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36 Thoughts to “Embiid hits the triple with 0.7s remaining to put the Sixers up 3”

  1. miggidymiggidy

    D Fence chant just wasn’t enough tonight…

  2. riplilpoopy

    This right here is exactly why you need triples. Triples makes it safe.

  3. 82ndGameHead

    You KNOW he had images of Kawhi Leonard in his head when taking that shot.

  4. ThatOneRandomAccount

    I’m starting to think this Embiid guy is pretty good.

  5. lobster99

    The playoffs start when Doc’s team is up 3-0…

  6. thuggerybuffoonery

    Great shot. I work at a Philly bar and the crowd went wild.

  7. Binks987

    What a weird looking free throw.

  8. Zestyclose_Craft9414

    Toronto chants “fuck Embiid”

    Joel- “thanks for the fuel”

  9. spooon56

    Nasty pick. Great quick shot.

  10. igetript

    Trust the process.

  11. Renegade-Ginger

    If you had told me that Joel Embiid would hit a three point shot with less than a second remaining to cover the spread, I would have called the cops on you.

  12. jbland0909

    Between the 2016 Splash bros being back in gear, the Celtics running like a well oiled machine, and all the craziness that’s happens this series, this has to be the most fun I’ve had watching the first round.

  13. DarthBakker

    This wouldn’t have happened without Doc rushing the ref for the timeout.

  14. ser0402

    Fucking center hitting a fadeaway 3 basically at the buzzer. Embiid is not human.

  15. IguessIneedThis

    i can only get so hard

  16. yeotajmu

    Good God the announcer calling that couldn’t have done a worse job

  17. tboess

    Find me a better game-winner by a big-man. I wait.

  18. gradlife19

    Whoever designed that play earned their paycheck tonight

  19. imthebeefboss

    Give him the MVP already

  20. Thunder_Gun_Xpress

    I don’t know how anyone can argue against this man for MVP

  21. deathspanker

    MVP shit!

  22. DifferentButNice

    Goddamn, a big man who can hit those kind of shots like Kobe!

  23. pwrof3

    Still not as great as Derek Fisher’s 0.4 against the Spurs.

  24. Samsquanch_7

    7′ Mamba

  25. Grayfox215th

    Fuck anyone who doesn’t vote Jojo as MVP

  26. chrayem

    “free throw merchant”

  27. Swoop001

    Can’t stand Embid but respect where respect is due. Damn…

  28. mentyio

    It was even sweeter when we gave to drake too 🤙

  29. peekay1ne

    Clutch dagger

  30. tecari88

    I love basketball, wasn’t this such a fun game to watch? Two teams playing strong defence, good ball movement, and stars doing their things.

    Not refs trying to be main characters like games 1 and 2. Us NBA fans were deprived of games like this because of the bs soft calls in Philly. Basketball is still a contact sport. Hope this is the standard for all games going forward.

  31. Fearless-Thanks-907


  32. OrangeTiger91

    Don’t forget there was only 0.9 seconds on the shot clock, that’s why it was so rushed. Maybe that helped? Amazing play!

  33. DogsRcutiePies

    This was beyond satisfying after seeing and hearing Toronto’s obnoxious crowd the whole game.

  34. patienceisfun2018

    I will always root against Toronto after watching them cheer my favorite player Kevin Durant going down with a devastating injury during the finals.

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