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44 Thoughts to “Rihanna – S&M (Audio)”

  1. Who’s still here in 2022?

  2. классный музон до сих пор слушаю

  3. The fact that I used to jam to this so hard at 6 not knowing what it…😂

  4. to thestufifymemorescomeirunvasttimeinteritwinebitches

  5. You demon who sold your soul to darkness (Yes, everyone knows that you are a Freemason and sing to your master the Devil) I will tell you something that no one has ever told you (Your rotten soul will burn in hell and your bones will be eaten and your damn skull will be crushed) In all your videos you enjoy performing your obedience to Satan Haha very funny) When he dies Your rotten body and your soul will come out, I assure you, your soul will not simply come out. You will not taste torment and doom. Your rotten soul will leave for a long and very long time. In the end, you will know that you will be eaten and eaten. You will wish you were in Hell, but you will taste what is weaker than Hell, and this is certain (Let your soul go to eternal torment, O Satan, who sings to your master, the accursed Satan.)

  6. Boshka etoy iz zenkovih

  7. Yes it seems that this family of Turbinih what lived close to my grandpa house, they probably did holes in our heads to find gold that grandmother hided hundred years ago. I do not know why they kidnaped me in 95 and did something with back of my head, maybe they drilled it, I did not see, I was unconsious. I do not know why they want to steal my voice that was used in Disney songs and in Indian movies. I do not know how many crimes tbey did for stealing my voice. Probably they live at Downing street Sea Cliff, and have shizophrenia. Who can verify why they kidnap people and do holes in brains to comment and threatening online.
    .. .

  8. 6 year old me: screaming this in the car
    Me now: still screaming it

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  10. i slayed this song years ago. But i thought it was "socks in the air but idc"

  11. This song turns me on. this song might be a little dirty for most people on youtube, but Rihana is the singer that can bring out any feelings we all might feel about one another, even It's about sexual feelings.

  12. Me who learned this through a amv: 👁👄👁

  13. I liked how they played this song on the secret life of the American teenager in the graduation party

  14. Ez az az emlékezetes dal számomra, amelyik alatt minden értelemben beleestem Életem Szerelmébe… <3 :$

  15. So you're telling me this song was released when I was 5?? How

  16. idk

    I blame this song for turning me out the way I am now 💀

  17. My god this song really gets me turned on wow love her voice she really make me hard with this song

  18. Name one bad Rihanna Song

    You can’t

  19. I activated spotify premium for 3 months for free. Can someone remind me after 3 months ? Thanks!! 🥰

  20. Yes, I’am blasting this because I forced my brother to wear a dress and he’s low key strutting around my room rn

  21. Yeah baby you’re a tiger that’s what you are you’re a tiger 🐅

  22. Rihanna superior, Cardi B inferior.

  23. The OG and better version of Cpr

  24. DES

    Shield hood song 😍❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  25. “Cause I might be bad but I’m perfectly good at it”

    That line would work so perfectly in the new “bad guys” movie

  26. Singing this loud and proud as a kid without knowing a damn thing about what the lyrics meant lmaooooo good times

  27. I hade no right singing this at 5

  28. wig: flew
    britney: spears
    jeff: probst
    heroes: villains
    loud: silent
    s: m
    billie: eyelash
    voice: snatched
    hotel: california

  29. i really went around singing this song loud and proud at 7

  30. Fuck this. I want to listen to metallica and this crap comes up

  31. Zuza pierdol się XD żartuje oczywiście 😶😑

  32. Buen video , besos gente 👏♥️♥️💋💋❤️

  33. When some boy grabs your girl’s hand on the escalator

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