Iran's Revolutionary Guard claim responsibility for missile attacks on 'strategic centers' in Iraq

The United States has strongly condemned an overnight missile strike on the Kurdish-Iraqi city of Erbil by Iran. Iran’s Revolutionary Guard said it launched the attack. A dozen ballistic missiles struck buildings in the city, which is the capital of the Iraqi Kurdistan region. One civilian was injured. France said the strike threatened efforts to complete nuclear talks with Iran. We speak to Middle East Expert Arash Azizi, he’s also the author of a book on the US and Iran.


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44 Thoughts to “Iran's Revolutionary Guard claim responsibility for missile attacks on 'strategic centers' in Iraq”

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  8. ‘Bully’ United States will be met with ‘decisive response’ over unilateral UN sanctions moves, Iran’s president warns.

    will it ever be decisive enough to compensate the many who have BEEN past tense been sanctioned already?

    i dont understand. last time iran got up they killed the general and nothing.

    u either r the mustard or ur not right?

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  11. Long live to iran and their fearless people

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  13. The ability of the Chinese government to lie has become the first in the world! Putin, the war criminal and initiator who destroyed a country, was described as a good man! The ability of the Chinese government to lie has surpassed that of the United States!

  14. Article 1 of the constitution of the people's Republic of China! All rights belong to the people! The XI jin ping government violates the Constitution! What should we do?

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  16. This is not us consulate building. They missed the target.
    Wrong news.

  17. well deserved target! mossad babies

  18. Iran attacks arabs & claim they are attacking Israel. Israel attacks arabs & claims they are attacking Iran. What does that make the arabs & does that really make Israel & Iran enemies.

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  21. At least 90 mins before the attack, 3 x US&A tanker aircraft were in the vicinity of the 'missile' attacks. This can be seen on flightradar24. All looks a bit fishy to me…..

  22. That guy is not an expert. Just active on Twitter

  23. Actually it was a week ago in a tit for tat retaliatory attack by Israel on another sovereign country in which two Iranian soldiers were killed.

    It was precision strikes on centers run by Israel for recruiting spies.

    Some reports say that four Israelis were killed in the attack.

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  27. Iran’s strike on Mossad base in Erbil killed 3, injured 7 Israeli operatives: Report

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  29. They have weak President and poor security military they already know they are vulnerable on missiles attacked.

  30. oh men, us will suport iraq?, and russia suport iran?

  31. it's about time Iran should be flatten by the West, just like Russia doin with Ukraine!

  32. Three telecommunication towers on a villa? !!! How can that be? What does a villa want to do with three telecommunication towers ?! Is it for decoration? Is it for espionage ?! 😑😑

  33. Iran badly wants the deal to go through, but Russia demanded that they do this because they don't want the price of oil to go down. No other reason for Iran to sabotage themselves like this.

  34. Are we Americans going to stand by and allow the corrupt biden administration to make a deal with the terroristic country of Iran brokered by the enemy Russia? Are we so pathetic that we are going to idly stand by and let corrupt Biden further sell out and destroy our country?

  35. This was done so the USA is distracted from Ukraine.

  36. Five Western Powers addressed to Assad, # Iran, and # Russia: Stop brutal attacks on people # Syria

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  38. H.N

    Those who made the attack clarified that, as for the issue of sovereignty , doesn't Syria have their own sovereignty

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  40. Weldon Iran because there is a root of Russia and Ukraine war

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  42. It was the very secret headquarters of Israeli intelligence, not even Americans were allowed. They don't want the world to know what Israel was doing in Iraqi Kurd area. Russia supplied the intelligence.

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