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28 Thoughts to “Tiger Woods withdraws from PGA Championship after shooting 79 in third round.”

  1. AUorAG

    I’d be happy with a 79

  2. CRoseCrizzle

    He’s coming back from a severe injury and trying to compete at the highest levels. It’s going to take time for him to return to being a contender, if it ever happens at all.

  3. cote112

    It was wild to see him walk up to 18. The announcer is like, ” the cheers from the crowd should increase here as he walks up the hill”

    They didn’t.

  4. micktalian

    Didn’t he almost need to have a limb amputated due to his injuries? The fact he can even still qualify for a major is impressive. Despite all his physical issues, he can still swing a club better than I ever could.

  5. LoveRBS

    He seems to be in a cycle of recovery and injury. I’m curious how many docs have told him to stop

  6. invadergary

    That’s impressive, but I guess the crowds are quite tightly packed at the PGA, a target rich environment.

  7. Phemto_B

    How many survivors?

  8. PrincessBananas85

    (X-Post from r/ProGolf)

  9. earlubes

    He shot 79 people in the third round?!

  10. xeshaka

    Comments here are quite odd

  11. Shikarosez

    Seriously I am not a fan of his anymore and I feel no pity for his injury. He drove intoxicated and going down 80 or something on a winding road. He could’ve killed somebody!

    He doesn’t deserve the pain he is feeling but he doesn’t deserve any praise either. What a waste of talent

  12. Jlx_27

    As expected. He needs to reevaluate his capabilities. His mind wants what his body can not give him.

  13. danxmanly

    Are they going to cancel the TV broadcast now today???

  14. Ok-Routine-1777

    that video of him getting a DUI in Florida is so sad. He had everything and just pissed it all away multiple times.

  15. pajepper_kepper

    Reckless drug addict is bad at golf

  16. po3smith

    Listen it’s always sucks seeing who used to be the top of the field and then some being brought down like this however after seeing all of the comments glorifying him and saying he’s the best you can do no wrong etc. I must’ve went out why he’s in this position to begin with. It’s always they took medication at the wrong time when we all know he was high as shit and driving super fast he brought this upon himself and while it was nice to see him back out there people need to stop glorifying his return and making it sound like he just simply got sick or decided to come out of retirement. He himself essentially ruined his career

  17. __Sentient_Fedora__

    It’s obvious he’s not ready to compete with these really good under 30 crowd. For him to win again a lot of things would have to fall into place.

  18. Far_Guarantee_2465

    He is the Champ. He will always live an infamy! He has nothing to be ashamed of and should carry his head high and proud. He’s still at it in-spite of all the surgeries, injuries, and accidents. He’s GOAT. He has talent and sheer will.

  19. PotentialSharp8837

    Oh good. I’ll tell my husband and then maybe he won’t be in such a bad mood for shooting a 79 yesterday smh

  20. this-guy1979

    Really wish he would have played out after criticizing Phil and pledging his support for the PGA Tour.

  21. bacon_waffler

    I dont know ow golf very well, how bad is a 79. What is that in par terms?

  22. brye86

    I think if he ever does win again it will take so much out of him that it may be his last win ever. The problem right now is his ability to finish a 4 day weekend. He seems to fight out 2 rounds pretty well as seen this past weekend and the Masters but after that second round his body is done. If he ever wants to win again his body will have to heal a bit more or finish the 4th round with little to no pain.

  23. Krooklin

    Getting to withdraw after shooting 79 really makes you question the judicial system, if you know nothing of golf..

  24. soovestho

    He was smiling to himself which I interpreted as an understanding that this’ll take time. I mean he’s still healing

  25. m4hdi

    I love watching Tiger so much. I despair every single time that I feel that he is coming back too soon. I hope so much that he can tempter his competitiveness, rehab properly, and be in a position to play well for 4 straight days. It hurts so much to see him hurt like this seemingly every single time.

  26. SilverSurfer15

    Prob back on the sauce.

  27. ZTays88

    Sucks for that person who threw down a huge bet on him.

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