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39 Thoughts to “Hamilton man wins Buffalo Marathon while pushing his 2-year-old son, asleep in his stroller”

  1. BeastoEast

    The kid finished first, the father finished second.

  2. lethegrin

    “I never talked more in a marathon… it was two and a half hours of fun”

    Winning the Marathon is great and all, but was he able to fully explain why the sky is blue?

  3. GummyKibble

    That’s amazing! Also, imagine how much grief the second place runner is going to get from his friends, pretty much forever. “Hey Joe, tell us again about the time you lost a marathon to a guy pushing a baby stroller!” *The gang erupts in laughter.*

  4. jorge1209

    Did they check the stroller for a motor? This is just what the running world needs a motor-doping controversy.

  5. DasBurGovna

    It would be cool if there were marathons where you had to push your kid in a stroller. It would be super fun for the kids.

  6. Magruun

    Get in there Lewis!

  7. squarepeg0000

    That’s impressive!

  8. senorbozz

    Slack ass kid didn’t even put any work in for that medal!


  9. simonsurreal1

    Roids!, juicing!, test that baby immediately

  10. vi3tmix

    Here I was thinking “this title can’t be correct. Won his age group or something, maybe, but I doubt they meant ‘winning the race’ and just using that phrasing as click-bait”. *Reads article*. Nope, not click-bait. He legit won, finishing 16 seconds ahead of next runner. Was shooting for a Guinness record for fastest time with a stroller.

    Amazingly impressive.

  11. Lubanskit

    Since he was pushing, wouldn’t it be more appropriate to say “Hamilton toddler wins Buffalo marathon!”

    Much more exciting headline too.

  12. retiredhobo

    “Runner can’t find sitter for sleeper in stroller, becomes pusher, and ends up winner.”

  13. kobylaz

    Did he just pick the kid up on the last mile or something? It would be insane to push a stroller for an entire marathon and still be better than the rest of the field! Every marathon/half marathon ive ran theres been loads of try hards at the front!

  14. Tallcup

    Some people are just built different. This is amazing!

  15. _D3ft0ne_

    Not sure if I am taking it wrong, but looking at their photo crossing the finish line… And seeing folks running just behind them, I doubt some of them would be finishing marathon in a 2nd – 3rd place

  16. catjuggler

    According to the article, the baby was already in a jogging stroller before the pandemic started. Mine was 6m then which is when they’re old enough to start and she’s turning 3 soon, so this kid is probably about to turn 3 if not misquoted as 2.

    Just pointing that out because an almost 3yo is harder than a 2 year old who just turned 2- both for weight an indignance lol. So more impressive than it sounds.

  17. StalkySpade

    Technically the first one to cross the start and finish line was the toddler.

  18. No_Restaurant_7608

    Standard kid, dad dose something cool, kid doesn’t care.

  19. IvanMarkowKane

    Should he be banned? Is love a performance enhancing drug? 😂🤣

    That is Totally Awesome!!!

  20. Alive-Newspaper-608

    He leaned on the stroller the whole time, didn’t even support his upper body weight. It’s probably cheating.

  21. gozba

    Impressive on one hand, but unnecessary on the other…

  22. Too_Old_To_Start_Now

    How do rules apply to this? He literally has a device to support him being upright, even in moments of serious fatigue.

  23. xxizxi55

    The final Boss Dad

  24. Celetras

    Now that’s a real Chad.

  25. CatpurrnicusSpeaks

    Hoping the baby stroller marathon is added to the next Olympics.

  26. Change21

    Ok beast 🫡

  27. cinnamon-toast-life

    He just knew if he stopped the kid would wake up.

  28. CygnusxRush

    That kid is meme worthy

  29. PennethHardaway

    This is some real r/daddit material!

  30. kazakhdan99

    Must be the air from the steel plant

    /s… or maybe not lol

  31. BrianOconneR34

    Every parent knows, shit gets done when kids are crashed out.

  32. JoeRutter

    Old slobs know. What’s up old slobs!

  33. hannyselbak

    Imagine not swinging your arms for 26+ miles of running.

  34. 4bRigger

    That poor kid is never going to hear the end of it. Lol, good for them though.

  35. AdministrationNo9238

    Easy to win when no one else enters your class.

  36. taylorpilot

    Pretty sure this makes his son the winner

  37. Rusted_nuts

    That’s cause they don’t eat Barbill chicken wings and LaNovas pizza in Hamilton…. Just sayin. Not sure he was up against any fierce competition…

  38. Uresanme

    It’s not that impressive since almost all races wont let you run with a stroller. I run all the time with my stroller and none of my local races let me bring it. It doesn’t slow me down much either.

  39. CraigThyChrist

    Probably electric powered

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