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6 Thoughts to “Maple Leafs and Blackhawks players looking for a lost contact lens – 1962”

  1. JS_WhoDey

    Still looking to this day legend has it

  2. predictingzepast

    Looks like the fan behind the lady found it..

  3. anakinpt

    44 years ago, a football match stopped after a benfica player scored a goal against sporting and he lost an… earring.

    Every one were searching for it in the grass.

  4. RandomFaceGuy

    But did they find it?

  5. chrisfpdx

    They should have used a flashlight at a low angle along the surface

  6. Jph3nom

    A friend of mine lost a contact lense, and I found it for him. I reached down and grabbed it. That was the day I learned about hard contact lenses. Sorry friend.

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