Russia Displays Military Might in Annual Victory Day Parade | NBC News

Russia celebrated the 76th anniversary of the defeat of Nazi Germany with a display of military might and pomp in Moscow. 12,000 troops and 80 aircraft took part in the Victory Day parade, which was overseen by President Putin as relations with the West grow even tenser.» Subscribe to NBC News:
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Russia Displays Military Might in Annual Victory Day Parade | NBC News


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44 Thoughts to “Russia Displays Military Might in Annual Victory Day Parade | NBC News”

  1. We are so scared 🤯😭🤣🤣

  2. Military might ???? hahahahahaha. yes there is one thing treu. Thy are war criminals thats there might


    💐💐🌟 MAY 9th 💐💐

  4. Yaaaawn, that's chicken feed…
    The greatest ever Victory Parade was held in Moscow on 1 May 1941 – during which Stalin
    congratulated the invited Nazi delegation on Adolf Hitler's recent conquest of France…
    Hey, let's see some of that heavy stuff…

  5. We should all be thankful for Russia huge contribution to defeat the Nazis in Second World War. It is a disgraced that the West ignored all the sacrifices made by the Russian people to win Second World War. It is a shame. I am grateful to the Russian Veterans and the Russian People for helping defeat the Nazis. 💐💐💐

  6. Serbia-Russia brothers forever🇷🇸🇷🇺🇧🇾☦🙏
    Putin is the king of this world!!!!

  7. No cancer, no surgery, no war announcement, not what the west expecting… so sad 😄

  8. World's largest isolated funeral on Russian Victory Day! Staged crowd no people, no happiness, no victory, no respect! As if Russia has had a huge lost! The only thing lost here is respect for Putin? Putin is scared for his life?

  9. Да здравствует Россия

  10. Russian is a beautiful country can't take that from them Putin did great job.

  11. Watched a vid of these troops practising for the parade.

    If they repeat that today, putin will have them all against a wall.
    Never seen such an uncoordinated display of precision marching
    lmfao.. they looked like 5 year olds trying to keep step.

    This parade has no bearing on current affairs. And i see no problem with Any country holding this in memory of great achievments in their past.
    Victory over nazi Germany was and is an important part of world history.

    Hopefully. Mr putin wont use today as a time to further the aggression and butchery in Ukraine.

  12. There you go NATO there was your chance and you missed it LOL

  13. Russias Victory Day is actually going to be pretty sad according to a leaked document by a whistle blower.

    Supposedly that will be the day Russia will declare war in a Ukraine.

    The leaked document said on that very day, Vladimir Putin will be assisinated some where in the Red Square by a United States official.

    What happens after he is assisinated? Do they still go to war??

  14. Sharp! Precise and half of them are dead! Just because you wear a uniform doesn't mean you're good in battle.
    Just ask the Ukrainians.💥🚀🚁

  15. Medieval. The dudes with the medals weighing them down look like a parody on SNL. The Death Star: 1:10

  16. BRAVO Russia thank you for saving the world from Hitler !!! Northern America and Europe wold speak in German language TODAY if it wasn't for the RUSSIANS !!!? Greetings Mr PUTIN and forgive the ungrateful idiots WHO hates Russia !! Greetings from Serbia 🇷🇸

  17. Due to losses in Ukraine, the Russia military has fallen from 2nd most powerful to 23rd. Putin is leading Russia to ruin. LOL! Putin must find a way out else Russia will be NO MORE!

  18. It's a wonder none of their tanks broke down. Must've kept the best ones for the parade on the blood drenched red square. This is communism celebration. No victory.

  19. Wonder if Puttin asked Ukranians to borrow some of their tanks back for their parade,,,,lolol

  20. Russia USA Supports you 🇷🇺🔥🇷🇺🔥🇷🇺

  21. this would be a good nuke target just saying,nuke the monsters of war!

  22. что за идиоты кто, черт возьми, думает, что они они каждая страна, которую они оккупировали, была катастрофой скажем, в стране, где были русские, была хорошая экономика или люди жили хорошо Знать ответ нет страны они оставляют после себя коррупцию, воровство и ложь иди к черту с русскими

    Once the second strongest in the world.
    Now the second strongest in Ukraine.

  24. кто, черт возьми, хочет жить в России или земли, которые они занимают нет страны где были русские там хорошо это просто коррупционное воровство или вообще дерьмо

  25. "Military Might" Is that supposed to be a joke? If so, it's a damned good one…

  26. A great parade ground army!

  27. Russian army is the 2nd strongest army in Ukraine

  28. jlm

    Nazi stormtroopers.

  29. ABC

    I love seeing America's colors strewn across the Russian sky <3

  30. bring down ukraine! urra russia

  31. Glorious!💪 stay strong Russia. A good part of the globe is holding its breath and watching You ❤️

  32. Dear Russians, stop calling it a "special operation". Dear Russians, you are not losing a special operation, you are losing a WAR in Ukraine!

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