Hiroshima Bombing Remembered By An American Survivor | TODAY

This weekend marks 75 years since the U.S. dropped atomic bombs on the Japanese cities of Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Harry Smith talks to Howard Kakita, an American who looks back on surviving the Hiroshima bombing when he was 7 and now warns that “somebody’s going to make a mistake … the world that we know today will be gone.”
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Hiroshima Bombing Remembered By An American Survivor | TODAY


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27 Thoughts to “Hiroshima Bombing Remembered By An American Survivor | TODAY”

  1. This was a great day for humanity. US secured it's place at the top, just defeated Hitler , then we stop one of the most evil countries in the world.

  2. Terrible leadership on Japan's part. We didn't want war with Japan.
    Did they expect us to lose hundreds of thousands of people trying to invade them?

  3. Top 3 Worst thing the US has ever done.

  4. I feel no regret as an American citizen, a descendant of someone who served in the military during WW2 for these bombings. Japan earned those bombs. The terrible things they did. The atrocities they committed. The cowardly attack on Pearl Harbor. The butchering of Nanking. Their human experimentation. And so many more. We had them surrounded. We held the Pacific and told them to heel. Throw down their guns and surrender. They refused. So we used the greatest weapon we had. We unleashed the sun on the land of the rising sun. They still refused to surrender. All those deaths were on the men who sat safe in bunkers heads. Men far away from the barbarism they ordered. So we did it a second time. Every death caused by those explosions are on their hands. I feel no regret. I do feel remorse though. That it had to come to that. That it got to that point. That weak men who wanted more than they had decided to take with brutal bloody hands. It never should have happened.

  5. America is the biggest terrorist in the world.

  6. A nuclear bomb is a direct evidence that human beings are the devil himself
    Our penchant for evil deeds and hatred knows no bounds

  7. Russian kills survillens in Ukraine and its war crimes
    America drops two atomic bombs on two Japanese cities
    And its ok🤔

  8. The scariest thing about the bombing of Japan is that even though it was unethical, had it not happened, humanity would've never known the true devastation of nukes.

  9. ok in iwo jima the could have done that in a city why

  10. USA is the responsible for all these destructive weapons and killings of innocent peoples, shame on usa.

  11. What's that shot at 0:59 of? Are those remote controls? What is that?

  12. "Do you feel lucky to be alive?" Such a profound question

  13. it had to be done…. these Japanese use their swords to cut off innocent people heads was worse

  14. Poor kids though I feel bad because some people did not want anything to do with the war and they died

  15. Japan pokes some boats

    US : Here take these two Suns lol

  16. As Walter White said after Gus was killed: “it had to be done”

  17. Japan is still playing victim for Hiroshima and Nagasaki wants an apology from the US. Washington will never allow Japan to keep nuclear weapons.

  18. E a bomba atômica jogada pelos Estados Unidos no Japão fez menos vítimas que o Japão na China

  19. He "conveniently" left out the fact that Wolverine jumped over him and saved his life. Liberal media at it's finest

  20. My god this is why people hate America around the world! Imagine dropping a bomb that kills so many innocent people that had nothing to do with the war probably! How evil and sick can someone be to even make the order to drop this freaking thing

  21. Japanese army was very bad until Hiroshima

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