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11 Thoughts to “Group led by Walmart heir Rob Walton agrees to buy NFL’s Denver Broncos in record-shattering deal of about $4.65 billion”

  1. mordeci00

    Imagine how much they would have cost if they’d had a winning record any of the last 5 years.

  2. BurnAfterReading9922

    All Broncos employees will now have to apply for food stamps per Walmart policy

  3. bpmdrummerbpm


  4. Fresh_Budget

    [That classic Simpsons scene is the only thing I know about the Broncos.](

  5. Sweaty_Assignment_90

    They bought the Great Value of the NFL!

  6. edwardthefirst

    you just don’t understand football, Rob

  7. nanmart

    So the guy who owns the Carolina Panthers is no longer the richest team owner in the NFL

  8. tomveiltomveil

    Gotta overpay when no one likes you

  9. jimbo149

    I like how it says most expensive franchise anywhere in the world like franchises are a common thing worldwide 😂

    It isn’t the most expensive sports team sale which they avoid by the franchise moniker

  10. sleepytimecoffees

    So paying all those employees poverty-level wages that had to be subsidized by food stamps totally paid off!

  11. imanAholebutimfunny

    what football team do you play for?

    you know, that one owned by walmart……..

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