Kim Jong Un’s North Korean Propaganda 2.0: More Savvy and Transparency | WSJ

With emotional speeches and Hollywood-style missile launches, North Korean leader Kim Jong Un is revamping his propaganda. WSJ examines new footage to see how he’s breaking the mold of his predecessors to create a modern image amid mounting economic woes. Photo Illustration: Sharon Shi

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46 Thoughts to “Kim Jong Un’s North Korean Propaganda 2.0: More Savvy and Transparency | WSJ”

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  2. Since the concept of strategic nuclear weapons developed in North Korea, submarines have become an important means of conducting strategic attacks on the entire country, including enemy leaders and military bases, away from tactical tools that detected or sank enemy ships. It is not an exaggeration to say that today's "strategic ship," armed with advanced detection technology and nuclear means, is virtually the equivalent of a nuclear power. This is because even if the nuclear war has resulted in mutual confirmation and destruction, it is no longer possible to continue the war on the mainland, strategic nuclear weapons that can dive underwater for a long time using nuclear reactors are still operating.

    The amount of nuclear weapons loaded on a super-large strategic nuclear weapon is also enormous in size. For example, the Ohio-class submarine, the current SSBN in operation in the United States, has a total of 24 SLBM launchers, which carry eight W88 thermonuclear warheads at 475 kt per unit. If this submarine fires nuclear weapons, a total of 192 nuclear warheads will be dropped on the enemy.

  3. Jae

    They must be jus now getting all those 80s movies in North Korea now

  4. God

    He has a body double. Some clips his hairline is completely different.

  5. after watching this …i went and bought a black leather jacket

  6. More savvy and transparent*

  7. he making a new brand of memes by trying to look cool hahaha

  8. I am thinking about this

    Large leather boots

    Apocalyptic marxist,what to you mean?I said something else

  9. Let's hope he keeps being better than his 2 parent predecessors & that this doesn't somehow indoctrinate North Koreans more. If so hopefully it's at the expense of his totalitarianism. A trade off of sorts.

  10. Im for anybody or anything that anti-west.

  11. You guys didn't even mentioned the youtube channel propaganda that North Korea opened and they tried to make content youtbers would make. If i don't remember wrong it was called wispers of pyonyang(edit: it was called Echo of truth) or someting like that i remember they closed the channel after they got thons of people saying all the people in their videos were paid actors and lots of media coverage, but if i remember right after sometime they opened the channel again.

  12. Propaganda is also made by the medias in the west about ethnic minorities, sexual minorities, immigration, glibalization, etc.. All countries are doing propaganda to defend their ideology.
    In usa they prerend to be a democracy with only 2 parties and 98% of media working for democrats, what a joke !

  13. I hope they slowly accept help from other countries, even evil people can change

  14. By new look it means using the rest of the food budget ($100) for the nation to buy supreme

  15. Jae

    Ut can get as sophisticated as it wants. Anytime you hear anything Russia China or north Korea says, you already know it's almost always fantasy

  16. A north Korean sigma male

  17. There is nothing good about a dictator. Period. WSJ got paid to write this.

  18. Not gonna lie he looks cool in a funny way walking away from that missile

  19. Kim didn't get thinner he's wearing a corset

  20. can't believe the public still believe these lies

  21. Both the dictator of North Korea and Bengal has assumed office at 2011 a very black 🖤 year

  22. I wish i had this much power

  23. With that many sanctions you gotta do what's you gotta do.

  24. I feel like I want his approval 😂

  25. So he got smart and modeled his propaganda strategy after the American left and the American media?

  26. Ahjusshi, just go home and sleep. You're drunk.

  27. People like his sister more. So, he is still keeping her close and using her to his advantage.

  28. Yo I want the Kim Jong un t shirt

  29. He doesn't like the west, so why does he dress like the Fonz.

  30. modern dictator with style

  31. The biggest propaganda agents are the reporters and experts appearing in these kinds of videos which belittle and spread rumors and lies about Countries and leaders about non western non American nation's!!!!!

  32. He seems more like his grandfather than his father

  33. Sometimes plz talk on new world order, illuminati, Zionist banking group and at the end rising right wing. How ultra right government like France, Brazil, Israel and India coming together. If there was no weapon of mass destruction in Iraq someone has to be punished for USA ryt? How a hate.monger like Trump gets elected? Remember MOAB? Mother of all bombs? Trump is bigger criminal that Kim introspect.

  34. si le toca la cara a un te baña hoy

  35. North Korea's NEW ICBM is Deadly But OUTDATED Rockets, as it can now be intercepted with a BRAHMOS interceptor missile😂 tested by the Indians when they Tried to Hit a small icbm rocket with a Brahmos…. Unlike BRAHMOS, it can not be intercepted with Normal Missile., must be an S500 Or. Americas Sonic missile👌

  36. Give up your nukes and we give you food.

  37. APC

    I’m sure there are very smart people in North Korea 🇰🇵, to survive under all sorts of conditions. If we could all just get along, I’m sure we could all be successful as friends and ultimately humanity 🌎.

  38. Kim in new movie. Too close for 🚀 rockets…. Switching to guns..

  39. Feed your people: no
    Make missile: yes

  40. Kim must produce more nuclear weapon to protect its country form western hatred. U.S. is very afraid of its aircraft carriers being hit by nuclear bomb.

  41. U people talk like only USA know good ting in this world ur puppies for USA u don't abide by the law of god like how you believe in the USA propaganda News

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