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21 Thoughts to “Russian-born tennis player Natela Dzalamidze changes nationality to avoid Wimbledon ban”

  1. Radiant-Ear2403

    A lot more fair actually reading the article and seeing she does doubles with a non Russian. Having to abandon her partner just because of the place she was born woulda fucking sucked. I’m assuming Natela is of Georgian descent somehow but I’ve Def been wrong assuming Russian last names weren’t Russian before lol.

  2. mcpumpington

    Trans national.

  3. WilliamShatnersTaint

    How does one change their nationality? Asking for a friend.

  4. salmans13

    Funny how a lot of these organizations said no politics when it’s Palestine 😂😂

  5. alpinejack77

    Banning someone because of where they are born is dumb all the way around. Because you know banning an athlete always changes geo-political situations 🙄

  6. mumbullz

    I always thought the sports bans were for any teams/players competing for a title/award under the banner of “Russia” as a protest against Russia as a nation

    But why would an individual be banned from competing if they are doing so for their own benefit and not competing in the name of Russia?

  7. fainofgunction

    Why does anyone think banning athletes does anything but make Russian people feel targeted as a whole for things they can’t control and rally around the flag.

  8. Jlx_27

    Interesting how fast athletes can swap passports.

  9. Low_Acanthisitta4445

    Brought to you live from the U.K.
    The country who have never committed war crimes.
    Join us for a special guest appearance from Sir Tony Blair.

  10. hlebspovidlom

    This is not sports, it’s just politics nowadays

  11. Bergerac1982

    Good, it was a fucking stupid idea to ban Russian tennis players in the first place. Pointless virtue signalling.

    It’s not like Medvedev and Dzalamidze were leading crack troops in Ukraine before hopping on a plane for the latest tour event.

  12. Nykmarc

    Vacate all medals won by US athletes while we were fucking around in the Middle East, or cut this shit out

  13. levitikush

    She has absolutely nothing to do with the war so who cares

  14. 3wordname

    I’m ok with this as long as a legitimate country actually takes her in and she works in becoming a citizen.

  15. A___Unique__Username

    Werid name for a nation.

  16. The_Great_Rogelio

    Why can’t players just identify as another nationality? Seems to be easy enough with sexuality and gender, so why not nationality which is arguably a far less integral personal attribute.

  17. FrostyFiction98

    This is the dumbest shit. Punishing regular Russians for the actions of one man

  18. dohzer

    All good, as long as she gets stripped of any wins if she reverts.

  19. Galactic_Gooner

    I’m thinking of that meme of that black dude tapping his forehead

  20. thislife_choseme

    Is this the stupid shit they did in the Olympics? Grow a pair and really ban them and close the loop holes.

    Punishment isn’t punishment if you don’t punish.

  21. Semour9

    As she should. Imagine training for sports events only to be banned because your countries ruler who you can’t even elect is a psychopath.

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