww3 won’t happened

  7. Ww3 won’t happened because it never happened because ww3 called nuclear war but ww3 won’t happened it never happened

  8. The US vs Iran does not count as a world war. To have a war like WW2 it will happen in Europe .

  9. Here we go again if ww3 happens uas will win instantly

  10. Danf stop being racist dang frv I am arab

  11. CZR

    Huh. no one expected it to turn out how it did

  12. it’s 2021, forget about World war 3.

  13. Help us God help us God we should have never gave Iran nuclear knowledge and now that you're buying things in there I pray he really thinks opening that back off of them

  14. If you think about it, World War 3 in the middle east might've actually happened if coronavirus didn't spread across the globe.

  15. "I don't know when WW3 will start but I know it will involve sticks & stones" -Albert Einstein

  16. Seeing all these people freaking out is hilarious to watch

  17. Man remember when about World War 3 was the only thing we were worrying about

  18. I’ve seen the future, get ready.

  19. France, and Britain, Germany, and Russia, yo is their another season.

  20. Ww3 starts

    Queen Elizabeth: aw shit here we go again

  21. Wtf are people so dumb? There won't be ww3. But there will be a war with USA and Iran. What the F*** are yall talking about?

  22. Why were they burning the Israel flag 😠

  23. Covid came to warn us about ww3.

  24. Remember when we thought this was the worst thing in 2020 haha wr were wrong

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    who as cause world war 3?
    who killed the Chinese ambassador in israel?
    ok, now what are you saying about Chinese?
    white people don't like other white people we notice, German Nazi vs Russia and USA, Israel vs Europeans, they always in conflict for supremacy they cant just love each other, like Jesus Luke 8. 20-21. its a shame so much destruction. they should all be friends, its weird. my mom his native first nation aboriginal and my father white Danish and its the same in the natives aboriginal tribes, so much hate. they should bring back Jesus in the schools, new testament Jesus its ww3 times, 2tim2.4 times. everyone is getting ready, establishing their positions to fight each other, meanwhile. Chinese make one now under (Mandarin) ONE language for all. Xi Jinping fathers vision is coming to light. read the book.
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  26. It won’t be a war like the first and the second world war, it will be worse and intensive.

  27. Teacher: What will happen if World War 3 would happen
    Me: there will be a new lesson in History for future

  28. Joe Burden will help China and Iran. After all his buddy Barack Hussein Obummer gave Iran 1.7 billion right b4 he left office to help funnel the money all around for the Terrorist. Good Ol Barry

  29. But the war never started go trump

  30. WWIII is coming due to Israel's geopolitical and spiritual interests which is prophesied to be the center of conflict in the middle east and also from the anti Semitism nations. The name of the battle field is called "Armageddon" where all the nations are gathered for battle against Israel. It's also called the war of the Machines. It was shown in the movie 'Terminator" , "The war of the machines" it was a glimpse of the futuristic war technology that will take place in a WWIII. Yeah, it would be the "End of the World" but not the end of the earth and the purpose of the earth.
    What can we do? Repent and accept the new king of Israel-Yeshuah Hamashiach who will rule all nations and bring peace and righteousness to the Nations.
    The anti christ has been prophesied to bring "World Peace" , that means a WWIII is imminent for the anti christi to announce world peace. However, the real World Peace will come through the anointed king of Israel not the anti christ.
    1Thessalonians 5:3
    "When they say, “Peace and security,” then sudden destruction will come upon them, like labor pains on a pregnant woman, and they will not escape."

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  32. If it’s like a mw2-3 ww3 then that’ll be better

  33. You are right. Iran supports terrorism. Terrorism that tries to fight daesh, which was formed with the help of the United States and Israel. Why does daesh only behead Muslims? Why does it have nothing to do with Israel? Then Iran will become a sponsor of terrorism ??. It was you who brought order to the Middle East

  34. We. Means peaple of iran. Dont want war. And like human all over the world.. 🇮🇷❤️😍😉

  35. Ok I’m late but how dumb are people. The world is so advanced now that if another world war happens nuclear weapons would be to powerful. That means destroying the whole economy because of the war meaning the world will end and will take billions of years to just make the world safe again.

  36. To be honest what were three kind of seems like it was already going on with the whole Korean War still going on and World War II technically still going on with Japan and Russia and with the whole North Korea launching nukes near Japan I kind of died World War IIl was already happening

  37. that’d be interesting, syria, iran, iraq, arabia, north korea versus america, india, and russia

  38. Why do we fight on our race and color or our relegion why can’t we live in peace something can come out off outer space and we will die pls stop this ww3 or any kind off shit iam done even I hate my country I live for earth 🌍 not for my country

  39. Nine months later and still no world War three

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