Russia Vs Ukraine Military Comparison | Can Kyiv Withstand Putin's Brute Force With Help From NATO?

The threat of a war in Europe has escalated dramatically after President Vladimir Putin’s recognition of separatist regions in eastern Ukraine. Western powers such as the US, UK and Canada have stepped up arms deliveries to Ukraine in recent months. Still, Russia holds a huge advantage over Ukraine when it comes to military personnel and firepower.

00:00 – Introduction
00:17- How Does Russia Militarily Overpower Ukraine?
00:49 – Russia Vs Ukraine – Budget Constraints?
01:14 – Russian Army Vs Ukraine’s Army?
01:38 – Russian Air Force Vs Ukraine’s Air Force?
02:03- Russian Navy Vs Ukraine’s Navy?
02:45 – US, Ukraine Fear Russian Cyber Attacks?

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23 Thoughts to “Russia Vs Ukraine Military Comparison | Can Kyiv Withstand Putin's Brute Force With Help From NATO?”

  1. Ukraine Comedian of The Year

  2. May god help the ukrainians to hold out
    And made that day speed up and the promise of what our president joe biden said to putin
    You don't know what's coming putin
    Well whatever it is it can't be nice for putin
    I just wish that day would hurry up and get here
    I'm tired of going to bed worrying about this mass murderer
    And waking up worrying about this mass murderer
    On how many people have he killed today
    Sorry piece of s*** he is

  3. The world should give Putin time Afghanistan gave the US twenty years to leave whats the hurry its been only 7 days why partiality

  4. Just heard Ukraine minister of finance is an American, with Ukrainians origins. Had the Ukrainian nationality 1 week before becoming minister. Never been there before. She was managing funds for Soros all her life

  5. David and Goliath.. May God be with Ukraine

  6. russia hasn't put the anvil underneath the hammer yet. world is probably seeing the discretionary use of about 10% of russias military might. however if they keep pushing and cornering russia and putin, the war could get way more atrocious. definitely don't want that. but once russia cuts off ukraine from western supply lines via Poland this war wouldn't last much longer. the west should realize russia is a proper superpower with nuclear arms, if they push Russia too much we'd all be seeing the sun rise in the middle of the night. don't understand why the USA wouldn't just step in and say ukraine would never be apart of nato.

  7. ………..WELCOME MY DEAR FRIEND ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

  8. 🇷🇺 Days are Coming back

  9. GRB

    They say someone who is starten the fight needs 3 time more Personal that the defender. It is a Formular in war. So when Putin needs 500.000 to one Mio. soldiers at least for his war. His own Regiment sinkt about 30%. Anf After all this stuff russia is Broke as fuck and putin gets killed by his own people.

  10. Everyone knows the answer, Russia has only committed a small percentage with huge reserves, the question is do you use a sledgehammer to crack a nut or a 500 sledgehammers. Resistance will fall off sharply once supplies of ammo, food, water, medicines run out.

  11. ini adalah rencana china sengaja memancing amerika unruk ikut peperangan lebih awal apabila kekuatan nato mula berkurang dan lemah baru china akan menjalankan rancangannya untuk menakluki asia china bangsa yang tamak dan penuh tipu daya

  12. I will forever be indebted to you you've changed my whole life ill continue to preach about your name for the world to hear you've save me from a huge financial debt, with little investment thanks so much. Mrs Delores M. Moore?

  13. Everyone is so a frraid of losing a life if Rassia send out nukes we all dead I am willing to die for Ukraine I'm quite good in guns and excellent shot George Taylor plz let me be worth a country

  14. Ukrainians means little Russians… LOL They are brothers.

  15. Fly along border shoot over border wipe out lines of rosh like ducks

  16. This channel is weak in soviet propaganda.

  17. This happen because of Johnson and Biden's stupidities. Real enemies of world peace.

  18. ukraine can hold out- but they wont last- they'll run out of ammo and get over whelmed- happens to all armies at some point- look at the poles in ww2 for example-

  19. Just a friendly reminder, don’t take anything written here as fact or reasonable thinking. The YouTube comments section doesn’t know jack about a major conflict. If you’re a Ukrainian reading this, holy shit good luck I hope you make it.

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