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14 Thoughts to “Naomi Osaka withdraws from Wimbledon with Achilles injury.”

  1. thomasscat

    It’s so sad how much abuse athletes get from people who have no idea of the mental and physical strength it takes to be a professional athlete, especially one like tennis which has such a long, grueling annual playing season.

  2. NFRNL13

    Painful injury. Damn

  3. Tobias---Funke

    I’ve had an achilles injury for about 3 weeks now I feel her pain.

  4. Trip4Life

    Oof. I had a partial tear my Junior year of high school playing football and even that fucked me up. I’m 100% now, but I was a worse player as a senior and athletically wasn’t back yet. If it’s anything like that it’s a shame. Those are tough. to bounce back from.

  5. montana273

    “She gon cry in the car”

  6. chungeeboi

    Love the sexism in this comment section!

  7. YolandiFuckinVisser

    At least we won’t have to hear the excuses of her dropping out mid tournament now.

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  9. Read_ity

    Part of being a great athlete is maintaining good mental health and physical health. If you don’t have those in your prime years, youre just a waste of talent.

  10. PaulEDangerously

    I feel like all they do is talk about her – like tennis’ version of lebron

  11. ThinkItsFree408

    I moan backward is hot. But I can’t take her serious in term of an athlete.

  12. beanstalkerjack


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  14. downonthesecond

    It has never been harder to be a professional athlete.

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