Is the Iran nuclear deal still to be saved? | DW News

New negotiations between a delegation from Tehran and world powers began in Vienna today. If you remember that deal signed back in 2015, known as the JCPOA, was aimed to curb Iran’s nuclear program and prevent it from developing nuclear weapons in return for an easing of economic sanctions.

US President Donald Trump quit the deal three years ago. Iran then started enriching uranium beyond the levels allowed in the original deal. US President Biden wants to return.

Today’s talks bring together Iran with Germany, France, Britain, Russia and China. The European countries say Iran’s latest demands are unacceptable and are calling on Tehran to bring more realistic proposals to the table. Iran says western nations have failed to come up with any constructive proposals.


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34 Thoughts to “Is the Iran nuclear deal still to be saved? | DW News”

  1. Iran did not leave the JCPOA deal, it was USA, Someone has to explane to the DW host first before it is explained to the audience!!

  2. Oil age is in the last stage. Iran must sell as much oil as possible in next 2 decades otherwise the window to make iran rich through oil sale will end. This is the time to be in the petro business rather than being behind sanctions. Nuclear bomb is not worth it. If I were Iranian president then i would accept regime protection guarantee in exchange for abandoning nuclear programme and sanction lifting.

  3. Z3

    כל הסנקציות הגרעיניות של ארה"ב יוסרו בקרוב על ידי משרד האוצר האמריקאי.

  4. Iran will not allow to to be banned!

  5. More than Iran aloud? ??
    Who the heck are u to say such a thing, you tell Iranian what he can what they can not.
    Hay allloooo…..its not 100 years ago and its not time to you could say such BS.
    We do what we do dude, and you better live with it.

  6. At the end USA is going to nuke iran and kill innocent people just like what they did to japan

  7. Iran increased enrichment under the auspices of the agreement. US is does not want this deal to work. It knows the potential Iran has if treated fairly. Iran will never be forgiven for humiliating the US Empire in 1979

  8. Love Iran from Tajikistan ❤🇹🇯🇮🇷❤salomu doorud bar kuli mardumi Iran

  9. A.merica sacked agreement now he has pay loss

  10. Israel doesn't want conflict.. They are responsible for their nukes. Iran wants to built and use them to get what they want

  11. Double morality will take the world nowhere.

  12. Iran is wasting time on this Deal ❗
    You can't Trust America and Europe. And if Trump gets reelected he will kill the Deal again.

  13. Iranians have a right to no longer trust the United States. American governments are liars, swindlers and untrustworthy. Iran is a regional power with a great history and people. The Iranians, with all the problems that the Western countries unjustly create for them, can achieve whatever they want with diligence and seriousness.

  14. From what I observe the negotiations are going nowhere. Iran will use every excuse to nudge their uranium enrichment goal ever higher – toward their true goal – nuclear armament. Which Isreali operatives have exposed. I see only one solution to remedy that potential outcome. Israel has to resolve – or rather, neutralize the fast evolving threat – a threat aimed most toward Isreal. The US and particularly Europe are as usual trying to appease this rogue state. Obviously, neither Russia or China would apply any pressure, as this development serves as the perfect diversion away from their objectives – incursions into Ukraine and Taiwan respectively.

  15. If Iran is banned for Nuclear enrichment, then Israel should also be banned for its nuclear bomb. USA, UK & EU played a double role. Israel's DIMONA nuclear facilities should be under IAEA (UN) supervision if Iran's nuclear facilities are under IAEA (UN) supervision.

  16. Dear Mr. Pharsi,
    thank you for speeking on behalf of the Iranian regime pity you didn't share more on what are their intentions after having nukes.
    I hope your family back home is safe.

    Nice effort on being neutral, Take care.

    Free Kurdistan.

  17. I didn’t understand why trump gave Iran the bomb.

  18. The US fulfills its obligations. Saved. Simple.

  19. The World needs this deal! The price of oil can be controlled through the outflow that can be attained by using iranian oil!

  20. No, because the Iranian government is not negotiating in good faith.

  21. This situation is very funny Iran is playing with this game for long time and still they want to keep this game safe and sound and try not to back up at all 😉😉😉🤪🤪🤪🤪🤪

  22. Iranian leadership loves terror, loves to murder civilians because of outdated world views and wants Nukes to kill, murder and bully other states. The right way is to make several strategic strikes to kill the oppressiv leadership in Iran and give it back to the people of Iran. Any deal with Iran as is today is a bad deal for the people of Iran and the world.

  23. Iran will attempt to construct a nuclear weapon and Isreal will attack and destroy the Iranian facilities: that is what's going to happen.

  24. the USA responsible for the present deadlock, who pulled out from the agreement? Donald Trump

  25. The scenario of nuclear bags will become a reality if Iran develops a nuclear bomb. These bags will be distributed to terrorist organizations and may cause major disasters in America, Europe, Russia and the Middle East

  26. The military option was the best solution by Israels wars.Iran has Intercontinental rockets that can reach the US with nuclear warheads.The US -Israeli joint interest in the Iran nuclear problem is obvius

  27. As an Iranian I can't care less about this issue cuz I know at the end of the day it won't have any effect on our lives even if U.S. lift some of the sanctions it will only make stealing our resources and selling them easier for our authoritarian regime

  28. Eventually usa gonna taste some irans nuke☢🇮🇷🇮🇷🇮🇷☝️☝️☝️

  29. The usa always starting war and destroying peoples lives smh the world would be much of a better place if they didn’t exist

  30. Iran in Russia out? 🤔
    Could Iran become European suppliers for LNG?

  31. Such senseless news. Why would Iran negotiate with the US ever again? Only to be scrapped for the second time by Trump if he wins in 2024?

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