Inside Iran: What Iranians think of stand-off with US – BBC News

As tensions rise between Iran, the US and its allies, the BBC has been given rare access to Iran.

Iranians remain furious that US President Donald Trump pulled out of the nuclear deal last year and has imposed crushing sanctions on the country.

BBC correspondent Martin Patience, along with cameraman Nik Millard and producer Cara Swift, have been in Tehran and the holy city of Qom, talking to Iranians about the escalating crisis.

While in country, recording access was controlled – as with all foreign media the team was accompanied by a government representative at all times.

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35 Thoughts to “Inside Iran: What Iranians think of stand-off with US – BBC News”

  1. Going to city of qum is like going to vatican and talk about atheists 😂 this is the shittest propaganda ever

  2. Iran is one of the youngest countries i mean in terms of average age . Yet 90 % of people they show here are old as fuck. This is not iran . U go to religious zones because u want to interview certain people to prove a false point

  3. You just couldn't show a worse picture than that . Even the colors in this video have a purpose.
    I don't mean my country is perfect and all .
    Iran is just a normal country with normal human population .
    And in a normal human population you can find tons of idiots and ignorants. You are making these content to make the people believe that the sanctions are right. Because those are keeping savages away from them.

  4. Y'all guys still watch BBC?

  5. 2:33 Fake news BBC! Im Iranian, this guys is not saying that! all know you are supporting Seyed Ali Khamenei, the Big Evil of Iran.

  6. Most Iranians are anti Islam stop the bull shit

    Freeiran a

  7. Iran is way way way to powerful for a

    Plus have u seen Iran
    It’s beautiful af


  9. America would whoop Iran ass

  10. When Iranians hate America why do y’all understand it but when I Chinese hates America they are “brainwashed” they both got good reasons to hate America

  11. Fuck off they aren't Iranian people's they are just forces of regime and they are just 10% of social

  12. BBC you're Zionist media shame on you

  13. wow bcc just wow
    this video is a pile of shit


  15. This is why Iranians in Iran call your news channel "BBC Ayatollah" because you only give the regimes perspective on things and not what the majority of normal people think…

  16. Can't the BBC find some English-speakers?

  17. Please watch Farzad Farzin's song (mano beshnas) on Youtube

  18. this is bullshit. I'm Iranian and most of the people doesn't hate US (I think like 95%). BBC got interview with a few population of Iran!

  19. Iranian top scientist in usa found crispr virus cure lol

  20. I recommend everyone to study the history of British Petroleum,then called anglo-persian oil company. West always wanted to exploit the resources and when the leader in the region was not corrupt (enough!) they simply overthrew him. It has always been this way. Unfortunately their hypocrecy provides the justification for these evil religious fanatics and fundamentalist.

  21. Lol Trump got your Ass no more free stuff from America. Trump's is the best!! He will be back in 2024

  22. BBC and FOX are same , lie maker

  23. General population and youth look up to Americans and our culture. They don’t hate America. Don’t fall for this propaganda

  24. After saying Donald Trump is "Satan" ..
    Trump : am gonna show you how Satan works..

  25. Let’s pretend operation AJAX never happened. 🙄

  26. No Homo but Mehdi looks pretty tho!

  27. Iran also has a lot of beautiful faces. But you want to paint a negative picture so you show angry people shouting directly at the camera.

  28. Hello, I say to everyone, I live in Iran and everything that is said about Iran in the Western media is a lie, it is a lie, it is a lie.

  29. Stop listening to your leaders and hear the voices of American people and not our leaders. Iran is the way it is because Iran made it that way.. The country got rid of a king and picked up a dictator. In the 70's Iranian woman were ranked the most beautiful woman in the world, but now I think its Sweden or some shit. America doesn't hate you,but you all hate us. In fact I think America is super interested in your culture and other things, but your chants on death to America, just got you categorized with North stupid

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