U.K. says Russia intensifying attacks in East Ukraine, gaining little ground

The U.K. defence ministry says Russian forces are attempting to capture all of the Luhansk region in the east of Ukraine with renewed attacks.

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42 Thoughts to “U.K. says Russia intensifying attacks in East Ukraine, gaining little ground”

  1. Lesson learned from Afghan tribesmen: Never underestimate the studity of NATO.

  2. A E

    Glory to Russia 🇷🇺 viva Tejas 🇷🇺

  3. Hunter lost his crackpipe in ukraine

  4. k s

    Ukraine should evacuate its troops.

  5. European countries have to send troops to Ukraine to help them overthrow Russian military. Putin is very dangerous to the world. He loves power and he’ll do anything to stay in power and bully and conquer other nations. He does not have conscience. He is demonic. The fact that he’s threatening to use nuke is good enough to overthrow him.

  6. Listen to the war mungers as they say Ukraine are doing well as America afraid of puting boots on ground they using Ukraine as a procksy war zelenskyy all for America why doesn't zelenskyy bring the people to his 32 million pound mansion and help but no he will run soon as he is a turn coat 🧥 for Ukraine what a scum bag

  7. What about Yemen Joe Biden?

  8. 'little ground' actually equivalent with Crimea to the area of England…

  9. Keep drawing Russia’s fire let’s hope they gas out hardware wise and then there’s enough left for Ukrainians to go on the offensive

  10. Putin Cowardly sitting thousands of miles away in his palace far from any fighting , while he plays chess with real people’s lives.

  11. Viva Ukrania. Brave soldiers heroes zelenski hero

  12. According to Russia they slowed down their offensive for a few weeks for civilians to evacuate before they start their shelling.

  13. Lift the sanctions on Russia.
    Leave the Ukraine as a neutral country.
    There is no need to cry foul any longer.
    Simple solution is not what is expected from morons or what?

  14. Is Ukraine in black Africa ?

  15. Send the 40 bilion to rebuild iraq smashed over oil at cost of 1.2 million lives.

  16. They are not trying to gain ground at the moment but to destroy the Ukrainian army which they are encircling at the moment.

  17. This is NOT NEWS….and sad to note that reasonablely well educated individuals merely on the premises of keeping a job avail themselves to echo these as anchor readers!!!

  18. Shouldn't this old women be already retired?

  19. Glory to Russia. West can suck a lemon

  20. Today is the 5th anniversary where that boys camp was molested by their chaperone.
    The victims have formed a support group they call "Ouchwitz Summer Camp LLC."
    Any time we see any of them commenting we should offer our moral support.

  21. Ukraine 🇺🇦 is winning and Biden and Zelensky knows that. Go Russia 🇷🇺 👏

  22. Thank – you . ( 2022 / May / 25 )

  23. Forget about what uk says. Where are the soldiers ,commanders and equipments we sent to Ukraine ? Are they all disappearing in the black hole ?

  24. Ukraine main supply road has been captured by the Russians… Thats fatal for the Ukraine army

  25. UK says that they are a developing country. That is correct ….

  26. Russia has already taken 25% of Ukraine – it is the equivalent of the Britain in size
    If you want to know true unbiased information, watch

    "The Duran" (from UK)

    Alex Christoforou ( from Greese),

    Scott Ritter ( from US)

    Gonzalo Lira II ( Chilean/American who lives in Kharkov),

    Richard Medhurst( independent journalist and political commentator born in Damascus, Syria),

    The Dive with Jackson Hinkle ( American perspective on news & politics which airs daily.),

    Patrick Lancaster ( totally independent & crowdfunded journalist from US),

    Alexander Mercouris ( from UK),

    iEarlGrey ( English ExPat living in Saint Petersburg)

  27. Little ground!!!!!!!!!!!! HA HA HA HA HA ! You are really funny, you Americans!

  28. Little by little makes a bundle… Slow advance such that civilians must evacuate, respect Russian federation to avoid damages

  29. So if Russians are the Zee’s (Z), does that mean that Ukrainians are Not-Zees?

  30. The US and the UK I mean Zelensky isn't interest in peace talks

  31. FPDA alert… ✌️😊✌️🇦🇺🇸🇬🇲🇾🇳🇿🇬🇧

  32. RussiA is moving fast to capture Dombas soon

  33. The news as told by perpetually confused women with tiny heads.

  34. Oh my goddesses I like totally standedesses with Ukrainesses like totally

  35. US and NATO proxy war with Russia being fought by Ukrainian people in Ukraine…
    US and NATO create these wars directly or indirectly around the globe to insure their dominance and colonization over Nations and regions, Ukraine is one of so many .. US and NATOS obsession with bringing Russia to its knees is at the cost of
    Ukrainian people and Ukraine
    Deep catastrophic global depression and starvation for millions around the world
    Economic collapse of many countries..
    US and NATO have been promoting and prolonginh this War by their endless supply of weapons weapons weapons, and NO encouragement for Peace ☮️

  36. Putin is closet homosexual.

  37. So what??It;s a war..What is Putin to do?? I want this to end like everyone else, I am in total support of Russia.

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