North Korea COVID crisis set to worsen | DW News

North Korean leader Kim Jong Un blasted health officials over the country’s coronavirus response and ordered the army to help distribute medicine, state media said on Monday. Kim “strongly criticized” officials for what he called a botched response to epidemic prevention, mainly a failure to keep pharmacies open round the clock to distribute medicine.

Kim said medicine supplies were not being distributed to pharmacies in time because of “irresponsible work attitude” and lack of organization, state media reported. He told the military commission to act “on immediately stabilizing the supply of medicines in Pyongyang City by involving the powerful forces of the military medical field of the People’s Army,” state media said.


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25 Thoughts to “North Korea COVID crisis set to worsen | DW News”

  1. I honestly hope COVID continues to wreak havoc over there. Don’t give them help.

  2. If Trump was President North Korea would probably take help from US.

  3. North Korea needs vaccines. Who will they take help from?

  4. J K

    Anti biotics, great move.

  5. Since the concept of strategic nuclear weapons developed in North Korea, submarines have become an important means of conducting strategic attacks on the entire country, including enemy leaders and military bases, away from tactical tools that detected or sank enemy ships. It is not an exaggeration to say that today's "strategic ship," armed with advanced detection technology and nuclear means, is virtually the equivalent of a nuclear power. This is because even if the nuclear war has resulted in mutual confirmation and destruction, it is no longer possible to continue the war on the mainland, strategic nuclear weapons that can dive underwater for a long time using nuclear reactors are still operating.

    The amount of nuclear weapons loaded on a super-large strategic nuclear weapon is also enormous in size. For example, the Ohio-class submarine, the current SSBN in operation in the United States, has a total of 24 SLBM launchers, which carry eight W88 thermonuclear warheads at 475 kt per unit. If this submarine fires nuclear weapons, a total of 192 nuclear warheads will be dropped on the enemy.

  6. With N Korea being unvaccinated will this allow COVID to mutate and spawn a more deadly variant that will spread outside of the country.

  7. Don't send anything…..

  8. "Paracetamol is a common painkiller used to treat aches and pain. It can also be used to reduce a high temperature." "Antibiotics" don't treat a Virus, which COVID-19 is. "Antibiotics are medicines that help stop infections caused by bacteria." Good Luck, North Korea.

  9. I get that everyone wants to show compassion for the North Korean populace and all, but at this point, wouldn't it be more compassionate of us to just sit back and allow them to finally be put out of their own misery?

  10. Well this is what happens when you use all your resources to build nuclear weapons instead of buying vaccines.

  11. Xi Jing Pig covid19 passed on to its neighbors,, bat eaters and Covid 19 makers, that's only karma is at work slowly…

  12. WHO let Covid in ? WHO WHO WHO WHO ? Kimmy Pissed off. Parade of nukes cheer Kimmy up.

  13. Yep..sure.. really??..go talk to fauchi he has ALL the answers..

  14. 01:22 lol why do their pharmacies look like weed dispensaries?

  15. The dumb face look is real

  16. Do you really think his number are real right ?
    Put another 4 zeros on thoses figures and you might get something close to the truth maybe

  17. Unfortunately North Korea only asks for help when whatever’s going wrong would cause a cut in military spending or lower personal profits for the diabolical Kim’s

  18. The fear and poverty that's stronger than war, and above war , are covid, diseases hunger and thirst, and pests taking over

  19. A lot of people are going to get sick and maybe die. One mans fault.

  20. How did covid pass the NK border?

  21. If Mr Kim Jung was educated abroad he should have basic knowledge that viruses travel on water drivers in air streams currents etc. Duhhhh

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