Russia Ukraine War : इस बार रूस नहीं Russia नहीं Ukraine करेगा Nuclear Attack ! | Putin

इस बार न्युक्लियर अटैक रूस की तरफ से बल्कि यूक्रेन की तरफ से होने की आशंका जताई जा रही है. रूसी मीडिया में दावा किया गया है कि यूक्रेन रूस पर परमाणु हमला हो सकता है
This time the nuclear attack is being feared not from Russia but from Ukraine side. Russian media claims Ukraine may be nuclear attack on Russia

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Credit : #International | #TV9

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33 Thoughts to “Russia Ukraine War : इस बार रूस नहीं Russia नहीं Ukraine करेगा Nuclear Attack ! | Putin”

  1. जब से यूक्रेन और रूस जंग शुरु हुई है भारत के सारे मीडिया के हरामखोर दलाल जो पैसों के लिए अपने देश में नफरत फैला सकते हैं अब वह हथियारों के ए सेल्समैन और व्यापारी बन गए हैं उनको हर आधे घंटे में 1 घंटे तक बस हथियारों की तारीफ करना है ऐसे लग रहा है जैसे जंग नहीं हो रही है यह हथियार बेचने की दुकान लगाकर बैठे हैं.

  2. britain neto ka member nahi hai

  3. Thanku Britain, ukraine ke saath khadey rhne ke liye. Thanks🌹

  4. Rush ko chahiye phle briten ko tabha kr de

  5. America ki aukat hai rush se tkra sake vo to chuha hai rush sher hai

  6. World Jey Sob Dash er kache Poromanu Bomb ache Sey Sob Dash er kache request Aponara If Kono Desh er Opore Poromanu Bomb felthe Chan tahole riqust Pohela Poromanu Bomb Jeno Indiar Opore fela hoy tahole Amra Khusithe Piknik banabo OK Mr Norendo Modi Tom.

  7. India Sudhrhe Ka Kob? Mone hoy Indiar Opore Poromanu Bomb na fela Porjjontho Na Norendo Modi Na India Sudhar Jaye ga.bath Ahi Hey tho Norendo Modi Redi ho Jau Poromanu Bomb Khaur Jonno Mr. Norendo Modi Tom.

  8. अमेरिका को क्या मिला tha afganistan me ghanta 😁😁, Russia to km se km jamin to kabja liya 🙂🙂

  9. Putin ko God will teach for his thought

  10. Ukraine nato ki madad se nuclear bomb prakshepit ker santa hai.

  11. काल्पनिक बात

  12. Phle russia kisi pr illzaam lata hai phir usko use krta hai….this is the part of war strategy… Support To Russia,,,

  13. Isse pehle britan mai nuclear attack karna hai

  14. People of this world you should know that God LOVES all of Us not ONLY Christians or True believers (John 3:16) but you should know that in the judgement day He knows His Sheeps (Hebrews 9:27; 2 Corinthians 5:10; Revelation 20:11-12). God Loves You and is Merciful but Do Not TAKE His Goodness for Granted. God is not Forcing ANYONE to Chose Him for He has given Us the FREE Will. You should know that for Every Choices You MAKE there is CONSEQUENCES. The Father of Good (Omnipotent God) leads you to Heaven while The father of Evil (Deception, Evil- Devil) drags you to Hell with Him to Suffer. How much more will you be Deceive by the Devil? You Don't know that he is Deceiving you to Love Worldly things (Temporarily things) (John 10:10; Galatians 5:19-21) for you to not be a Citizen of Heaven (Perfect Place). God said (Romans 10:9; John 5:24; Matthew 22:36-40). God is our Judge and He does not Judge according to Human Nature. God's Children (Ephesians 5:8-14; 1 John 4:4).

  15. Fake media 🐕🐕🐕🐒🐕

  16. यूक्रेन का नारा तय है उसके साथ नाटो का भी काम खत्म होगा

  17. Russian should go back as soon as from Ukraine land if results will come very bad

  18. I believe Ukraine will take action against devils Russia


  20. Russia attack ko Bhool jaye aur sar chura ke bhag Le behtar to yahi hay
    Kaun ke Russia to aaj din tak damki de Raha tha aur Ukraine ko tabahu kar ke rakh dia Russia ne ab Ukraine ka haq hay aur ab turn Ukraine ka banta hay

  21. Jhoot per jhoot do what ever you like please tell about kashmir 😢😢😢

  22. TV9 kay reporter Ukraine maye bethey Britain ko lakey Fake news supply kar rahe haye yah Indian maye bethey Hindi news channel waley Russia ka faltu news dekh kat apney khichri pulawo paka rahey haye.. . Sabdhan raho fake news walo saye.

  23. I am hailing for a long time, that Russia must demolish america and britain completely without any delay with the help of atomic bombardment, if the economic stability, peace and sovereignty of the countries of world is to be revived and maintained eternally because joe biden and borris jhonson alongwith stupid zelenskyy are enough cuning, deceiptful, unhumanitarian, fulthy designers to disrupt and ruin the world peace and stability and can go to any lower limits of filthy actions to establish and maintain the supremacy of their filthy financial interests only. As such they need to be appropriately punished without any delay to teach them a proper lesson for their war mongering activities. Hon'ble Vladimir Putin must take this action without any further delay to save rest of the world.

  24. Bhang pikey Russia waley news datey haye ore Indian maye news channel waley bhi lage haye rotiya sekney maye. Tawa garam haye 😀

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