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17 Thoughts to “Stephen Curry embraces his father and breaks down in tears as he wins his fourth NBA Championship”

  1. Jeromechillin

    Steph having and emotional moment.

    Cameraman : “let me get right in front of him and zoom in”

  2. rationaljackass

    Did you post the wrong video? He cried and got up.

  3. Alive-Ad-4164

    Warriors are really bout to start another dynasty

  4. TheFrederalGovt

    He’s been the heart and soul of the Warriors for so long and finally gets the recognition on the games biggest stage. Definitely understandable with showing those emotions

  5. Ramboryback

    Man so freaking happy he won the finals that noone expected him to win and also for getting his finals mvp.

  6. Bedquest

    It’s just cool to me because it turns a 5 year powerhouse team into an 8 year dynasty IMO

  7. raylan_givens6

    if Wiseman actually does something, Poole improves , and Kuminga/Moody learn to harness their athleticism………warriors are going to reload and be contenders for years to come

  8. Hingle_McRingleberri

    Can someone explain why they don’t keep playing on the final minute? I know sports are different but as an AFL fan I’m confused. For reference, [this Grand Final (championship game)]( was played to the final seconds even though a team was winning by 4x the other team’s score

    edit: just realised and i think its very important to note that in AFL, the percentage you win or lose by (eg. 75-150 loss means you percentage is 50%) is averaged out across the season and can affect you placement on the ladder. This means that you want to score as many points as possible down to the last second. It can all lead to [this scenario]( from last season where two teams had the same percentage and one of them were playing in the last game of the season. Brisbane lions needed to win by a certain percentage to get a top 4 spot.

    I think this is a major factor as to why teams play till the last second

  9. yellowirish

    Can he do the rest of the 1st quarter 3 point shot cartwheel that he made? Fire 🔥

  10. Santamatrix

    GOAT Tings.

  11. onthefront206

    whats with the shove by two teammates at the end?

  12. Dick_Justice15

    Steph Curry.

    Space Jam 3.


  13. MattTheDoubleU

    Did he hug his new stepmom?

  14. MinnieShoof

    I read that as “embarrasses his father” and I’m ***WHAT***

  15. Rmf16

    What a legend

  16. goalooin_livescore

    good game.

  17. UnicornMaster27

    Stephen winning 4 should tell even casual fans that Championships aren’t a good judge of how “great” a player is

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