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20 Thoughts to “Jennifer Lopez, Ja Rule – I'm Real (Legendado)”

  1. Que nostalgia que da ao ouvir essas músicas antigas. Que bom ter vivido essa época


  3. No Sharon the game we hire trashwomen

  4. Ja was the hottest artist in the game at this time, just a shame how fifty played him. He could still sucessful if played, he gave up in my opinion. He was a hit artist, but fif just jacked him bigtime. Can’t not respect fif, he robbed every artist in the game, not just ja, ja was unfortunate cuz he was the hottest artist back then n he got robbed n shookup

  5. Cher and Jennifer Lopez aren't real people. 😂😂😂😂

  6. Essa música pra mim é uma das melhores que já ouvi!!! Am😍 demais essa música!!! Top demais só tenho lembranças boas desse tempo, quando essa música foi lançada!!! Tempo bom que não volta mais!!! Pagaria bilhões se pudesse voltar esse tempo kkk😎😍😉🖖🏻✌🏻 As músicas do Jarule pra mim são as melhores!!! Gosto demais, e ainda cantando com esse mito Jennifer Lopes fica mais dahora, mais top demais galera!!! 😉😍😎✌🏻🖖🏻🎧📻🔊💣

  7. Ayo..she is not from there..cuz she look American. Puerto Rican natives—even the old ladies—she just not

  8. My all time could guys make another collabo it's resl

  9. No matter I say don't matter does it

  10. Beautiful the way is it true Jlo was just lip singing the actual voice is Ashanti…?

  11. Lembrando em 2022 quem está on?

  12. She looks younger now than back then, go figure.

  13. Retanglet. Wide …over. Space…right side… And. Left .side . Turn .table..set

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