Texas elementary school massacre

Authorities say a gunman killed at least 19 children and 2 teachers. ABC News’ Andrew Dymburt has more on the suspect and the response from lawmakers in Washington.


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26 Thoughts to “Texas elementary school massacre”

  1. Imagine being dropped off, saying bye to your parents. School is almost over and you are excited for school to end. THEN SOME MORON SHOOTING YOU. There’s blood all over you and your pleading for your life then poof your gone. THATS WHAT THEY HAVE TO GO THROUGH.
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  2. Everybody in USA are still allowed to carry fire arms.

  3. My condolences to the families.

  4. Texas police force sworn to protect!
    Sworn to protect Krispy Kreme doughnuts and Twinkies. Not the children of Texas.

    It took them an hour to pluck up the courage to go in.

  5. 26 in Sutherland Springs in 2017… 10 in Santa Fe in 2018… 23 in El Paso in 2019… 22 in Uvalde in 2022… Nobody does massacres quite like TEXAS! Even the massacre death counts are bigger! PROUD OF THAT RECORD??????????

  6. It was the fault of the Goverment out there..why they let people bought a gun?and also using drugs …every bodys know what is the impact of it poor kids

  7. Training is great but apparently there is such a thing as 10+ armed people standing in a hallway of a school while children are dying… Are you hearing Bang bang bang? Active shooter? Nahh he's barricaded himself in a room full of children and is firing a full bore assault rifle and has 1000 more bullets? Nahh no active shooter there huh…

    But the real problem is he has to reclip after 30 rounds instead of 5 rounds huh. Anybody know how long it takes to reclip a rifle? Must be the "too large of a magazine" problem huh.

    Shooter down? Not until he runs outta bullets…

    Fire em all, they are fools that just don't really care about anything.

    Could you stand there and let that happen regardless of who said what? The guy in charge told ya to just stand around and look like you could do something?

    Sorry, you would have to fire me if I lived ya bunch of sorry asses.

    So sad.


  8. So you're standing outside, listening to the kids shouting, crying and moaning, listening to the shots and you're nothing? Shake the police there well, distribute dismissals and prosecute those responsible for death caused by inaction, omission or whatever it was called legally.

  9. Is the second amendment untouchable? I do not think so. It is a tool to continue murdering children and adults. The United States needs the same guns control laws that exists in Japan. The second amendment must be defeated in a referendum.

  10. In such a situation, there is a need for the US government to shift its priorities from abroad to inland and enact legislation that prioritizes the welfare of its people.
    Legislate for the use of firearms, ban the possession of firearms, and provide for the provision of mental health and general health services.
    And make arrangements to promote drug abstinence awareness to reduce mental illness. When someone's child leaves this world. What goes through the hearts of these parents? Let those in power feel this feeling in their hearts.

  11. A survivor girl told the killer was laughing while shooting the children. This is happening in USA. A young man with mental issues can buy powerful guns very easy. In Europe this is more difficult, so massacres at schools or groceries don´t happen.

  12. The pure horror of these little ones experiencing this and then to have to die. And the little ones that did survive, they’re gonna be traumatized by this for the rest of your lives. I can only imagine how it all took place in the classroom,Everyone there experiencing extreme panic and fear and no one coming to the rescue

  13. So the cops had to wait for body armor ? Did those little kids inside have shields and body armor ????? In the meantime they were all being slaughtered ! With a gun like that you can kill dozens of people in seconds ! Fire all of them and even give them jail sentences

  14. Vote Trump and you get more these <3

  15. He is not gunman, he is a terrorist

  16. Good news for USA
    EBT 2022 Pays kids that go to school $750 deadline is May 31 2022.

  17. Good news for USA
    EBT 2022 Pays kids that go to school $750 deadline is May 31, 2022.

  18. Good news for USA
    EBT 2022 Pays kids that go to school $750 deadline is May 31, 2022.

  19. All American police are trained to be cowards. If you're not ready to sacrifice your own life to protect the lives of other human beings then you are not ready for the responsibility of holding a fucking gun. Those teachers have more balls by 1000 years than the entire country's police forces combined.

  20. And the NRA cheers. America's favorite past time!

  21. What a disgusting country the 🇺🇸 is. 😡 😡 😡 😡!!!!

  22. Why America do always has this incident, idk but this will never end

  23. I felt so sad watching this video..my heart breaks seeing these children died


  25. The suspect looks like he is taking prohibited drugs.

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