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39 Thoughts to “Real goal against Liverpool”

  1. SomeROCDude21

    Could’ve sworn this was an AI-created goal

  2. isaacals

    Trent defended pretty well until he didn’t

  3. walong0

    Pretty sure they scored on their only shot on target (at least to that point). Liverpool created way more chances but Courtois was amazing.

  4. Coachbalrog

    That’s one hell of a pass.

  5. Chelseafc5505

    TAA sleeping

  6. youthofoldage

    I am new to football. Can someone explain to me how #9 knew not to play the ball? I apologize if this is a stupid question but I never played the game. Is this planned in advance, or was he just out of position to put a foot on the ball?

  7. nitewalkerz

    Since nobody else said it, that extra lung bursting run from Carvajal takes VVD out of position to cover the shot/cross. Apart from incredible defending, Carvajal had a hand in the goal as well.
    Infact the entire backline were pretty good and somehow withstood that Liverpool attack. But Tibo pretty much played in God mode. And he has been pretty much like this the whole season. Deserves a BD’Or nom.

  8. Jimmy_kong253

    It’s sad Liverpool couldn’t even put one point on the board. I was at my favorite bar and the Liverpool fans there were screaming curses at the TV

  9. MannowLawn

    Great defending job btw lol

  10. Trickybuz93

    Best RB in the world I’m told

  11. Syzygyy182

    First goal wrongly ruled out anyway, so may as well show that too

  12. Blazing-Lemons

    Was expecting a fake goal

  13. samongada

    World class

  14. 1iKnight

    not off side? is it because at the time the pass was made, it was legal?

  15. nitewalkerz

    For ppl banging on about Trent’s defending, I thought he was pretty good in the first half. And he defended well against Vini 1on1, with or without support.
    I feel this goal had more to do with Robertson being caught out of position than Trent.

  16. thihaz

    Liverpool was just super unlucky and Real’s goalkeeper was crazily amazing.

  17. morningcall25

    I’m curious why Benzema isn’t deemed offside. He is clearly affecting an opponent (blocking view, taking a defender to him)

  18. carloscede2

    This cant be a pass right? It seems that hes trying to shoot but ended un on Vini instead

  19. kaptanking

    People blaming that on Trent don’t know shit about defending. That pass should have never gotten through and was 1000% on Van djik.

  20. marufshekh

    Wonderful pass that really makes result

  21. Lone_Tactician

    Trent Alexander Aarnold defending guys. You have to see it to believe it

  22. cgk001

    he fluked a shot into a pass lol

  23. aztec378

    Looks offside, isn’t it?

  24. juliohernanz

    I only see a clear goal, not offside at all, that should have been the second for R M because the previous one was legal too.

  25. big_blue88

    As opposed to a fake goal?

  26. Amahoro2013

    What was Virgil doing?

  27. giagara

    “Alexander Arnold is the best in his role”….. Yeah…

  28. gibon85

    they have fake goals now?

  29. GetsHighAndComments

    So, you can be offsides as long as you don’t touch the ball?

  30. Mcguidl

    Looks offsides… But angles can play tricks on the eyes.

  31. [deleted]


  32. Nine_Eye_Ron

    Real fake goals

  33. Kiss_the_Girl

    Off side?

  34. kingofwale

    It looks slightly offside.

  35. [deleted]


  36. juzz85

    Why not 2 legs for final?

  37. nin_son_god

    His forehead was offside

  38. WondrousDreamCream

    I wish there was audio

  39. burningmuscles

    Too bad Allison couldn’t pull a miraculous save, like he often does.

    That said, three finals, zero goals in 90 minutes.

    I don’t know if its coincidence, or a mental thing, or whether the front players are not clinical enough, or what.

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