President Biden remarks on Texas elementary school shooting | LiveNOW from FOX

President Biden spoke following the Uvaldi, TX mass shooting that left at least 18 students and 1 teacher dead. The 18-year-old gunman was killed by law enforcement.

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36 Thoughts to “President Biden remarks on Texas elementary school shooting | LiveNOW from FOX”

  1. Kor

    Your god gonna blessed you. Okay dude. More coming.

  2. It's the FAKE President taking from his ass .

  3. The problem in Texas is conservatism. Texas Governor is too cheap to hire SWAT teams in every district. Those regular Police Officers rushed into a situation not totally prepared with SWAT training because this present Texas Governemnt is too cheap. They spend more money and effort on building walls in Non American citizens backyards. Who don't pay taxes. Instead of providing school security for Texan American citizens children. Who do pay taxes. Its simply disgusting and heartbreaking. If this had happened in Austin. There would have been a very different outcome. Its so sad to say and see..

  4. Sad for lives lost, Never give up your guns EVER

  5. President Biden Joe Biden can both of you for Dr. Joe Biden I’m sorry can both of you guys please look and see what they’re doing in my eardrum they just took my memory

  6. Because Marciano her husband with her identity was hacked like mine is right now he told me I would have a security system one day that would be the best security system in the world and that’s what I just dead told her that he didn’t cheat on her

  7. Do something about your gun law, not everybody should have access to weapons, and you even Said it yourself MR President, why is it always in your country?!

  8. My heart goes out to all the families that have lost children. But I am appealing to Americans not to allow this man to exploit their loss by using it to promote gun control. It's deplorable. America has always had guns to defend ourselves from tyrannical government. That has always been the main purpose of gun ownership.

    But let's go back in time. We have not always had mass shootings. There was a time the Bible was believed, it was revered as the WORD OF GOD THAT IT IS, and if not personally adhered to, it was respected. There was a time most kids had a fairly stable family and knew who and what they were and how they should respect their fellow man. But early 60's what did America change? We took Bible and prayer out of school. We force fed children on the THEORY of evolution and taught them there is no God. We removed the Ten Commandments because it was”offensive”. Yet, number six states: Thou Shalt not Kill”. How is that offensive? Oh, because we DO want to kill babies! And, we certainly don't want to keep the first one: Thou shalt have no other gods before me.” America decided we could be our own god, make our own rules and be accountable to no one but ourselves. Since then we have seen tremendous rise in violence, divorce, unwanted pregnancies, abortion, drugs, alcohol abuse, etc, etc. And we aren't happy with that, we must force feed our kids on BLM, CRT, and the LGBTQ+ every perversion we can come up with. Kids are so confused, they don't even know if they are a boy or a girl. I am appalled that Biden (not my president) can make hypocritical reference to scripture and use the name of God in vain at least six times. Wasn't it the democratic party that “booed” God?

    America has chosen to be a Godless nation. We can't reject God and expect him to keep blessing. We have had his blessings on our country like no other in history, yet we have not only hardened our hearts and stiffened our necks, we have totally rebelled; Isaiah 3:9 The shew of their countenance doth witness against them: and they declare their sin as Sodom, they hide it not. Woe unto their soul! for they have rewarded evil unto themselves. Warning: it only gets worse from here. Isaiah 57:20 But the wicked are like the troubled sea, when it cannot rest, whose waters cast up mire and dirt.

    But individuals can turn to Christ, confess your sins, receive the forgiveness he paid for with his own blood. Isaiah 1:18 Come now, and let us reason together, saith the LORD: though your sins be as scarlet, they shall be as white as snow; though they be red like crimson, they shall be as wool.

    The answer is not gun control. The answer is repentance. 2 Chronicles 7:14 if my people, which are called by my name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land.

  9. you politicians let a bill sit on your desk for 2 yrs to collect dust!!! A bill that will require stricter background checks so until you the PRESIDENT do something about it take your speech and shove it. 50 senators hold this entire country hostage for your own political crap

  10. When are mental health disorders going to be a government priority? Back in the 70's the States had dedicated mental health hospitals for it. Then they did a "Blue Ribbon Panel" by Jimmy Carter who agreed to just release these people into the community. Nothing has been done since.

  11. もう皆わかってるはず。




  12. How many apologies do these politicians need to hand out to grieving families!! Act on your laws. Question for someone is their no mandatory firearm licences, training and psychological tests done before you can even buy a firearm?

