Russia Ukraine Crisis: Who Will Win The War? Military Strength Compared | NewsMo

Russia has declared war on Ukraine. But what are the military capabilities of both countries? Who has most number of troops and ammunition? Watch this video to find out.

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34 Thoughts to “Russia Ukraine Crisis: Who Will Win The War? Military Strength Compared | NewsMo”

  1. Hope my county wins this war my home is destroyed

  2. Russia against the world.Shame on u guys. I support Russia and Mr Putin.

  3. If USA will land more money and weapons then maybe Ukraine. In reality it is Russia/US war. Why do you think Biden got involved so much? He always hated Soviet and Russia.

  4. NM

    Putin in an evil communist trash, America can destroy Russian military in minutes.
    I never thought Russia was so weak, any country could win a war against Russia, they fit well in a circus army. Ha ha ha 😂

  5. NM

    China is probably aa weak as Russia, Chinese military is also a paper tiger like Russia, old junk. Japan alone probably can destroy China's military. China will lose just like Russia is stuck and losing in Ukraine.

  6. If just ukrainaaa russian vin….but war now not ukrainaa usa and England Britain…….war now between usa west….and Ukraine territories…terrible

  7. After $40B from the US, I think it's pretty clear this is a proxy war.

  8. America are the ones that started this conflict and Russia will finish it as England France get inv they are all colonels and have the nerve to talk as England America France have killed hundreds 1000 of people over the years killing women children

  9. If David can kill Goliat with stone in a sling shot, Never under estimate Ukraine of its fire power, futer is uncertain.

  10. Well all of western Europe has has objections, if Russia doesnt calm down they can expect an expediatory force seizing Russian territory.

    And there's a lot of territory to seize 😀 The Rusians opened it, lets grab some mines 😀

    The Brits are not even hiding anymore and have staked out most of what whe call Siberia and the Rusians call far east.

  11. Ukraine is a corrupt country . The Democrats got you all emotionally wrapped with Ukraine 🤦🏿‍♂️😂

  12. Bro I'm not trying to stand for Russia or anything, But Russia is gonna literally wipe out Ukraine. Stop being cringe and just admit the truth and stop putting god in this because hes not doing shit. There is literally no Comparison needed, Russia is too high military trained.


  14. Don’t worry there 15 supporters to save ukraine

  15. Western leaders are hypocrites .there is a very simple solution to ending this war . The west should just guarantee that Ukraine doesn't join NATO thereby being a neutral country that is all Putin wants

  16. russia has the power but ukraine has the smartness

  17. Peace in the Word Russia won the war. God Bless Ukraine and Russia, Peace and Love.

  18. It's war crimes and Putin is clearly a murdering psychopath

  19. Please let God settle all this massacre end make these 2 countries come in peace

  20. Russia may have the superior military. But I think Ukraine will win. A great example is the American Revolutionary War, Britain was the strongest military in the world. The Britain towered on the US but America still prevailed and won. Yes they did have foreign aid but what I think is a key factor to winning a war is moral. In the American Revolutionary war America was fighting for freedom, for everyone's future. They prevailed on high moral and spirit and Ukraine will have that spirit and moral because its their country there saving, there not just fighting for the paycheck.

  21. Man the liberal propaganda goes on and on follow the money..Russia not losing this….just money being spent by war mongers who have vested interests wether it be stocks connections..politics…waste of money remember weapons of mass destruction…Iraq..a waste of lives and money but Cheney bush got richer…yr being played..Ukraine was always a corrupt place….2 sides but u can only hear one…the one that lies in their interests..I hope they wud send their kids into a useless war…..Zelinsky will run to US ..and live in a villa somewhere…and fat off all this money being thrown his way….mr tee shirt ain’t fighting

  22. Russia will most definitely win

  23. lol.. what a load of crap.. if ukraine has 1100000 troops how come it has to conscript every man below 60 years old??.. if it has so much equipment how come it has to publicly beg for help and donations of military equipment ??..

  24. This is clearly no match, Russia wins

  25. When russia pulls the T34s out of damn a lot of Ukraine soldiers are gonna die

  26. Ukraine is a corrupt government and ultranationalist nazis. They are trouble makers. Russia is now going to crush them. Enjoy 🚩🍺✌️🤣

  27. zelensky killing his people just for US and Nato. Shame !

  28. I am supporting Ukraine they need more help and support we need to support them get rid of the evil and take down Russia and the Russia president forever 🙂💪🏻💪🏻

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