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6 Thoughts to “Jimmy Butler misses the crucial go ahead bucket in Game 7”

  1. timboslice420

    Celtics fan here. My souls left this earth when that shot went up. Jimmy was a warrior all series. I don’t hate that shot, but you gotta take that to the hoop against Al.

  2. LabCool6003

    I’d get Curry taking that shot, but Jimmy shouldve drove to the basket

  3. criscrunk

    Took a risk and it didn’t pay off. With all that room in the paint, he shoulda tried to force an and1

  4. CRoseCrizzle

    Can’t blame him for taking that one. It was a good shot, just didn’t make it. If you’re the Heat, you want your best player to take that shot.

  5. Reasonable_Ad3523

    He was… So close, had a great game and it would’ve been that much sweeter to cap it off with that

  6. MovieFanZ5026

    He’s overrated

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