China responds to Biden's pledge to defend Taiwan if invaded

China expressed resolute opposition to Joe Biden’s remarks that the US would defend Taiwan militarily if the Chinese mainland were to invade. 

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Biden made the statement on Monday during his visit to Japan. Responding to that at a regular press conference, Chinese foreign ministry spokesman Wang Wenbin said: ‘the Chinese side expresses strong dissatisfaction with and resolute opposition to relevant words of the US.’

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48 Thoughts to “China responds to Biden's pledge to defend Taiwan if invaded”

  1. US can die in Taiwan like Korean war losing 230,000 men.

  2. I am getting involved. If I see even one nuke, I will release the kraken and call my alien contacts on my Nokia.

  3. S47

    That man said "Bing ding swah kuegh Bing tlow" and I was like dang he really has a point

  4. I have no idea why America thinks a provincial rebellion across the world is somehow in its sphere of relevance

  5. So he's basically saying F**k you Biden, don't be trying to ruin our plan 😂

  6. The USA can't even defend ukraine. Now u talking about defending taiwan?

  7. This may not end well. At all.

  8. Lol America is always so intertwined in other countries affairs

  9. “I reject your pledge”, great tactic, mainland Taiwan

  10. 🐻🇷🇺🤍💙❤️⭐⭐⭐🇨🇳🐻

  11. Sometimes you have to let go what you love in order for it to grow. I doubt Taiwan want to live under chinese rule since they know what freedom is like.

  12. 0:21 the way Biden said “that’s a commitment we made” like yes another commitment 🙄

  13. This will end the world I’m telling you now. 2025

  14. How about Murica mind her own business for once?
    She's a mess herself.

  15. Notice how Xi Jinping doesn't respond. When Biden's in power, China sends its lackeys to respond to his comments.

  16. The US is doing it on purpose because they know China supports Russia.

  17. There you go Brandon 🤠
    Now fight with all your arsenals in open sea. Mind you don't drag any country into it even Taiwan.( To both china and US). Let tiger vs lion battle begin

  18. Evil people want to create as much chaos as humanly possible…that's why old stumbling Joe was quick to say yes

  19. I don't think you want to fight this fight, Joe. 😐

  20. Biden is sleep walking the world into WWIII with unscripted statements. Hope Biden recovers soon from his Alzheimer's.

  21. He is also said will defend Ukraine 🤨

  22. USA doesn't even recognize tiwan as a country and it's saying it will fight for it

  23. It will be there government fighting instead

  24. F Xi jingping winnithepoo

  25. I hope that Chinese man’s son goes to war then we’re even

  26. Easy Chinese win over Taiwan.

    Couldn’t China just block food and energy supplies to the country starving the country until they give up? No war needed.

  27. C

    Biden speaking all shy, ambiguous, and beating around the bush – he exhibits zero commitment and empty language. How can you take someone like this seriously?

    Have strength. Be upfront with your position. If you're gonna do something about it, then say it with your chest. If you're gonna cower down and do nothing in the event of invasion then stop playing games. Dude cant even speak his mind due to fear, incompetence, and probable strategic ignorance.

  28. Dude, Taiwan makes a lot of silicone products, China is attacking Taiwan for pretty much the same reason Japan attacked the U.S. in 1941.

  29. I love when other countries flex. Like we won't hit em hard. Goofy

  30. J G

    Could just leave each others borders alone

  31. He won’t be talking all this assault weapons and high capacity magazine ban when we get invaded.

  32. People think this is usa vs china alone.. this is britain, australia, nz, usa, japan, vietnam, phillipines, india all vs china. China has no chance… and it has that many enemies cause it has bullied every single one. Why do you thing there is so many joint operations between multiple countries… chinas only hope is nuclear war which once started is the end of man kind.., retreat, or hostile take ovee of government by civilians… 2nd wont happen so only bad options lefts

  33. China is the one which produced 1,700t of CFCs per year, accelerating global warming.

  34. If WW3 is inevitable.. can we at least get a free substitute at the president slot?

  35. Too many chiefs not enough indians.

  36. History repeats itself this looks like a very familiar situation

  37. Obviously Manchuria wasn't a clear enough lesson….

  38. China started using their big mouths like Trump did

  39. The USA excuse to go to war with china. They can never mind their own effing business always finding an excuse to go to war.

  40. Joe Biden will destroy America , we did it Joe !!!!

  41. Never brag of the numbers in your country's population. The loss is only heavier due to your own actions.


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