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6 Thoughts to “Most popular sports by country”

  1. Eran-of-Arcadia

    So association football dominates overall, but not in the top 3 most populous nations.

  2. FerretFarm

    Archery? Is that Nepal? My geography is a bit rusty. Bhutan?

  3. Hitchhikerdave

    Still surprised we are statistically more into football than ice hockey in Slovakia. I always feel that we take hockey more seriously and it gets us going much more.

  4. 82ndGameHead

    This is the least surprising sports map I’ve ever seen

  5. Galaxyy_G

    I would have thought South Africa would have rugby.

  6. nangarranga

    Probably most surprising for me is Guyana being the only country outside of South Asia with cricket as the most popular sport. I assume because of the popularity of the West Indies cricket team? (even though Guyana isn’t a part of the West Indies, they’re close enough geographically)

    Or did the Caribbean nations just tell them about their “new favourite sport where you throw a ball to someone who hits it with a stick” and Guyana just googled the wrong one?

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