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36 Thoughts to “PGA Tour suspends LIV golfers from all events”

  1. SofaSpudAthlete

    For others out of the loop

    > The LIV Golf Tour is the name of the start-up tour that is attempting to compete with the PGA Tour. It was commonly referred to as the “Saudi Golf League” during its early days given that it is financially backed by Saudi Arabia. It will host eight events during its inaugural season…

    – [Sporting News](

  2. breathingthrumybutt

    I think the real question is will you (the golf watchers of the world) actually watch?

  3. seattlesportsguy

    Yeah I don’t think the golfers involved give a shit. I mean they took the Saudi money. I doubt they give a fuck about anything beyond that.

  4. stop_drop_rofl

    Correct me if I’m wrong, but all the players who joined LIV are still potentially eligible to compete in all four majors. This ban is for every other tournament and championship the PGA Tour operates

  5. OnetB

    Phil Mickleson lost his KPMG sponsorship in February for calling the Saudis “Scary motherfuckers to deal with” four months later they pay him $200 million to play on their tour.

    Phil played the long con and won.

  6. AKAkorm

    As a golf fan, the thing I am most interested to see is how the Official World Golf Rankings (“OWGR”) handles this.

    For those who don’t know, the OWGR assigns points to players based on the competition of a given event and their finish in the event and that determines how a player is ranked globally. This world ranking is one of the methods to determine who automatically invited to three of the majors – the top 50 get into The Masters and The Open and the top 60 get into the US Open. There are other exceptions that are event-specific, like prior champions of The Masters are in automatically as well.

    Given the LIV tour only has 8 events and the competition level is not where the PGA is, it’s easy to see OWGR treating LIV like a lesser tour and it becoming extremely hard for players who don’t already have exceptions from winning in the past making the majors. And an inability or unlikelihood of playing majors is what could keep a lot of players from jumping.

  7. Inspector_Five

    Also heard they locked out the golfers from LAF and LUV too

  8. OnetB

    Let’s be honest; this isn’t the PGA taking a moral high ground. This is the PGA trying to squish competition.

  9. KingoftheTannehill

    This is starting to play out like the CART IRL split in open wheel racing back in the 90’s

  10. FoxyInTheSnow

    Phil Mickelson addressed it, the giant nihilistic cock:

    “We know they killed Khashoggi and have a horrible record on human rights. They execute people over there for being gay,” Mickelson said in February, taking one heck of a bizarre path in trying to justify his decision.

    “Knowing all of this, why would I even consider (participating)? Because this is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to reshape how the PGA Tour operates,” Mickelson continued. “(The PGA has) been able to get by with manipulative, coercive, strong-arm tactics because we, the players, had no recourse.”

  11. Dro24

    PGA may be overplaying their hand here. If LIV folds next year it won’t be an issue for them but what if they stick around? If LIV keeps throwing money at these guys (it’s clear that they’re sportswashing and not concerned with losing money) and continue enticing more players, PGA may actually have to get their shit together.

  12. kraeutrpolizei

    I like this timeline where super rich people start fighting each other for the enjoyment of the plebs (I am a golfer myself)

  13. CorrectlyFresh

    It’s all about the Benjamin’s like anything in this world. Money talks and like the nfl guaranteed money talks the loudest

  14. flynnie789

    I’m sure they’ll dry their tears with the stacks of blood money

  15. Liquidwombat

    So basically a organization centered around making as much money as possible is upset that people who were part of their organization have now left to make more money

  16. mccannr1

    This shouldn’t be a surprise. It’d be like telling Vince McMahon you want to go dabble in the AEW but look forward to Summer Slam too. Nope.

  17. waveitbyebye

    Reminds of me that scene from Clerks.

    Customer: “well this is the last time I rent here!”

    Randall: you’ll be missed

    *customer walks out* “screw you!”