  13. Amu

    Condolences to the families who lost their loved ones I can’t even think of it what was the fault of those innocent children’s may god give strength to their families 🙏

  14. while some US senators are condemning other country's leaders like DUTERTE for killing criminals and drug users & traffickers, they are blind to the country itself as the massacre of innocent people especially children increases.

  15. Social media and technology is interfering the thought processes of youth. This must be addressed asap.

    Lots of prayers for the souls of cute little kids. One of the most harsh news to hear.

  16. They happens cuz y'all treat these criminals like guests in jail. They never get a beating that's why. Start torturing them in jail and see if they will do it again.

  17. Who said the shooter went and legally purchased that weapon?

  18. poor guy sounded like he was gonna cry man 🙁

  19. The shooter is dead……
    They shot him………
    Now nobody can ask him any questions, because he can't talk no more……………………

  20. s d

    I don't see a V.P. anywhere or AL or Jesse.

  21. Fake news. Fake president. My fake prayers go out to the fake victims.

  22. A couple of things that is the cause of this. First off!, this ain't gonna stop for the reason and fact that the NRA has grown so big and become so powerful that, just like the pharma companies, have infiltrated the government and so on. Second. Murica has made this ideology and belief that guns and patriotism are a the real murican way. TURD! Of all!!. Internet is 80%of the cause of all of this! Specially how weak and sensitive this country has become in regards to disciplining our kids and how hard life is really is. STOP this "woke" BS and get back to how hard life really is and will be!! Stop this instaface, myface, tilitoki, Kardashian BS already!! For this to be "the greatest country on the world" has clearly FAILED!. other countries have done so much better in so many other ways, but this ideology and believes are ruining this country. Ohhh!! And the other fact that the majority of these innocent children are chicanos/Mexican American!. SO ain't no one gonna care because!, HEY!! Murica is a race divided country!

  23. And people still dont want to address the fact that this country glorifies, normalizes and perpetuates immense acts of violence and gun violence in every other movie, series and especially video games. No one addresses this country's ONLY CULTURE since its colonization and that is the culture of killing, violence and genocide.

  24. I admire this man for his enormous commonsense and his genuine feelings of sympathy for the people of America who continually endure these despicable acts of human destruction. He never said a truer word loosing a child is something you never come to terms with it’s beyond devastating hand on heart. I’m so glad I live in Australia because we DO HAVE GUN LAWS. We don’t have these kind of mass shootings in this country albeit we do have shootings but at least I feel safe unlike Americans who have to look over their shoulders and wonder if they or their children are next. Beyond sad. My sympathies for all those lost souls and those left behind.

  25. Merk the shooters family!….

  26. Airports and Dispensaries have the strictest security in the country. Bring armed security, introduce whole body scanners, treat a school like a modern airport. Whole body scanners would detect any weapon

  27. Hers an idea stop sending our money to other countries and invest in our schools where our children go. Hire armed guards! He’s the worst president ever! So sorry for the innocent children and their families

  28. You go in one or two doors in the morning under security and the doors/windows are locked and secured from entry for the rest of the day. Code cards to get in for staff and no one else.

    Why is that so hard to figure out?

  29. Because you are in White House,
    You are the problem for us!! Leave
    from White House, a lier !!

  30. BIden control…Take there guns. raise and less crime more homeless more shootings. the regime want full control of the nation.


  32. God be with these families. Trust this Evil man? Reaching for Power with each Shooting?! WHO WILL LOOK IN TO THESE SHOOOTINGS?

  33. President Biden, return to your Christian faith. America needs a true man of God. Our nation is need of repentance. Be brave, lead our nation in prayer as did Eisenhower. "Fear not" and take action against the gun lobbyists as God leads you.

  34. Are there not "real" gun laws in Chicago, L.A., New York City? And what's the body count and climbing …what about that? And how many $$billions are we giving to Ukraine for weapons and guns to fight an invader? And why aren't Americans entitled to the same?

  35. My thoughts & prayers go out to the families of the victims. But this piece of garbage Resident needs to go. He needs to live the rest of his garbage life in gitmo as well as his entire evil administration. They are truly evil to the core. They do not give a rat's ass about any of us. Point. Blank. Period.

  36. Amerika is gevok en julle junky bastard regering is meer gevok as afrika

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