Russia's increased nuclear threats: How will NATO respond? | DW News

Days after launching his invasion of Ukraine, Russian President Vladimir Putin put his strategic nuclear arsenal on high alert — a warning to the west not to interfere. Analysts believe the risk of an all-out nuclear war is low. Instead, Putin might be tempted to use tactical nuclear weapons in Ukraine – smaller weapons designed to cause more limited devastation. How likely is that – and how would the west respond?


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45 Thoughts to “Russia's increased nuclear threats: How will NATO respond? | DW News”

  1. No country has used nuke weapon in war ,,,?!!

    you sure mate.., ?

  2. Have a beer and chill. Pukeup is just a muppet. So pukeup will use nuclear weapons for loosing to a country he tried to invade. Well never invade a country unless you know you really can win.

  3. God is in control – not Putin.
    The U.S. is blessed. The U.S. all ready has something close to the very high-tech ,very , very capable SSN-774 Nuclear class destroyer Sub(s) near by, in the Northern region near Poland , patrolling . The more the U.S. gets to Nuclear threats that are credible, according to Putin 's assurance, the more Attack subs and destroyers will be rolling toward that area.
    The problem Many of Putins' advisors are fired or isolated and he has no "real time" intel. I Wouldn't be surprised he thinks only a few hundred troops died in the Ukraine, and he still has most l his tanks and planes .
    He might even think the troop moral is great and everybody is happy and life's grand. He needs a vacation on his yacht ( so we can bomb him)

  4. I'd love to see NATO grant Ukraine their membership, and tell Russia that they have 72 hours to withdrawal forces from occupied areas, including Crimea.
    Russia is not the only country in the world that has a vast nuclear arsenal.

  5. Nuclear threats are just a way of intimidation, nobody wants to escalate nuclear war,when your troops are not winning the war one option is to make nuclear threats to scare your enemies and keep them worrying about the possibility of using such a weapon,in the event Russia did send a warhead,there would be dire consequences that soon followed with catastrophic destruction to their own country.

  6. say putin uses tactical nukes of small amount on ukraine, the amount if radiation will not spread to european countries. but instead nato decide to retaliate with more nukes, end up nato managed to nuke half or almost all populations on russia. the radiation slowly spread to all European countries and resulting in everyone in Europe dying for ukraine. so people's stupidity killed themselves lol.. also if russia was fully nuked, they still have their Cold War-era automatic nuclear weapons-control system to auto launch all their nukes upon detecting nuclear activity in russia. so everyone still will die for ukraine lol

  7. Russia 🇷🇺 get rid of all the tanks is old and useless, focusing on building more missiles and fight with Nato aggression and protect your country.

  8. With this theater, the usefulness and insanity of unilateral disarmament is out of the question



  10. I have no doubt NATO and the U.S. will respond with cruise missiles to many strategic targets in Russia if Putin carries out any nuclear attack, be it tactical nukes or any nuke. Say goodbye to Russian bomber bases and any aircraft and missile research and production facilities, especially those that have already launched AS-4 Kitchen missiles against Ukraine. If Putin thinks a nuke will help bring an end to his war, he is right. But it won't be the side he thought would be destroyed completely.

  11. Putin hasn’t got the balls to go nuke-clear, he’s just trying to frighten people!

  12. Russia sells bread next to shoes. Russia is like Will Smith, a Joke.

  13. As a South Korean, We’re fed up with this kind of threat by our north neighbor😑

  14. If a nation used a nuke.The young ( and possible many militaries) will physically remove the government (or governments).The people have a limit and their past it already.

  15. As a citizen of Turkey, which is a NATO country, I can say this: I can die before I can develop my own country. I am calling out to America because of a Russian bomb. You can't use the nuclear weapons you planted on us on Russia, if you do, your plans to take the lands of Turkey in the future will fail, so get your nukes from our country. If there is a possible Russian attack, we must first find a peaceful way because our leader Atatürk has a saying: A war without a reason is murder. Russia has violated rights according to the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, but you cannot say anything.

  16. War with Nuclear weapons now, Sticks and Stones tomorrow.

  17. This is the time, it will happen soon. THE WEST ignorance will made this happen

  18. Its putin who is threatening everyone with nukes .

  19. T O

    Tbh this might solve global warming…” with nuclear winter” see how things seem to always work themselves out…s/o to our world leading psychopaths….. Boom

  20. This lady doesn't know that you can't protect from hypersonic missiles that Putin allready have.

  21. The US and NATO are the most dangerous organizations on the planet

  22. God Bless Vladimir Putin and Russia. Keep up the great work

  23. F+(k yeah let's go Russia 🇷🇺

  24. Britain N A T O with U S A and it's alliies needs to stay out of Ukraine the West is pushing a nuclear war God is using Russia as a types of judgement against Britain u s a N A T O the west has been fight war for 75 years none stop millions of people perished die already why the West is now provoking Russia now Russia has know option left but to used nuclear weapons against the west stop meddling in Russia back yard west is escalating this situation to nuclear war William Branham 7 vision of America hear what he said about America and what will happen last days

