Russia solidifies its presence in Ukraine as Russian forces blow up a key bridge | English News

The Russian invasion of Ukraine has been raging on for more than 100 days now, and scores of civilians have lost their lives in the conflict. Armies of both countries have been involved in intense fights since Russian troops entered Ukraine. Now, Russia solidifies its presence in Ukraine and blows up a key bridge.

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22 Thoughts to “Russia solidifies its presence in Ukraine as Russian forces blow up a key bridge | English News”

  1. URAAA 🇷🇺 🇵🇭 GO RUSSIA wipe out UKRAINE in America

  2. Save your people and country from destruction by having a peaceful compact. God bless everyone.

  3. Zelensky is a very stupid leader!

  4. Russia is wrapping things up. Even KT McFarland admitted on FOX News that Ukraine is losing this war😉

  5. Do what america did in iraq war. Destroy all fecilites in ukraine and win the war.

  6. Why Ukraine not attack the capital
    Of Russia with long range missiles, so that the Russian civilians felt
    panic and fears

  7. Zelensky really is fucking joker, that asshole is killing his own people.

  8. That's right. Raining them all of missile cities of Ukrainem


  10. Ukraine difit the two side know nato & russia , zelensky wrong disigion in the war policies . Its very dangerous for ukrainian citizens . thanks ,dr.k.l.sharma . .from india .

  11. Oh well,US tells Ukraine they cannot bomb Russia.Why the double standard????

  12. I just noticed that Zelensky has a very long nose 🤥

  13. V L

    It looks this war is coming closer to an end. And China may have a role to play given the phone call between Xi and Putin. Wide speculation, but we'll know soon.

  14. Yes to russia.destroy the enemy position

  15. This war just goes to show in reality how much the USA England and most European countries don't like Russians or Chinese at all which is sad as we're all part of this planet that we call home.

  16. That parade of Russian occupiers is premature, their stay is temporary, make no mistake, the US and NATO will give Ukraine all the weapons they need to evict the Russians

  17. I've been following this war since the beginning and I felt sorry for the thousands of lives and cities in Ukraine that had been destroyed. Russia is a superpower whether we like it or not. Let's stop being an actor in this process. Look around and see what's happening in the ground than just telling the people to fight while the leader is heavily protected underground.

  18. Why is the whole world standing by letting this happen one country is scaring every single country why It's time for war

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