  18. HereComesTheVroom

    This is just the CART/IRL split if social media was around and instead of the Hulman family funding the new league, it’s the Saudi Royal family.

  19. vkp7

    Good, kick them out

  20. 3Lchin90n

    SUSPENDED!? Doug kick him off the tour!

  21. klydefrog89

    My take in the whole thing is that the PGA are worried about the monopoly they have on the game and they feel like they have to try these scare tactics of bans or removals of membership to sway players into staying. It’s kind of like your boss saying well if your taking time off to go do some other work I’m gona fire you!

    We should generally ignore that the money comes from some real shady source (we arnt bothered in other sports or parts of life so why golf?)

    I read that Dustin Johnson is set to make more money for signing on with LIV than he has made in his entire career… I mean I’d like to see how many people would turn down a similar offer with their own job/career!

    I can see these first players jumping ship for the big money then a while down the line a few more think this might be a sound financial choice (of course not for trophies/prestige/legacy) next thing you know the PGA might be looking around the ship and finding its a pretty lonely place!

    It’s going to be very interesting to say the least

  22. Drewster2k

    I’m watching now on YouTube and the format is interesting. Teams and singles and all players out at the same time. More chances to win too with the team game for multiple people. No one gets cut either which is also interesting and I think if I read right all players have a guaranteed purse at the end.

    Some decent golf and all players are getting camera time which keeps the pace going quite quick, so if you turn away you will miss something.

    I’m trying to stay on the fence if honest and reading everyone’s opinions to educate myself more about the Saudi backed LIV and the PGA. I love golf, absolutely rubbish player at 100+, but I love playing and watching.

  23. idislikekarma

    Suspended?! Doug, kick him off the tour

  24. TRDPaul

    PGA are a bunch of assholes, they’re trying to frame this as a humans rights issue but it’s just them trying to keep their control over the entirety of golf

    I hope these players being banned will give rise to more new tournaments they can play in while LIV isn’t on

  25. dukew008

    This thread is filled with people who don’t have a clue how scummy and full of shit the PGA tour is. It’s a sports league that doesn’t even pay its athletes.

  26. JaCrispy90

    Dictatorship. They don’t mind having PGA tour events in China. Pathetic tour to think they have a monopoly on what players can do.

  27. SilkyBowner

    Can someone explain to me why people are upset about golfers taking money with Saudis but couldn’t care less about the government doing it?

  28. Mdawgfrazier5

    I’ll probably watch the LIV tourney because it’s streaming online and I don’t have cable. I can’t watch pga events without a cable subscription

  29. sangjmoon

    PGA and LIV will find a way to make money. Maybe they will end up having a “Superbowl” of golf.

  30. ProffesorSpitfire

    What is LIV?

  31. Meanie40

    Well, one benefit is that golf (and by extension wrestling) will finally have the independent contractor issue litigated.

  32. mooneyes77

    The only time I’ve watched golf was to see if Tiger would win another major. I don’t expect to be tuning in on my computer to see if Michelson can win some more gambling money.

  33. Bradycolson1

    This is going to be a shittier, darker version of the CART/IRL split in IndyCar. The PGA is like CART with the establishment league and the better players, while LIV is the IRL-like upstart. The major exception is that at least IRL controlled the Indy 500, whereas LIV doesn’t control majors. That will be a key factor as LIV’s only leverage now will be money, not talent or even prestige.

  34. The-Protomolecule

    Honestly this is the wrong play. LIV isn’t trying to buy these players off, not like we’re thinking.

    They’re buying the talent to steal PGAs pipeline of new players. That’s how they cannibalize the league. It’s a slow, deliberate way to eat the PGA. If they outright ban the LIV players AND LIV holds enough talent the basically assure they lose the pipeline.

    Real short sighted approach by PGA Tour.

  35. TRDPaul

    “Oh no!” they cry, into their enormous piles of money

  36. Deal_These

    Punishing them will definitely help solve all the problems that lead them to leave in the first place.

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