  25. If they gonna use tactical nuke…..use the Tsar bomb atleast.

  26. We Have Intercontinental duvet's!

  27. Let's be honest here. If Little Man Putin decides to use a 'tactical nuke' against Ukraine because something or the other offended him, no one would do a thing. If it's only one nuke, has anyone in the West got the balls to send one back, knowing that if they do respond then Little Man Putin will see it as the provocation to start WW3 that he wanted ? I think the West would back down as always.

  28. i am Chinese, i don't believe nuclear war would come its quite rediculous, simmering war for Russia is quite good advantage for America and China, human future just in usa and China, use is monther,China is father

  29. Putin is like the drunk guy at the bar that wants to fight everyone. He’s making himself look weak. His “Great Russian Army” would be admittedly weak. That would be an admission he’s a failure. It doesn’t mean he won’t escalate, often the drunk guy at the party trying to fight everyone is the one that escalates.

  30. With the technology the US and NATO have, i am pretty sure they already know where most, maybe even all of Russia’s nukes are situated, and easily have the ability to target them, and destroy them before they even have time to be launched. After destroying as many before launch, and then destroying as many during flight, i very much doubt there would be enough left to cause utter devastation. And i don’t believe for a second that Russia would be able to do the same to defend themselves when all of NATO fires back. Of course i have no actual proof of this, it is just my opinion.

  31. Respond to aggression with aggression. Respond to ignorance with ignorance.

  32. All just talk it's cheap if they're not going to reason nobody's going to win this one we playing with fire list of the b***** Peter warlock either we going to negotiate with them there's nothing else that could be done the field of weapons are even only takes 23 to destroy the world these guys got thousands and thousands can you imagine analyze this we are playing with fire the world would never be the same no more my opinion

  33. now I know what control means you're doing the same thing controlling the conversation and one-sided not both your hypocrites what happened whatever happened to real news

  34. The problem is Russia
    being surrounded by NATO countries there
    Fighting back that's what the problem is stopped the b***** you know and I know the real deal playing with fire

  35. If we have them then we will use them simple

  36. all nato has to do is back off just like they ignored the usa invasions

  37. war is war. there are no rules or laws

  38. nato deserves this. nato says nothing to the usa that has been invading for decades.

  39. Putin WILL use tactical nukes (2200 pcs) to win if he is cornered. Two reasons. He is 69 yr old with Parkinson and poor health, before he die, he wants to become a legend by bring in rebellion kids for Mother Russia. What will cause him to use tactical nukes? (1) The US/NATO heavy offensive weapons start to attack Russians in Ukraine, and targets in Russia. (2) Stubborn Ukrainian fighters in strong holds. (3) Ukraine transports and troop staging areas. A 100 ton TNT baby nuke can kill all within 1000 m, destroy all weapons. A 10,000 ton TNT Hiroshima nuke can kill all within 30 km of a NATO base in Europe, missile range 2000 km.
    US/NATO does not have enough tactical nukes to respond Russia's 2200 tactical nukes. So will there be an exchange of 5000 big US nukes with 6000 big Russian nukes ?? May be this is why many US, UK and French nuke missile subs are gathering in Scotland. I guess US/NATO is preparing for the worst, all out nuke war.

  40. Putin's strategy to prevent NATO and allies from helping Ukraine in its hour of need is based on exaggerated threats: (1) "If Ukraine joins the NATO alliance, we would feel threatened and will attack the country in our self-defense"; (2) If NATO provides a "no-fly zone", over Ukraine, it will become World War III; and, (3) If NATO, the USA, and other countries provide arms to Ukraine, we will use nuclear weapons "in swift retaliation". On hindsight, all these threats have proved–and will prove–to be mere saber-rattling by a former street thug and cold-blooded KGB spy who graduated into an international war criminal taking advantage of the free world's respect for life, liberty, and the pursuit of peace. By making his law-abiding adversaries fear the worst, Putin has blatantly embarked on an unprovoked and rapacious land-and-sea grabbing misadventure.

  41. If he uses even the smallest of tactical nukes we should just hit Moscow with the larger nukes immediately skip the tactical nuke B.S.

  42. And actually Putin why don’t you grow a set ball just slap Box with me and who ever wins wins the war how about that

  43. Just lay down the nukes Putin because ur out numbered and we’re gaining on u now lay down the nucleus or ur going to meet captain price lol the and it might be the real deal so u best lay down ur nukes

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