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45 Thoughts to “Nazem Kadri scores the OT winner to give the Avalanche a 3-1 lead in the Cup Finals”

  1. Greatc0mment

    topest shelf

  2. billionthtimesacharm

    tb looks so gassed. avs are just faster and sharper.

  3. xMcSwaggx

    Reminds me of Kane’s goal against Philly in 2010 finals, nobody knew

  4. vibratingstring

    that puck just found it’s snuggly place between the net and that bar. zzzzz

  5. Jossie2014

    What an effort by Kadri! The entire lightening line was totally gassed and he just tried for top shelf and nabbed a hell of a win! Noted performance for both teams. That was some top tier hockey for us to enjoy!

  6. coconutlemongrass

    Kadri … WHO JUST HAD THUMB SURGERY TWO WEEKS AGO … what a legend.

  7. NorthernBeard

    Never thought, as a Bruins fan, I’d be rooting for Nazem Kadri to do anything good … yet here I am. #GoAvsGo

  8. back-in-1999

    Weird game, weird goals. I’ll take it. Ready to re-live 2001.

  9. Morall_tach

    Is it…is it in yet?

  10. xBnasty816x

    I love the guy in the top left corner who is the only guy in the arena for 5 seconds that knows the puck went in

  11. ButchertheBaker

    Side note, this is the worst nightmare on the production side (especially for the talent.) Game winning goal, crucial game, Stanley Cup Final…. yet you don’t know what happened. You can hear it in McDonough’s voice where he and the crew are unsure. Production catches on because they see the Avs celebrating but it’s not till the replay where you can truly tell what happened.

  12. Tkainzero

    This one hurt me

  13. ThePoodlePunter

    Stamkos trying to sneak it outta there before the ref notices lol.

  14. chupacabra_chaser

    Dirty fuckin’ dangles, boys!

  15. antmman

    Well done Naz.

    Why was the Lightning coach crying? I’ve tried to spot the problem so many times. What was wrong with this goal?

  16. NoisyCats

    Now hopefully the Avs can finish it off next game so they don’t have to return to that ice.

  17. GoldMonk44

    Man Toronto must regret trading this guy, good for him 👏🏻

  18. Wromthraxus

    Naze(e)m in the Cloud District

  19. blond-max

    Ex-Nordiques at it again 🥲

  20. LowGradePlayer

    I wonder if Kadri is happy to escape that black hole in Toronto?

  21. fleetone

    23 year old sergachev showing is age

  22. Jonestyle

    Anyone else notice Stammer try and skate to the net and take the puck out of the cookie jar shelf before anyone saw?!?!

  23. jfduval76

    The puck still levitate to this day.

  24. optimisticnihilism12

    What do you think the over/under is for water bottles thrown by Binnington at his TV tonight?

  25. theoceanpulse

    I felt just like Naz. I had no idea it went in till later haha

  26. Dmyers23

    …. checks paper…. THUMB!

  27. s4lomena

    Kadri just ROOFIED the goalie.

    Ex Maple Leafs alumni

  28. DukeofNormandy

    Atta boy Naz

  29. Hurleystix

    Non-ice hockey fan here. Could anyone tell me why the score says 2-2 at the top left?

  30. StealYourFace9


  31. frankyj29

    The last slow motion of the goal looks similar to the frozen picture of the game winning goal by Bobby Orr

  32. Rodonite

    Good stink Lehky

  33. TT-Only

    I think the goal judge was the umpire from Tuesday’s Jay’s game.

  34. DarkKirby14

    I knew COL would eventually score. TB had no legs left and being down to 11 forwards and 5 defenseman eventually added up

  35. Dioneo

    Friday is going to be CRAZY in Denver.

  36. danxmanly

    Believed when the announcer says “what a play”, he’s thinking it was a great save…then back tracks a little.

    Gawd the Avs are fun to watch. They are going to be the team to beat for awhile… Which doesnt bode well for my Stars.

  37. GettinWiggyWiddit

    Such a good game! As an Avs fan I was pacing around my house so hard while watch the 3rd period and OT

  38. _redacteduser

    I hope this isn’t a dream

  39. Shanbaceball

    Ugh i just cant stand john copper he looks so arrogant to me. Im sure hes a good coach but man i hope they dont win. I am an oilers fan but rooting for avalanche

  40. FranDreshie

    Note that Kadri didn’t knee Vas in the head when he could’ve.

  41. KeepStrivingChamp


  42. DannyTannersFlow

    Where grandma keeps the cookies.

  43. saintjimmy43

    “He hit a home run and he didnt even know it.” -Moneyball

  44. Erazzphoto

    a lot of times it’s a garbage goal that goes in for OT winners, but that was a sweet shot, tuck back under the defenseman stick and roofed

  45. salsanacho

    Give Kuemper an assist, he got that fast break going and caught Tampa doing a line change.

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