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39 Thoughts to “Sunil Chhetri Freekick vs Afghanistan”

  1. GoobeNanmaga

    The casual walk away..

  2. Raken_dep

    This man is now 2 goals behind Ferenc Puskas’ international goals tally.

    Edit: Not 2, just 1 goal behind after this free-kick.

  3. mikewozere

    Number 4 really got some height on that one inch heel raise

  4. YummyTastyDelicious

    Don’t know a ton about soccer and have a question. Is this recent and how does the team operate now that the Taliban controls Afghanistan? I would’ve thought they wouldn’t be allowed to field a team.

  5. EddieNotorious

    Real bender. Beautiful.

  6. th12eat

    Will always love this guy. Was fun to watch in KC. Years later I have had several Indian coworkers I bring his name up to just beam about him. I didn’t know how well revered he was until then, honestly. Guys ageless too.

  7. yobro_2521

    Such a beautiful free kick! Proud of his goal scoring record! 🇮🇳⚽

  8. Dark_Egg

    Maybe if the guy on the edge jumped 😀

  9. slayerrr21

    That placement is nuts

  10. crazy-B

    Why is the one guy lying on the ground?

  11. samw424

    I’m barely even in to football and this still made me say ‘Jesus fuck’ out loud.

  12. raylgive

    ഷൈജു ചേട്ടൻ ഇവിടെയും എത്തിയോ?

  13. 5m1tm

    The arc and the placement! Class skills!

  14. y2k2r2d2

    Sunil Xhetri ,denying Nepal even regional trophies.

  15. RFID1225

    I’m not speaking knowledgeably about soccer stars but this guy is 37-ish and his national team plays competition in South Asia for World Cup qualifying. He’s good and therefore should have been wildly successful goal scoring-wise, right? Is he really great? The overall goal tally is impressive as well as this shot but is Mr. Chhetri amazing from a worldwide soccer talent? Wish he would have gone abroad more than the US MLS and the Portuguese Premier League to see how he stacked up against other international competition.

  16. HarmyG

    His swag was phenomenal.

  17. hambodpm

    Terrible defending in the wall

  18. taleofbenji

    He should now celebrate.

  19. VanillaIcedTea

    Almost 38 years old and still absolutely carrying that Indian national team. God only knows how they’re gonna score goals when he finally hangs up his boots.

  20. ameyaGG

    What a stunner!

  21. Guilty_pleasure001

    Ah Sunil Chhetri!! What a player. His records are baffling. What he is doing for Indian football is extraordinary and his career needs to be celebrated.

  22. jk441

    Jeez that’s some insane top spin on that ball

  23. GrimySquad

    We Indians have been waiting to see a player or two who can be a reliable goal scorer and reduce the goal scoring burden on this man.

  24. willtag70

    Watch very little football, but why is the guy lying on the ground covering his face behind the wall? Injured? Scared? Some other rational reason? Just curious.

  25. resonating_light


  26. yireus

    why is 16 away from the wall LOL

  27. untouched_poet

    You as cold as ice.

  28. shebehs

    Wow there are still talents coming up, if this would have been from an European the MSM would have praised (& prized) him

  29. lauuva

    If only India was a major football nation, he would have been considered the GOAT.

  30. kk1485

    Oh boy. The Taliban will not like this.

  31. PrinceHumperTinkTink

    Interesting reaction. It’s like he thought he missed the goal. Maybe he practiced that kick so much that it’s just second-nature to him at this point.

  32. parkeralex00

    Number 4 gave that away by not jumping at all

  33. Lowfi3099

    Imagine trying to block a soccer ball with your face

  34. Wertwerto

    I mean, it’s a great kick, but Afghanistan did not try very hard to block it.

  35. timn1717

    Hasn’t Afghanistan suffered enough?

  36. [deleted]


  37. Randommemorandum

    The fuck is the point of the goalkeeper in soccer?

  38. moaeed_ahmad

    How is this getting 6k upvotes?

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