Iran shoots down US military spy drone | DW News

Iran has downed a US spy drone. Tehran said the US had crossed a red line by sending the drone into Iranian airspace. The US confirmed the incident, but denounced it as an unprovoked attack. It says the drone was in international airspace. The incident comes at a time of heightened tension between Washington and Tehran.

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35 Thoughts to “Iran shoots down US military spy drone | DW News”

  1. iran did the right thing
    West should learn to remain in their boundaries and don't meddle in other countries matters

  2. Iran shoot the drone that might be another general targeting to this drone.

  3. Iran have right to protect there space

  4. economic damage? gold dinar will come baby.. haha

  5. It was a predator drone, with missiles. Not a global hawk like shown. Watch the footage. the big giveaway is the propeller in the rear of the drone and not a jet engine. Its a low flying drone compared to the global hawk, easier to see on radar. And the missiles under the wings. The footage is clear as day if you know what the differences are. There is a reason why we only gave photos and not the actual footage.

  6. Great job Iran love and respect from PAKISTAN.

  7. Not that hard since majority of drone are the size of football fields

  8. US hardware and tactics seems to fail here why not bargain for lower prices before buying military hardware ,it’s not full proof .

  9. لا يخويه هي الشغله ما تسوه تسون عركه تعالو اني اشتريلكم وحده جديده (طياره)

  10. I hope Mecca get destroyed

  11. Americans and their war ships and drones have no place in the pursian golf

  12. بے چارے امریکی پاکستان سمجھ کر ایران میں بھی گھس آءے لیکن ایران نے معا.ملہ نظر انداز نہ کیا اور پہلے ایک امریکی ڈروں صحیح و سالم نیچےاتار لیا اور اب دوسرا زمین بوس کر چھوڑا -امید ھے آءیندہ محتاط رھیں گے –

  13. Saudi Arabia a fright the smack of Iran and now enjoying Iran vs us. Bin salman coward

  14. Bring back old Iran, like before Islamic revolution

  15. USA is aggressive lunatic settlers entity .

  16. We are still paying for the mistakes of the CIA.
    Dear Editor,

    The 1953 the CIA helped to overthrow the democratically elected Iranian Prime Minister Mohammad Mosaddegh in favour of Mohammad Reza Pahlavi who was more friendly to the oil companies.In 1988 the USA shot down Iran Air Flight 655 killing all 290 people on board, including 66 children. We know that the CIA, FBI and the Justice Department can no longer be trusted until the bad apples are jailed. In the meantime I commend Donald Trump for giving Iran a pass on shooting down a drone to say we are sorry for kill those innocent souls on flight 655.

  17. It is Israel and Saudi Arabia that are complicit in pushing this war. Just like they did on 9/11. Pushing Americans to fight their wars for them.

  18. Saudi Arabia First Fight With Barefooted Man In Yemen Saudi Arab Army Run When They Face Houthi.

  19. Iran: Sends message by blowing up the drone
    The US: Sends nukes

  20. Iran has to right to protect its border like USA protecting its border, USA VIOLATE any country rights , the problem is USA the problem in these planet like ? Or you don't like it

  21. Good ole dead beat iran got nothing to do but stack lie on top of mistake on top of lie.

  22. How far was US drone from USA borders when shot down ??. Why would Iran attack tankers on its own border? There's a rat in all these stories coming out of the West. We are not all fools.

  23. So Trump wants an estimation of deaths if he went and bombed Iran. For shooting down one of his toy planes? I mean, c'mon.

  24. So they shoot down a toy plane. And?????

  25. I LIKE germany DW said iran state television announced that us drone, actually this is news announced by state television germanistan same as rt, bbc, france24. What a hipocracy germanistan…….

  26. If they go to war with Iran the missile will be seen inside Washington
    Garanty I give
    Dont make noise to Iran
    Other wise your gays and lesbians military in parsian Gulf will be shooted
    Then your economic will be in worse status
    Mr tramp (pullshit )

  27. An attack on Iran will be the destruction of Israel.

  28. You believe what trumps govt says,

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