Kapler won’t take field during anthem in protest: San Francisco Giants manager Gabe Kapler ‘not okay with the state of this country’ in wake of Uvalde shooting

Kapler won’t take field during anthem in protest: San Francisco Giants manager Gabe Kapler ‘not okay with the state of this country’ in wake of Uvalde shooting

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41 Thoughts to “Kapler won’t take field during anthem in protest: San Francisco Giants manager Gabe Kapler ‘not okay with the state of this country’ in wake of Uvalde shooting”

  1. Throwdaway543210

    > “My brain said drop to a knee; my body didn’t listen. I wanted to walk back inside; instead I froze. I felt like a coward. I didn’t want to call attention to myself. I didn’t want to take away from the victims or their families. But I am not okay with the state of this country.”

    Good on him for taking a stand.

  2. raylan_givens6

    good for him

    protesting is american

  3. CardiffGiant7117

    Never understood why the National Anthem gets played at sporting events anyway. All the leagues aligned themselves to this is search of a dollar. Flags on the uniforms, they roll out camo hats and shirts and shit with team logos. Flyovers. They asked for this. Guys kneeling or whatever is a fake problem. Just starting the damn game without a bunch of manufactured patriotism doesn’t make you less American.

  4. [deleted]


  5. KED528

    Playing the anthem before all sporting events has always seemed a bit bizarre anyway

  6. falcaraz99

    Ready to see Qservatives be more upset at this than the dead innocent children.

  7. TDbank

    Met Gabe a ton when he was Phillies manager, awesome dude and I’m behind him 100%

  8. jackiebee66

    Wonder if he’ll get treated like Kapernik….

  9. juneburger

    And he won’t lose his job doing it.

  10. ProBluntRoller

    Kapler was always the man

  11. nicelogin

    this guy has big balls. also significant that hes white because now the republicans can’t pull their classic racist tactics.

  12. Grimm2020

    I hope this has the effect he intends…

    it didn’t work out so well for the SF QB a few years ago.

  13. MoreMegadeth

    Convince your teammates to do the same, convince other teams to do the same, convince the whole league and other pro leagues to stop playing. Industries and workers should do the same. Walk out everyday until there is change.

  14. whatwhat83

    Good for him and fuck the Giants

  15. sbrockLee

    Kapler is forever a demigod to me solely for having been part of the 04 Sox, but this made me respect him on a whole new level. His blog post about this is also very articulate

  16. Jayr109

    Why should anyone stand for a flag that doesn’t represent us or our interests? “Of the people, by the people and for the people”? More like “Of the minority, by the corrupt and for the special interests.” Until America is an actual representative democracy, that flag means nothing.

  17. DanguhLange

    Here come the Bootlickers to say that this is a waste. You want to know what is waste, bootlickers? Watching the same problem unfold day after day in our country and doing nothing to stop it.

  18. darrevan

    Fuck the anthem, the flag, and the Bible. All things used to brainwash us as children. I say this as a 5 time deployed army combat veteran with 23 years of service and a chest full of medals and awards.

  19. ghostface218

    I don’t even bother going in to the comment sections for posts like this on Facebook, IG. I already know what its gonna be full of.

  20. Naples76ersfan

    Go Gabe Go!

  21. Sevnfold

    Kaepernick had to walk so these guys could run.

  22. [deleted]

    Wonder how my trump worshipping, SF giants “super fan” father in law is gonna deal with this lol

  23. JubbsJB

    So it’s fine if Gabe Kapler does this but god forbid if Colin Kapernick kneels during the national anthem, what’s different? Oh that’s right Gabe is white

    Edit: not sure why I’m being downvoted for speaking the truth. Downvoting doesn’t change facts

  24. MachoRandyManSavage_

    The right about to make “Kaplernick” memes and think it’s the height of comedy.

  25. kopitar-11

    Good for him, I’ve always loved Kap

  26. Uumm_wat

    Just remember, Voting republican is also about the unfettered access to guns that the GOP does absolutely shit. But, not to mention the child killing, it’s also the , democracy stealing, book burning, womb thieves, companies are people, health care for no one, white nationalist ‘are good people’, pedo’s, environment denying, no ethics shills that calls themselves ’small government’/ orgie coke Party. You can have all of this for the low low price of losing your spine. Ask Ted Cruz how it’s done!

  27. Worth-Good1262

    r/conservative already hate this dude. The only people who should have an input according to them are politicians.

  28. MajinSkull

    Here come conservative cry babies “I’m NeVeR wAtChInG aGaIn!!!”

  29. celeron500

    This is exactly what we need, the politicians are praying that we stay quite and just forget about it like we did Sandy Hook.

    Athletes needs to bring attentions to this topics.

  30. rolltide_99

    Love it

  31. plaintopher

    So brave

  32. Carbide_Calves

    He okay with taking that money tho

  33. WakandaZad

    Solidarity G

  34. teddyballgame406

    I’m sure gun laws will change just because one man is deciding to sit out the national anthem.

  35. coolusernamesarelame

    Good for Gabe, love it.

  36. zackery9732

    He’s so stunning and brave

  37. blAAAm

    nice to see this sub not lock the post like the MLB one. Shit in the country is out of control. Something needs to be done and things like this will bring attention to a horrible situation that happened and will continue to happen until we start making some changes.

  38. scentlesscandles

    Right wing Reddit is mad when an American exercises their 1st Amendment right…

  39. Phuk_Racists

    Good. Not much to celebrate these days.

  40. NickiNicotine

    Stunning and brave, brave and stunning

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