R3HAB & ZAYN & Jungleboi – Flames (Official Music Video)

R3HAB & ZAYN & Jungleboi – Flames (Official Music Video)

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*Masks designed by Bob Basset (@bobbasset)

Director: Frank Borin & Ivanna Borin
Producer: Daria Ivashchuk
Executive Producer: Frank Borin / Ivanna Borin / Vlad Bolyelov
Production Company: UnderWonder Content
Service Company Kiev: Limelite
DOP: Nikita Kuzmenko
Choreographer: Denis Stulnikov
Stylist: Lena Ignatenko
Editor: Frank Borin & Ivanna Borin
VFX Company: CGF Visual Effects Studio
VFX Producer: Ekaterina Averina
Colorist: Joseph Bicknell @ Company3 NYC
Production Designer: Grisha Ermolin

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35 Thoughts to “R3HAB & ZAYN & Jungleboi – Flames (Official Music Video)”

  1. I hope you all enjoy, thank you so much!! 😀 Light me up in flames 🔥🔥

  2. Zak Abel wrote this. If you don't know who he is, search him, his music is great and he has a great voice.

  3. ok what does this mv atchully mean!!!??? whats the story???

  4. Me encanta la calidad de los vídeos de Zayn

  5. Hi R3AHAB & ZAYN & Jungleboi !!

  6. This has turned into my favouritr song now just loved it so muchhhhh 😍😍

  7. This song led me think of a handsome man fighting.

  8. This song is sooooooo underrated

  9. Русичи вы тут?

  10. Sono già passati due anni 💀

  11. We will listen to zayn when he will come back in islam and follow its rules

  12. And I feel bad for those people who joins Satanism with him

  13. Eh sirf zayn hy bna sakta tha such a legend song singer and music

  14. still underrated

    still underrated

    still underrated

  15. Just my thought on the mv…
    So first you see this hall where everyone is dressed in white but the black guy, whom I think represents Zayn. All other white people might be representing every artist who are under the heavy control of toxic management (I'm not talking about just one direction, I'm talking bout the whole industry.) Then the black guy refuses to do what everyone else is doing and slams his fists, tjen that guy withthe weird staff (I think he represents the head of management, or record label, etc. The person in charge of 'jeeping an eye' on the artists to make sure they follow the rules.), he scans hkm with that laser eye and the black guy starts to steam. Then that person with the staff makes those white guys do some choreography, which I thinn represents the stereotype of your typical pop/ r&b artist, then those white guys surround the black guy, as if to convinve him to copy them, but the black guy keeps pushing through. The more he rejects to do the same thing, the more he burns. That car drifting is also symbolic cuz at first it prevents the black guy from leaving a circle but then he climbs in ghe car, taking a risk and then the car takes him to where he wants. It may represent the control of your public figure, idk for sure. Then this black guy reaches the top of the building, burning, burning, and then at last he explodes, representing the danger of refusing to do what you are told to anf being yourself in the music industry and the pressure keeps increasing, until you cannot take it anymore so you let go of the fame/character.
    Sorry for the long rant lmao

  16. This is so lit wtf like how I had never listened to it before

  17. I believe Zayn got inspired from his own experience for the plot story, I feel this MV kinda represent his rebel on the industry system and his break away from the band . I need someone to analyze this mv 🫶🏼.

  18. may 2022
    Our zaddy needs recognition 🙂😭more and moreeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!

  19. SUCH A GREAT song, wow.

  20. I don’t know why I didn’t understand.. Can I really? You won’t be made. Cause I need you!!

  21. az

    I think he's trying to tell us something but i don't get it 😂😂

  22. هولندا الجامعة

  23. How the world not see zayn music are much better than others

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