Fallout after deadly American strike in Iran l ABC News

A sea of Iranian mourners screamed “death to America” as they packed the streets to pay tribute to General Soleimani who was killed by a U.S. drone strike last week. READ MORE: https://abcn.ws/2QTyXGW

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35 Thoughts to “Fallout after deadly American strike in Iran l ABC News”

  1. War flag, top of the mosque? Is that really a religious country?

  2. I think this Corona virus pandemic had some positive side.
    It had avoided war and conflict since one year in the middle East.
    Everyone expected that a war would start after the death of Qassem sulemani and Iran threatening America, but covid situation has avoided it.
    May God bless all and protect all and let there be peace.
    War is not good as many innocent will face the dangerous consequences in it.
    Love and respect to all from India.

  3. 2:34 Did iran raised their war flags

  4. INDONESIA PALESTINA IRAN IRAQ ARAB MALAYSIA RUSIA PRANCIS JERMAN PAKISTAN BANGLADESH THAILAND MYANMAR MESIR LEBANON & BARRACK OBAMA and I'm from Indonesia promise will always defend palestina protect palestina and become a shield palestina' Indonesia is not afraid with donald trump the slightest bit' and we are not afraid to die! we are ready for war!!!🇲🇨🇵🇸

  5. A S

    مرگ بر آمريكا

  6. Does…Iran even have enough power to go to war?

  7. I come from the future. This is just the beginning of a terrible year ahead… March and April will be the worst.

  8. The American people are the most oppressed people in the world. All their behavior is planned and their actions are for the benefit of the Zionists🇺🇸🤝🇮🇷

  9. Omg this forever people uor religions lost evil world army notions leaders lost to me meet person this mssge may 23 2020

  10. They better not bern our flag they are sad because we killed there leader but they killed millions of our people anf they crashed planes in our most famous building in new York

  11. The American people are really like robots. The politics of religious trade. People are all at the disposal of Zionism without them realizing that the saddest comedy show🇺🇸🇮🇷

  12. Y'all gonna ignorehow this is so similar to the Assasination of Franz Ferdinand? Except that Trump is the "Black Hand" now…..

  13. Crying because Trump killed a murderer. It just shows how nuts these idiots are.

  14. And I was thinking that this incident would create WWlll !! Thank god we are alive!!

  15. Trump and all the previous U.S. governments are lying. Look at the US soldiers as they cry in fear and pray and want to go home. https://youtu.be/i62MDG81mlI

  16. You die in wars, you as iran dont sorry it happens

  17. ♥️USA ♥️ RUSSIA ♥️ ISRAEL

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  20. Iran thanks it can kill the U.S. More like the U.S can kill Iran

  21. All you want to do is make this seem like Trump is starting war instead of the reality of the war has already been going on for years.

  22. But it was a missile…..

  23. I'm 13 if war breaks out in joining the miltily so iran better watch out in crazy the USA has a secret wopean and that is me 😊

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