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22 Thoughts to “Jeff Gladney, former TCU standout and NFL first-round pick, dead at 25”

  1. PukeBucket_616

    This particular article doesn’t mention the fact he was driving recklessly and speeding. His passenger must’ve been terrified in her final moments.

  2. Nizzy90

    He was just on a private jet (insta story) less than 24hrs ago. Life is crazy.

  3. The88car

    The car blew up when it hit a wall. Speed was definitely involved. R.I.P.

  4. Fearless-Mushroom

    He is father to baby and was visiting Texas to buy his mother a house while this happened.

    This is just sad.

  5. [deleted]


  6. Bobo_Balde2

    The female passenger who died gets one short sentence in the article.

  7. Abject_Resolution

    He pull a Henry Ruggs? Shits sad.

  8. FreeRangeAlien

    Don’t drink and drive, y’all

  9. Houjix

    Rip the woman who was in the speeding car with him

  10. angryclam1313

    I’ve never heard of this person before. I was just scrolling through Reddit and his picture just captivated me. I scroll to the comments to find out that he had died, didn’t even bother with the headline. This man looks indestructible. It’s so crazy that someone so strong is just as fragile as the rest of us

  11. Silas_Ivan

    TLDR: reckless driving

  12. [deleted]


  13. MarkyRambler

    So fucking sad.

  14. ericdevice

    What was this guy doing with a 14 year old girl in his car speeding at 230am? Was it his sister or something tf

  15. TittieShiddies

    Well, they don’t pay’em to be smart

  16. Jeffreyknows

    He was such a humble guy. I’ve met him a couple times in my line of work and he was extremely nice and polite and respectful of others around him. Screw anyone making jokes

  17. scobeavs

    Man, when I’m making stupid money, I’m hiring a driver to keep myself out of trouble like this. The article doesn’t say it but it does say that he was speeding with a woman at 2:30 in the morning, which tells me alcohol was likely involved

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  19. jonnyola360

    I wonder how many other 25 year olds died in car accidents

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