'Give me a break': Acosta reacts to Trump's NRA speech

CNN’s Jim Acosta and former Ohio Republican Gov. John Kasich react to former President Donald Trump’s speech at the annual NRA convention in Houston just days after a mass shooting at an elementary school in Uvalde, Texas.
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29 Thoughts to “'Give me a break': Acosta reacts to Trump's NRA speech”

  1. Don't mess with the constitution.

  2. The United States is the only country with Mass Shootings at school. Why they have major gun laws

  3. Yes Trump would back the NRA. He caused a riot at the Capitol. Then when his supporters broken the Capitol, he said he hadn't cause it. There never be any guns laws. Republicans and Democrats will not do anything. Blame it on mental illness is crap. Anyone can buy a gun of any kind.

  4. President is awesome ! I will vote for him again !

  5. Jim Acosta Trump will always live in your head as long as he is on this planet Trump has a permanent home underneath your hairspray .🤭💯😂

  6. Liz Cheney and Jan 6th Committee thank you for your help and all your determination to expose Trump for all the damages he and his accomplices have been allowed to continue up until Accountability Accountability 🔐 them all up.
    The American people demand action no more Mob Unfit walking crime disaster.Liz Cheney and Jan 6th Committee thank you for your help and all your determination to expose Trump for all the damages he and his accomplices have been allowed to continue up until Accountability Accountability 🔐 them all up.
    The American people demand action no more Mob Unfit walking crime disaster.

  7. On May 24 in Uvalde, Texas, 19 children and two of their teachers died at the hands of an over-armed young man. This is an abominable fact; it is not, in the United States, an isolated fact. "Why do we live voluntarily with this carnage?" , asked the American president in a speech, the day after the tragedy. The question should be: why have the Americans not yet found the answer to this question?
    Read also: The Buffalo Racist Massacre: Biden Denounces the “Poison” of White Supremacism
    The Americans are doing very little to regulate access to firearms that cause violence that is not found in any other developed country, with nearly 11 times more firearm deaths per 100,000 population than in Australia; five times more than in Canada; four times more than in France [according to data collected by the Pew Research Center]. Living in the United States means being confronted in a direct or relatively close way with this type of violence.

  8. If your president of cnn starts leaning right. I'm outta here and I happen to have a few friends I'll get them to quit watching too.

  9. GOP Senators are protecting their pockets with the NRA bloody money.

    AR-15 massacres will continue because greed rules with GOP Republican Senators…it's all about protecting their blood money from NRA.
    The gun control bill is useless…
    VOTE to remove them from office…that is a real solution.

  10. I will care what you Guys are doing when you do the same to BLM and Antifa in Seattle, Portland etc. You Guys are just partisan hacks.

  11. Go ahead and ban all guns. I’m curious what will happen.

  12. I like the way Jim Acosta pushes back against these lies

  13. Almost half of Americans are gun owners. If guns were the problem, you would f’ing know…

  14. Funny how 30 million dollars can change trumps mind about the nra

  15. By the way if and when a15 year old commits a murder so to speak you should not charge that person as an adult they are not an adult 18 years old….As we know the legal the age as an adult is 18. So of all you cant change the constitution on guns. It was written for even citizen to be able to protect themselves. If the officials law enforcement military can have it then citizens to have the right to bare arms and protect themselves even it is owning a tank or a cannon….Dont get it twisted. You cant change the constitution the people rights. But you can try pass the law of being 21 to own a gun but you know what that does it contradicts when a person can join the military and having access to gun a tank or whatever weapon and go home to their family and not be able to protect themselves. All Trump is saying is respect the constitution it was written for equality……And if a 15 year old is committing those crimes then that's some menthol health problems start with that programs because that's the only thing that is going to help without ripping up the constitution. It was written for a reason equality…And another thing it is not called an assault weapon it is a weapon to protect yourselves…So get it right and don't get it twisted and stop making up your own own shiii LOL! 1 more thing Trump is not blaming broken families like she say. He is recognizing a fact and trying to help with a solution. This is not a blame game. And she says the difference is other countries dont arm them with semi automatic weapons. It's because they dont have a constitution for equality and those people cant protect themselves like in china so stop talking crap! Why dont she go live in China as a Chinese person for 1 month and see how much rights she has…I tell you 1 thing something would happen to her for even talking like this against the Chinese President LOL! She better wise up!

  16. Acosta does not know anything about firearms. He doesn't know what he doesn't know. He should be educated on a topic before discussing it.

  17. I heard the Acosta is on the chopping block at CNN


  19. Democrats want to defund the Police and the leftist won’t prosecute criminals and they want to take the weapons away from law biding citizens. Bring use together. Come on John Kasich. You didn’t have any support for President for a reason.

  20. Acista This piece of 💩 still breathing.

  21. shame on the NRA and shame on Trump, put them in a schoolclass with rifles and guns…… see what they think about that

  22. So funny that you actually think that the best way to go is increasing the age of being able to by guns!! Just ban them! Simple as that. OH NO, this is my right cause of some law written in 1780. Plz In Sweden we had a law in 1780 that it was ok to fuck your goat. Do ppl here still claim their right to do that? NO!

  23. Jesus this lady makes me wanna puke

  24. Don't worry though. Fake news CNN also known as PNN (pedophile news network), will eventually collapse under its own weight. Nobody watches the CIA pedophile network anymore. Ratings are doing terrible.

  25. Are their bigger losers on earth than bigots like Trump and Abbott? No, there are not. Silence the hate.

  26. This fake guy still on the show cnn going down to shoreline

  27. Remember kids, the only way to stop a bad guy with a gun is a good kid with a gun

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